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HSK 4 word: freq index 1358
[驕傲] jiāoào pride
proud of sth

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jiāoào, [驕傲], pride/arrogance/conceited/proud of sth
        jiāo, [驕], proud/arrogant
        jiāoyáng, [驕陽], blazing sun
        jiāobīngbìbài, [驕兵必敗], lit. an arrogant army is bound to lose (idiom)/fig. pride goes before a fall
        jiāojīn, [驕矜], haughty/proud
        jiāoqi, [驕氣], arrogance
        jiāorén, [驕人], worthy of pride/impressive/enviable/to show contempt for others
        jiāohèng, [驕橫], arrogant/overbearing

        jiāoào, [驕傲], pride/arrogance/conceited/proud of sth
        àomàn, arrogant/haughty
        ào, proud/arrogant/to despise/unyielding/to defy
        gāoào, arrogant/haughty/proud
        zìào, arrogance/proud of sth
        àoqì, [傲氣], air of arrogance/haughtiness
        àoshì, [傲視], to turn up one's nose/to show disdain for/to regard superciliously
        kuángào, domineering/haughty
        lěngào, icily arrogant

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