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        dǎo/dào, to fall/to collapse/to lie horizontally/to overthrow/to fail/to go bankrupt/to c...
倒计时         dàojìshí, [倒計時], to count down/countdown
        Jì/jì, [計], surname Ji, to calculate/to compute/to count/to regard as important/to plan/ruse...
计时         jìshí, [計時], to measure time/to time/to reckon by time
        shí/Shí, [旹]/[時], old variant of 時|时[shí], surname Shi, o'clock/time/when/hour/season/period
时钟         shízhōng, [時鐘], clock
        Zhōng/zhōng, [鍾]/[鐘], surname Zhong, handleless cup/goblet/to concentrate/variant of 鐘|钟[zhōng], clock...

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