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        lì, [厤]/[曆]/[歴]/[歷], old variant of 曆|历[lì]/old variant of 歷|历[lì], calendar, old variant of 歷|历[lì],...
历尽         lìjìn, [歷盡], to have experienced a lot of/to have been through
        jǐn/jìn, [儘]/[盡], to the greatest extent/(when used before a noun of location) furthest or extreme...
        jiān, [艱], difficult/hard/hardship
艰辛         jiānxīn, [艱辛], hardships/arduous/difficult
        Xīn/xīn, surname Xin, (of taste) hot or pungent/hard/laborious/suffering/eighth in order/...

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