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[駁斥] bóchì to refute
to debunk
to deny
to denounce

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        bóhuí, [駁回], to reject/to turn down/to overrule
        fǎnbó, [反駁], to retort/to refute
        bó, [駁]/[駮], variegated/heterogeneous/to refute/to contradict/to ship by barge/a barge/a ligh...
        biànbó, [辯駁], to dispute/to refute
        bóchuán, [駁船], barge/lighter
        bódǎo, [駁倒], to refute/to demolish (an argument, theory etc)
        bóchì, [駁斥], to refute/to debunk/to deny/to denounce
        bānbó, [斑駁], mottled/motley
        pībó, [批駁], to criticize/to refute

        páichì, to reject/to exclude/to eliminate/to remove/to repel
        chōngchì, to be full of/to flood/to congest
        xùnchì, [訓斥], to reprimand/to rebuke/to berate/stern criticism
        chìzé, [斥責], to lash out/to reprimand
        bóchì, [駁斥], to refute/to debunk/to deny/to denounce
        chì, to blame/to reprove/to reprimand/to expel/to oust/to reconnoiter/(of territory) ...
        hēchì, to berate/to excoriate/to chide/also written 喝斥[hē chì]
        tòngchì, to criticize harshly/to denounce/to attack viciously
        xiāngchì, mutual repulsion (e.g. electrostatic)/to repel one another
        nùchì, to angrily rebuke/to indignantly denounce
        hùchì, mutually exclusive
        shēnchì, to rebuke/to blame/to denounce
        chìzī, [斥資], to spend/to allocate funds
        chìlì, repulsion (in electrostatics)/repulsive force
        chìmà, [斥罵], to scold

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