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Word: freq index 90120
péijià dowry

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        péi, to accompany/to keep sb company/to assist/old variant of 賠|赔[péi]
        péishěntuán, [陪審團], jury
        shīpéi, goodbye (modest formula)/Excuse me, I must leave.
        péibàn, to accompany
        péishěnyuán, [陪審員], juror
        fèngpéi, (honorific) to accompany/to keep sb company
        péitóng, to accompany
        péizàng, to be buried with or next to dead person (of deceased's partner, or of funerary ...
        péiliàn, [陪練], training partner/sparring partner
        péichèn, [陪襯], to enhance by contrast/to set off/to serve as a background in order to bring out...
        péijiǔ, to drink along (with sb)
        péidú, [陪讀], to accompany one's child or spouse who is studying overseas/to help a child with...
        péijià, dowry

        jià, (of a woman) to marry/to marry off a daughter/to shift (blame etc)
        jiàrén, to get married (of woman)
        jiàzhuang, [嫁妝], dowry
        chūjià, to get married (of woman)
        zhuǎnjià, [轉嫁], to remarry (of widow)/to pass on (blame, cost, obligation, unpleasant consequenc...
        gǎijià, to remarry (of a woman)
        jiàjiē, to graft (a branch to a rootstock)
        zàijià, to remarry (of woman)
        jiàhuòyúrén, [嫁禍於人], to pass the misfortune on to sb else (idiom); to blame others/to pass the buck
        jiàqǔ, marriage
        hūnjià, marriage
        péijià, dowry

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