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        Guó/guó, [國], surname Guo, country/nation/state/national/CL:個|个[gè]
国家         guójiā, [國家], country/nation/state/CL:個|个[gè]
        jiā/Jiā, [傢], see 傢伙|家伙[jiā huo], surname Jia, home/family/(polite) my (sister, uncle etc)/cla...
        dòng, [棟], classifier for houses or buildings/ridgepole (old)
栋梁         dòngliáng, [棟梁], ridgepole/ridgepole and beams/person able to bear heavy responsibility/mainstay ...
        Liáng/liáng, [樑], name of Kingdoms and Dynasties at different periods/surname Liang, beam of roof/...

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