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Word: freq index 29100
[頻段] pínduàn (radio) band
frequency band

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        píndào, [頻道], frequency/(television) channel
        shìpín, [視頻], video
        pínlǜ, [頻率], frequency
        pínfán, [頻繁], frequently/often
        yīnpín, [音頻], audio/sound/audio frequency/sound frequency
        pín, [頻], frequency/frequently/repetitious
        tiáopín, [調頻], frequency modulation/FM
        pínpín, [頻頻], repeatedly/again and again/continuously/constantly
        pínduàn, [頻段], (radio) band/frequency band
        gāopín, [高頻], high frequency
        shēngpín, [聲頻], audio frequency
        pínpǔ, [頻譜], frequency spectrum/spectrum/spectrogram
        shèngāopín, [甚高頻], very high frequency (VHF)
        píndài, [頻帶], frequency range/bandwidth
        pínréng, [頻仍], frequent
        jiébàopínchuán, [捷報頻傳], victory reports pour in (idiom); news of success in an endless stream

        Duàn/duàn, surname Duan, paragraph/section/segment/stage (of a process)/classifier for stor...
        shǒuduàn, method/means (of doing sth)/strategy/trick/CL:個|个[gè]
        jiēduàn, [階段], stage/section/phase/period/CL:個|个[gè]
        piànduàn, fragment (of speech etc)/extract (from book etc)/episode (of story etc)
        bùzéshǒuduàn, [不擇手段], by fair means or foul/by hook or by crook/unscrupulously
        shíduàn, [時段], time interval/work shift/time slot/the twelve two-hour divisions of the day
        sàiduàn, [賽段], stage of a competition
        gàoyīduànluò, to come to the end of a phase (idiom)
        qiáoduàn, [橋段], scene (in a movie etc)/bridging element (in a performance)
        duànzi, item of storytelling or performed dialogue (folk arts)/sketch
        dìduàn, section/district
        qiánduàn, front part (of an object)/first part (of an event)/previous paragraph
        shēnduàn, a woman's physique/figure/posture on stage
        bōduàn, wave band
        duànluò, phase/time interval/paragraph/(written) passage
        xiànjiēduàn, [現階段], at the present stage
        pínduàn, [頻段], (radio) band/frequency band
        fēnduàn, segment
        jiēduànxìng, [階段性], specific to a particular stage (of a project etc)/interim (policy etc)/occurring...
        zhōngduàn, middle section/middle period/middle area/mid-
        chàngduàn, aria (in opera)
线         xiànduàn, [線段], line segment
        sānduànlùn, [三段論], syllogism (deduction in logic)
        duànwèi, rank/class/(Japanese martial arts and board games) dan
        jīwùduàn, [機務段], locomotive depot

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