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[頒賜] bāncì to award (a prize)
to confer on sb
to confer upon by authority

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        bānjiǎng, [頒獎], to award (a medal)
        bānfā, [頒發], to issue/to promulgate/to award
        bān, [頒], to promulgate/to send out/to issue/to grant or confer
        bānbù, [頒布], to issue/to proclaim/to enact (laws, decrees etc)

        cì, [賜], to confer/to bestow/to grant
        cìyǔ, [賜予], to grant/to bestow
        ēncì, [恩賜], favor/to give charity to sb out of pity
        cìfú, [賜福], to bless
        shǎngcì, [賞賜], to bestow/to confer (a reward for service)/a reward
        tiāncì, [天賜], bestowed by heaven
        yùcì, [御賜], to be bestowed, conferred, or granted by the emperor

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