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        xìn, letter/mail/CL:封[fēng]/to trust/to believe/to profess faith in/truthful/confiden...
信誉         xìnyù, [信譽], prestige/distinction/reputation/trust
        yù, [譽], reputation
        kòu, [釦], to fasten/to button/button/buckle/knot/to arrest/to confiscate/to deduct (money)...
        xìng, apricot/almond
        cǎi, (bright) color/variety/applause/applaud/lottery prize
        zuì, [㝡]/[冣], variant of 最[zuì], old variant of 最[zuì], most/the most/-est (superlative suffix...
最新         zuìxīn, latest/newest
        Xīn/xīn, abbr. for Xinjiang 新疆[Xīn jiāng] or Singapore 新加坡[Xīn jiā pō], new/newly/meso- (...
新版         xīnbǎn, new edition/new version
        bǎn, a register/block of printing/edition/version/page

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