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        Huá/Huà/huā/huá, [華], abbr. for China, Mt Hua 華山|华山 in Shaanxi/surname Hua, old variant of 花[huā]/flow...
        yǔ, room/universe
        yú, [娛], to amuse
娱乐         yúlè, [娛樂], to entertain/to amuse/entertainment/recreation/amusement/hobby/fun/joy
        Lè/Yuè/lè/yuè, [樂], surname Le, surname Yue, happy/cheerful/to laugh, music
乐平         Lèpíng, [樂平], Leping county level city in Jingdezhen 景德鎮|景德镇, Jiangxi
        Píng/píng, surname Ping, flat/level/equal/to tie (make the same score)/to draw (score)/calm...
平台         píngtái, [平臺], platform/terrace/flat-roofed building
        Tái/tái, [檯]/[臺]/[颱], Taiwan (abbr.)/surname Tai, (classical) you (in letters)/variant of 臺|台[tái], de...
台安         Táiān, Tai'an county in Anshan 鞍山[Ān shān], Liaoning
        Ān/ān, surname An, content/calm/still/quiet/safe/secure/in good health/to find a place ...
安卓         Ānzhuó, Android (operating system for mobile devices)
        Zhuó/zhuó, surname Zhuo, outstanding
        gěi/jǐ, [給], to/for/for the benefit of/to give/to allow/to do sth (for sb)/(passive particle)
给力         gěilì, [給力], cool/nifty/awesome/impressive/to put in extra effort
        Lì/lì, surname Li, power/force/strength/ability/strenuously
        kòu, [釦], to fasten/to button/button/buckle/knot/to arrest/to confiscate/to deduct (money)...

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