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[鱗莖] línjīng bulb

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        lín, [鱗], scales (of fish)
        biàntǐlínshāng, [遍體鱗傷], covered all over with cuts and bruises/beaten black and blue/be a mass of bruise...
        yúlín, [魚鱗], fish scales
        línpiàn, [鱗片], scale/fish scales
        línjīng, [鱗莖], bulb

        yīnjīng, [陰莖], penis
        jīng, [莖], stalk/stem/CL:條|条[tiáo]
        gēnjīng, [根莖], stolon/runner/rhizome/rhizoma
        línjīng, [鱗莖], bulb

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