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Word: freq index 11958
HSK 6 character: radical , 16 strokes, freq index 2035
[彫] diāo variant of 雕[diāo], to engrave
to carve
to engrave
bird of prey
[鵰] diāo bird of prey

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        diāoxiàng, sculpture/(carved) statue/CL:尊[zūn]
        diāosù, a statue/a Buddhist image/sculpture/to carve
        diāo, [彫]/[鵰], variant of 雕[diāo], to engrave, to carve/to engrave/shrewd/bird of prey, bird of...
        diāokè, to carve/to engrave/carving
        bīngdiāo, ice sculpture
        diāozhuó, to sculpt/to carve (jade)/ornate artwork/overly elaborate prose
        diāochóngxiǎojì, [雕蟲小技], insignificant talent/skill of no high order/minor accomplishment
        diāokèjiā, sculptor
        fúdiāo, relief sculpture
        diāohuā, carving/decorative carved pattern/arabesque
        shídiāo, stone carving/carved sculpture
        diāobǎn, a carved printing block
        diāoshì, [雕飾], to carve/to decorate/carved/decorated
        diāokèpǐn, sculpture
        diāoliánghuàdòng, [雕梁畫棟], richly ornamented (building)

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