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        Yǎng/yǎng, surname Yang, to face upward/to look up/to admire/to rely on
仰天         yǎngtiān, to face upwards/to look up to the sky
        tiān, day/sky/heaven
天长         Tiāncháng, [天長], Tianchang county level city in Chuzhou 滁州[Chú zhōu], Anhui
        cháng/zhǎng, [長], length/long/forever/always/constantly, chief/head/elder/to grow/to develop/to in...
长叹         chángtàn, [長嘆], long sigh/deep sigh
        tàn, [嘆]/[歎], to sigh/to exclaim, variant of 嘆|叹[tàn]

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