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Word: freq index 29372
Character: radical , 23 strokes, freq index 2630
suǐ marrow
pith (soft interior of plant stem)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        gǔsuǐ, bone marrow (medulla ossea)
        jīngsuǐ, marrow/pith/quintessence/essence
        jǐsuǐ, spinal cord/medulla spinalis
        suǐ, marrow/essence/quintessence/pith (soft interior of plant stem)
        nǎosuǐ, [腦髓], brain tissue/gray matter/brain/medulla
        jǐsuǐyán, myelitis/inflammation of spinal cord
        yánsuǐ, medulla oblongata (the lower half of the brainstem)
        yásuǐ, tooth pulp

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