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Word: freq index 36219
HSK 6 character: radical , 7 strokes, freq index 2981
[靭] rèn variant of 韌
[靱] rèn old variant of 韌
[韌] rèn annealed
pliable but strong

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        rèndài, [韌帶], ligament
        jiānrèn, [堅韌], tough and durable/tenacious
        róurèn, [柔韌], pliable and tough/supple and strong/flexible
        rènxìng, [韌性], toughness
        rèn, [靭]/[靱]/[韌], variant of 韌|韧[rèn], old variant of 韌|韧[rèn], annealed/pliable but strong/tough/...
        jiānrènbùbá, [堅韌不拔], firm and indomitable (idiom); tenacious and unyielding
        rènjìn, [韌勁], tenacity

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