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mózhǎo evil clutches

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        èmó, [惡魔], demon/fiend
        mó, devil/magic
        móguǐ, devil
        mófǎ, enchantment/magic
        móshù, [魔術], magic
        mólì, magic/magic power
        móshùshī, [魔術師], magician
        zháomó, [著魔], obsessed/bewitched/enchanted/as if possessed
        mózhàng, magic wand
        mótóu, [魔頭], monster/devil
        mówáng, devil king/evil person
        mózhǎo, evil clutches/claws
        bìngmó, serious illness
        mófāng, Rubik's cube/magic cube
        yāomó, demon
        xiémó, evil spirit
        mózhǎng, the power of sb or sth evil/the clutches (of a bad person etc)
        móguài, demons and ghosts/ghouls and bogies
        yāomóguǐguài, demons and ghosts/ghouls and bogies
        mókū, lit. nest of devils/place occupied by sinister forces
        guǐmó, Devil (in Jewish and Christian mythology)
        hùnshìmówáng, devil incarnate (idiom)/fiend in human form

        zhuǎzi, (animal's) claw
        zhǎo/zhuǎ, foot of a bird or animal/paw/claws/talons, (coll.) foot of an animal or bird/(co...
        mózhǎo, evil clutches/claws
        zhǎoyá, pawn/lackey/accomplice (in crime)/collaborator/henchman/claws and teeth
        Zhǎowā, Java (island of Indonesia)/Java (programming language)
        zhāngyáwǔzhǎo, [張牙舞爪], to bare fangs and brandish claws (idiom); to make threatening gestures
        jiǎozhǎo, [腳爪], paw/claw

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