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        yǐ/Yǐ, [㕥]/[㠯], old variant of 以[yǐ], old variant of 以[yǐ], abbr. for Israel 以色列[Yǐ sè liè], to ...
以此         yǐcǐ, with this/thereby/thus/because of this
以此为         yǐcǐwéi, [以此為], to regard as/to treat as
        cǐ, this/these
        wéi/wèi, [為]/[爲], as (in the capacity of)/to take sth as/to act as/to serve as/to behave as/to bec...
        jiè, to guard against/to exhort/to admonish or warn/to give up or stop doing sth/Budd...

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