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        wěn, [穩], settled/steady/stable
稳定         wěndìng, [穩定], steady/stable/stability/to stabilize/to pacify
        dìng, to set/to fix/to determine/to decide/to order
        kòu, [釦], to fasten/to button/button/buckle/knot/to arrest/to confiscate/to deduct (money)...
        Héng/héng, [恆], surname Heng, permanent/constant/fixed/usual/ordinary/rule (old)/one of the 64 h...
        Dá/dá, [達], surname Da, to attain/to reach/to amount to/to communicate/eminent
        yú, [娛], to amuse
娱乐         yúlè, [娛樂], to entertain/to amuse/entertainment/recreation/amusement/hobby/fun/joy
        Lè/Yuè/lè/yuè, [樂], surname Le, surname Yue, happy/cheerful/to laugh, music
        zì, self/oneself/from/since/naturally/surely
自动         zìdòng, [自動], automatic/voluntarily
        dòng, [動], (of sth) to move/to set in movement/to displace/to touch/to make use of/to stir ...
        tóu, to cast/to send/to throw oneself (into the river etc)/to seek refuge/to place on...
投注         tóuzhù, to throw one's energies (into an activity)/to invest one's emotions (in sth)/to ...
        zhù, [註], to inject/to pour into/to concentrate/to pay attention/stake (gambling)/classifi...
        ruǎn, [軟]/[輭], soft/flexible, variant of 軟|软[ruǎn]
软件         ruǎnjiàn, [軟件], (computer) software
        jiàn, item/component/classifier for events, things, clothes etc

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