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        jī/jǐ, [幾], small table, almost, how much/how many/several/a few
几经         jǐjīng, [幾經], to go through numerous (setbacks, revisions etc)
        Jīng/jīng, [經], surname Jing, classics/sacred book/scripture/to pass through/to undergo/to bear/...
        Zhōu/zhōu, [週], surname Zhou/Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BC), to make a circuit/to circle/circle/circ...
周折         zhōuzhé, twists and turns/vicissitude/complication/difficulty/effort/CL:番[fān]
        shé/zhē/zhé, [摺], to break (e.g. stick or bone)/a loss, to turn sth over/to turn upside down/to ti...

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