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[阮晉勇] RuǎnJìnyǒng Nguyễn Tấn Dũng (1949-), prime minister of Vietnam (2006-)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        Ruǎn/ruǎn, surname Ruan/small state during the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BC) located in the ...

        jìnjí, [晉級], to advance in rank/promotion/advancement
        jìnshēng, [晉升], to promote to a higher position
        Jìn/jìn, [晉], surname Jin/the Jin Dynasties (265-420)/Western Jin 西晉|西晋[Xī Jìn] (265-316), Eas...
        jìnjiàn, [晉見], to have an audience with

        yǒnggǎn, brave/courageous
        yǒngqì, [勇氣], courage/valor
        yǒngshì, a warrior/a brave person
        yīngyǒng, heroic/gallant/valiant
        yǒng, brave
        yǒngměng, bold and powerful/brave and fierce
        yǒngwǎngzhíqián, to advance bravely
        yǒngyú, [勇於], to dare to/to be brave enough to
        zìgàofènyǒng, [自告奮勇], to volunteer for/to offer to undertake
        fènyǒng, [奮勇], dauntless/to summon up courage and determination/using extreme force of will
        jiànyìyǒngwéi, [見義勇為], to see what is right and act courageously (idiom, from Analects); to stand up br...
        sǎnbīngyóuyǒng, [散兵遊勇], lit. straggling and disbanded soldiers (idiom); fig. disorganized uncoordinated ...
        yìyǒngjūn, [義勇軍], volunteer army
        yǒngwǔ, brave
        zhōngyǒng, loyal and brave

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