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[震懾] zhènshè to awe
to intimidate

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhènjīng, [震驚], to shock/to astonish
        dìzhèn, earthquake
        zhènhàn, to shake/to shock/to stun/shocking/stunning/shock
        zhèn, to shake/to vibrate/to jolt/to quake/excited/shocked/one of the Eight Trigrams 八...
        zhèndòng, [震動], to shake/to vibrate/to strongly affect/shock/vibration
        nǎozhèndàng, [腦震盪], (med.) cerebral concussion
        zhèndàng, [震盪]/[震蕩], to shake up/to jolt/to vibrate/to oscillate/to fluctuate, to vibrate/to shake/to...
        zhènshè, [震懾], to awe/to intimidate
        yúzhèn, [餘震], earthquake aftershock
        zhènnù, to be furious
        zhènchàn, [震顫], to tremble/to quiver
        zhèněryùlóng, [震耳欲聾], ear-splitting (idiom); deafening
        fángzhèn, shockproof/to guard against earthquakes
        zhènjí, [震級], degree of earthquake (on magnitude scale)
        zhènzhōng, earthquake epicenter
        dìzhènbō, seismic wave
        dìzhènyí, [地震儀], seismometer
        dìzhènxué, [地震學], seismology/science of earthquakes
        zhènyuán, epicenter (of earthquake)/hypocenter
        jiǎnzhènqì, [減震器], shock-absorber
        zhènbō, seismic wave
        qiángzhèn, [強震], powerful earthquake/abbr. for 強烈地震|强烈地震
        kàngzhèn, anti-seismic measures/seismic defenses/earthquake resistant
        jiǎnzhèn, [減震], shock absorption/damping
        zhèngǎn, tremors (from an earthquake)

        zhènshè, [震懾], to awe/to intimidate
        shè, [慴]/[懾], terrified, afraid/be feared/to fear/to frighten/to intimidate
        wēishè, [威懾], to cower by military force/deterrence
        shèfú, [懾服], to overawe/to be scared into submission
        héwēishè, [核威懾], nuclear deterrence

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