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Word: freq index 20882
àndàn variant of 暗淡[àn dàn]

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        àndàn, variant of 暗淡[àn dàn]
        ànránshīsè, to lose one's splendor/to lose luster/to be eclipsed/to be overshadowed
        ànrán, dim/sad

        chědàn, to talk nonsense
        dàn, insipid/diluted/weak/mild/light in color/tasteless/indifferent/(variant of 氮[dàn...
        lěngdàn, cold/indifferent
        píngdàn, flat/dull/ordinary/nothing special
        dànwàng, to be forgotten/to fade from memory
        àndàn, dark/dim (light)/dull (color)/drab/(fig.) gloomy/bleak
        Dànshuǐ/dànshuǐ, Danshui or Tanshui town in New Taipei City 新北市[Xīn běi shì], Taiwan, potable wat...
        àndàn, variant of 暗淡[àn dàn]
        píngdànwúqí, [平淡無奇], ordinary and mediocre (idiom); nothing to write home about
        qīngdàn, light (of food, not greasy or strongly flavored)/insipid/slack (sales)
        qīngmiáodànxiě, [輕描淡寫], to sketch in light shades/to play down/to deemphasize (idiom)
        dàndàn, faint/dim/dull/insipid/unenthusiastic/indifferent
        dànchū, to fade out (cinema)/to withdraw from (politics, acting etc)/to fade from (memor...
        chōngdàn, [沖淡], to dilute
        cǎndàn, [慘淡], dark/gloomy/dismal/by painstaking effort
        dànhuà, to water down/to play down/to trivialize/to weaken/to become dull with time/to d...
        dànmò, apathetic/indifferent/unsympathetic
        dànjì, off season/slow business season/see also 旺季[wàng jì]
        dànbó, thin/light/flagging/faint
        dànrán, tranquil and calm/indifferent
        dànhuáng, [淡黃], light yellow
        dànshuǐyú, [淡水魚], freshwater fish
        dànshuǐhú, freshwater lake
        cǎndànjīngyíng, [慘淡經營], to manage by painstaking effort (idiom)
        nóngdàn, [濃淡], shade (of a color, i.e. light or dark)
        dànzhuāng, [淡妝], light makeup
        cūchádànfàn, [粗茶淡飯], plain tea and simple food/(fig.) bread and water
        dànbó, living a simple life

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