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        yā/yà, [壓], to press/to push down/to keep under (control)/pressure, see 壓根兒|压根儿[yà gēn r]
压缩         yāsuō, [壓縮], to compress/compression
        suō, [縮], to withdraw/to pull back/to contract/to shrink/to reduce/abbreviation/also pr. [...
        bǐng, [餅], round flat cake/cookie/cake/pastry/CL:張|张[zhāng]
饼干         bǐnggān, [餅乾], biscuit/cracker/cookie/CL:片[piàn],塊|块[kuài]
        gān/Gān/gàn, [乹]/[乾]/[亁]/[幹], old variant of 乾|干[gān], surname Gan, dry/clean/in vain/dried food/foster/adopti...

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