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bíqiāng nasal cavity

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        bízi, nose/CL:個|个[gè],隻|只[zhī]
        bí, nose
        bítì, nasal mucus/snivel
        bíkǒng, nostril/CL:隻|只[zhī]
        kūbízi, to snivel (usually humorous)
        bíliáng, bridge of the nose
        bíqiāng, nasal cavity
        bíqīngliǎnzhǒng, [鼻青臉腫], a bloody nose and a swollen face/badly battered
        bíyīn, nasal sound
        cìbí, to assail the nostrils/acrid/pungent
        bíjiān, tip of the nose
        xiàngbíchóng, [象鼻蟲], weevil/snout beetle
        chīzhīyǐbí, to snort disdainfully/to scoff at/to turn up one's nose
        pūbí, [撲鼻], to assail the nostrils (of fragrance and odors)
        bídòuyán, [鼻竇炎], sinusitis
        bízǔ, the earliest ancestor/originator (of a tradition, school of thought etc)
        bíxī, breath
        bítou, [鼻頭], (dialect) nose
        bídòu, [鼻竇], paranasal sinus
        bíyì, the wing of the nose/ala nasi
        bíyān, [鼻煙], snuff
        bíyán, rhinitis
        bíyānhé, [鼻煙盒], snuffbox
        bír, [鼻兒], eye/a hole in an implement or utensil for insertion

        niángniangqiāng, sissy/effeminate
        qiāng, cavity of body/barrel (e.g. engine cylinder)/compartment/tune/accent of speech
        xiōngqiāng, thoracic cavity
        qiāngdiào, [腔調], accent
        kǒuqiāng, oral cavity
        zhuāngqiāngzuòshì, [裝腔作勢], posturing/pretentious/affected
        fùqiāng, abdominal cavity
        bíqiāng, nasal cavity
        chàngqiāng, vocal music (in opera)/aria
        mǎnqiāng, [滿腔], one's heart filled with/full of (joy)
        pénqiāng, the pelvic cavity/birth canal
        dǎguānqiāng, to talk officiously/to assume the air of a functionary/to talk in official jargo...
        tǐqiāng, [體腔], body cavity/coelom (biology)
        dāqiāng, to answer/to respond/to converse
        kāiqiāng, [開腔], to speak out/to start speaking
        huāqiāng, florid ornamentation in opera/coloratura
        bāngqiāng, [幫腔], vocal accompaniment in some traditional Chinese operas/to speak in support of/to...
        zìzhèngqiāngyuán, [字正腔圓], (of singing or speaking) very articulate pronunciation and vocalizing
        mǎnqiāngrèchén, [滿腔熱忱], full of enthusiasm

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