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[鬧鐘] nàozhōng alarm clock

Character Composition

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Word Compounds

        nào, [閙]/[鬧], variant of 鬧|闹[nào], noisy/cacophonous/to make noise/to disturb/to vent (feeling...
        húnào, [胡鬧], to act willfully and make a scene/to make trouble
        rènao, [熱鬧], bustling with noise and excitement/lively
        nàozhōng, [鬧鐘], alarm clock
        chǎonào, [吵鬧], noisy
        nàojù, [鬧劇], farce/CL:場|场[chǎng],齣|出[chū],幕[mù]
        nàoguǐ, [鬧鬼], haunted
        nàoshì, [鬧事], to cause trouble/to create a disturbance
        wúlǐqǔnào, [無理取鬧], to make trouble without reason (idiom); to be deliberately provocative
        nàofān, [鬧翻], to have a falling out/to have a big argument
        dàchǎodànào, [大吵大鬧], to shout and scream (idiom); to kick up a fuss/to make a scene
        xuānnào, [喧鬧], to make a noise/noisy
        nàoteng, [鬧騰], to disturb/to create confusion/to make a din
        xiǎodǎxiǎonào, [小打小鬧], small-scale
        còurènao, [湊熱鬧], to join in the fun/to get in on the action/(fig.) to butt in/to create more trou...
        nàobièniu, [鬧彆扭], to be difficult with sb/to provoke disagreement/at loggerheads/to fall out with
        nàoqíngxù, [鬧情緒], to be in a bad mood
        kànrènao, [看熱鬧], to enjoy watching a bustling scene/to go where the crowds are
        nàoxīn, [鬧心], to be vexed or annoyed/to feel queasy
        nàoshì, [鬧市], downtown area/city center
        xiānào, [瞎鬧], to make a scene/to fool around/to behave foolishly
        nàohōnghōng, [鬧哄哄], clamorous/noisy/sensational/very exciting
        nàoxiàohuà, [鬧笑話], made to look a fool/a laughingstock

        fēnzhōng, [分鐘], minute
        Zhōng/zhōng, [鍾]/[鐘], surname Zhong, handleless cup/goblet/to concentrate/variant of 鐘|钟[zhōng], clock...
        zhōngtóu, [鐘頭], hour/CL:個|个[gè]
        nàozhōng, [鬧鐘], alarm clock
        yījiànzhōngqíng, [一見鐘情], love at first sight (idiom)
        shízhōng, [時鐘], clock
        zhōngài, [鍾愛], to treasure/to be very fond of
        Zhōnglóu/zhōnglóu, [鐘樓], Zhonglou district of Changzhou city 常州市[Cháng zhōu shì], Jiangsu, bell tower/cam...
        jǐngzhōng, [警鐘], alarm bell
        zhōngbiǎo, [鐘錶], clock
        zhōngqíng, [鍾情], to fall in love/to love sb or sth dearly (lover, or art)
        qíngyǒudúzhōng, [情有獨鍾]/[情有獨鐘], to have a feeling for sth (affection, sympathy, passion etc), to have a feeling ...
        zhōngdiǎn, [鐘點], hour/specified time
        zhōngbǎi, [鐘擺], pendulum
        miǎozhōng, [秒鐘], (time) second
        shēngwùzhōng, [生物鐘], biological clock
        sāngzhōng, [喪鐘], knell
        guàzhōng, [掛鐘], wall clock
        yuánzǐzhōng, [原子鐘], atomic clock
        zuòzhōng, [座鐘], desk clock
        zhōngrǔshí, [鐘乳石], stalactite
        dìngshízhōng, [定時鐘], timer/timing clock/alarm clock

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