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        gōng, public/collectively owned/common/international (e.g. high seas, metric system, c...
公用         gōngyòng, public/for public use
公用电话         gōngyòngdiànhuà, [公用電話], public phone/CL:部[bù]
        yòng, to use/to employ/to have to/to eat or drink/expense or outlay/usefulness/hence/t...
        diàn, [電], electric/electricity/electrical
电话         diànhuà, [電話], telephone/CL:部[bù]/phone call/CL:通[tōng]/phone number
电话亭         diànhuàtíng, [電話亭], telephone booth
        huà, [話]/[諙], dialect/language/spoken words/speech/talk/words/conversation/what sb said/CL:種|种...
话亭         huàtíng, [話亭], telephone booth
        tíng, pavilion/booth/kiosk/erect

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