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        bù, (negative prefix)/not/no
不动         bùdòng, [不動], motionless
不动产         bùdòngchǎn, [不動產], real estate/immovable property/immovables
        dòng, [動], (of sth) to move/to set in movement/to displace/to touch/to make use of/to stir ...
动产         dòngchǎn, [動產], movable property/personal property
        chǎn, [產], to give birth/to reproduce/to produce/product/resource/estate/property
产业         chǎnyè, [產業], industry/estate/property/industrial
        Yè/yè, [業], surname Ye, line of business/industry/occupation/job/employment/school studies/e...

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