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HSK 6 word: freq index 3640
[雇傭] gùyōng to employ
to hire

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jiěgù, [解僱], to fire/to sack/to dismiss/to terminate employment
        gù, [僱], variant of 雇[gù], to employ/to hire/to rent
        gùyōng, [雇傭], to employ/to hire
        gùyuán, [雇員], employee
        gùyòng, [僱用], to employ/to hire
        gùzhǔ, employer

        gùyōng, [雇傭], to employ/to hire
        nǚyōng, [女傭], (female) maid
        yōngrén, [傭人], servant
        yòngjīn, commission
        yòng/yōng, [傭], commission (for middleman)/brokerage fee, to hire/to employ/servant/hired labore...
        yōnggōng, [傭工], hired laborer/servant

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