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        zuò, to do/to grow/to write or compose/to pretend/to regard as/to feel/writings or wo...
        diǎo/niǎo, [鳥], variant of 屌[diǎo]/penis, bird/CL:隻|只[zhī],群[qún]
鸟兽         niǎoshòu, [鳥獸], birds and beasts/fauna
鸟兽散         niǎoshòusàn, [鳥獸散], to scatter like birds and beasts
        shòu, [獸], beast/animal/beastly/bestial
        sàn/sǎn, [㪚], variant of 散[sàn], scattered/loose/to come loose/to fall apart/leisurely/powdere...

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