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chúcǎo to weed

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        chúle, besides/apart from (... also...)/in addition to/except (for)
        chúfēi, only if (..., or otherwise, ...)/only when/only in the case that/unless
        kāichú, [開除], to expel (a member of an organization)/to fire (an employee)
        páichú, to eliminate/to remove/to exclude/to rule out
        chú, to get rid of/to remove/to exclude/to eliminate/to wipe out/to divide/except/not...
        jiěchú, to remove/to sack/to get rid of/to relieve (sb of their duties)/to free/to lift ...
        chúdiào, to eliminate
        qīngchú, to clear away/to eliminate/to get rid of
        xiāochú, to eliminate/to remove
        qiēchú, to excise/to cut out (a tumor)
        chúcǐzhīwài, apart from this/in addition to this
        shānchú, [刪除], to delete/to cancel
        chúqù, to eliminate/to remove/except for/apart from
        chāichú, to tear down/to demolish/to dismantle/to remove
        fèichú, [廢除], to abolish/to abrogate/to repeal
        chǎnchú, [剷除], to root out/to eradicate/to sweep away/to abolish
        qùchú, to remove/to dislodge
        chúwài, to exclude/not including sth (when counting or listing)/except for
        miǎnchú, to prevent/to avoid/to excuse/to exempt/to relieve/(of a debt) to remit
        zhāichú, to excise/to remove an organ
        Chúxī, lunar New Year's Eve
        kòuchú, to deduct
        chúmíng, to strike off (the rolls)/to remove from a list/to expunge/to expel
        chúchòujì, [除臭劑], deodorant
        pòchú, to eliminate/to do away with/to get rid of
        qūchú, [驅除], to drive off/to dispel/to expel
        sǎochú, [掃除], to sweep/to clean with a brush/to sweep away (often fig.)
        tīchú, to reject/to discard/to get rid of
        zhǎncǎochúgēn, [斬草除根], to cut weeds and eliminate the roots (idiom); to destroy root and branch/to elim...
        jièchú, to quit/to give up (a bad habit)
        chúyǐ, (math.) divided by
        chúcǎo, to weed
        gēnchú, to eradicate
        chúkāi, [除開], besides/except/to get rid of (sb)/(math.) to divide
        chúcǎojì, [除草劑], weed killer/herbicide
        chúfǎ, division (math.)
        chúchén, [除塵], to eliminate dust (i.e. filter out suspended particles)
        chúbàoānliáng, to root out the strong and give people peace (idiom); to rob the rich and give t...
        chèchú, to remove/to dismantle
        bìngchú, to get rid of/to dismiss
        báchú, to pull out/to remove
        géchú, to eliminate/to expel/to abolish
        gēchú, to amputate/to excise (cut out)
        zhěngchú, to divide exactly without remainder (in integer arithmetic)/exact division
        jiǎnchú, to eradicate/to exterminate
        yàodàobìngchú, [藥到病除], lit. the disease is cured the moment the medicine is taken (idiom)/fig. (of a me...
        chúshù, [除數], divisor (math.)
        chúhào, [除號], division sign (math.)
        chéngchú, to multiply and divide
        bèichúshù, [被除數], dividend
        chúgēn, to root out/to eliminate the roots/to cure once and for all
        xīnglìchúbì, [興利除弊], to promote what is useful and get rid of what is harmful (idiom)

        cǎo/cào, [艸], variant of 草[cǎo], grass/straw/manuscript/draft (of a document)/careless/rough/C...
        cǎoméi, strawberry/CL:顆|颗[kē]/(Tw) hickey/love bite
        cǎopíng, lawn
        yāncǎo, [煙草], tobacco
        xiāngcǎo, aromatic herb/vanilla/alternative name for Eupatorium fortunei/(fig.) loyal and ...
        cǎodì, lawn/meadow/sod/turf/CL:片[piàn]
        cǎoshuài, careless/negligent/sloppy/not serious
        qǐcǎo, to make a draft/to draw up (plans)
        cǎoyuán, grassland/prairie/CL:片[piàn]
        cǎotú, [草圖], a sketch/rough drawing
        dàocǎo, rice straw
        cǎoyào, [草藥], herbal medicine
稿         cǎogǎo, draft/outline/sketch
        dàocǎorén, scarecrow
        gēcǎojī, [割草機], lawn mower (machine)
        gāncǎo, [乾草], hay
        dǎcǎojīngshé, [打草驚蛇], lit. beat the grass to scare the snake (idiom)/fig. to inadvertently alert an en...
        zácǎo, [雜草], weeds
        cǎocóng, [草叢], underbrush
        gāncǎo, licorice root
        cǎobāo, idiot/straw bag
        cǎopí, turf/sward/sod
        cǎocǎo, carelessly/hastily
        cǎoàn, draft (legislation, proposal etc)
        cǎonǐ, [草擬], first draft/to draw up (a first version)
        yěcǎo, weeds/mistress or prostitute (old)
        sānyècǎo, [三葉草], clover/trefoil
        zhǎncǎochúgēn, [斬草除根], to cut weeds and eliminate the roots (idiom); to destroy root and branch/to elim...
        yàocǎo, [藥草], medicinal herb
        cǎochǎng, [草場], pastureland
        huācǎo, flowers and plants
        chúcǎo, to weed
        cǎogēn, grass roots (lit. and fig.)
        qīngcǎo, grass
        chúcǎojì, [除草劑], weed killer/herbicide
        cǎomù, vegetation/plants
        qiángtóucǎo, [牆頭草], sb who goes whichever way the wind blows/sb with no mind of one's own/easily swa...
        hánxiūcǎo, mimosa/sensitive plant (that closes its leaves when touched)
        shícǎodòngwù, [食草動物], herbivore
        cùncǎobùshēng, lit. not even a blade of grass grows (idiom)/fig. barren
        cǎomào, straw hat
        mùcǎo, pasture/forage grass/pasturage
        cǎojiānrénmìng, to have disregard for human life (idiom)
        liángcǎo, [糧草], army provisions/rations and fodder
        jiǎncǎojī, [剪草機], lawnmower
        cǎoběn, grass/herb
        cǎozhǐ, [草紙], rough straw paper/toilet paper/brown paper
        cǎoguǒ, black cardamom/(dialect) strawberry
        cǎoxié, straw sandals
        liáocǎo, careless/slovenly/illegible (of handwriting)
        shuǐcǎo, water plants/habitat with water source and grass
        chúcǎo, [鋤草], to hoe/to weed
        cǎoliào, fodder
        cǎotǐ, [草體], see 草書|草书[cǎo shū]
        suōcǎo, coco-grass or nut sedge (Cyperus rotundus)
        gǔcǎo, [穀草], straw
        zhōngcǎoyào, [中草藥], Chinese herbal medicine
        cǎowū, thatched hut
        cǎoshū, [草書], grass script/cursive script (Chinese calligraphic style)
        cǎoběnzhíwù, herbaceous plant
        cǎocǎoshōuchǎng, [草草收場], to rush to conclude a matter/to end up abruptly
        máocǎo, sogon grass
        dēngxīncǎo, [燈心草], rush (botany)/Juncaceae
        cǎobiān, [草編], straw weaving
        mǎngcǎo, Chinese anise (Ilicium anisatum, a shrub with poisonous leaves)
        cǎojī, [草雞], free-range chicken/(dialect) hen/cowardly
        Cǎohǎi, Caohai Lake, Guizhou
        cǎosuān, oxalic acid CHÒ
        hǎicǎo, seagrass

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