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        dà/dài, big/huge/large/major/great/wide/deep/older (than)/oldest/eldest/greatly/very muc...
大意         dàyì/dàyi, general idea/main idea, careless
        Yì/yì, Italy/Italian/abbr. for 意大利[Yì dà lì], idea/meaning/thought/to think/wish/desire...
        shī, to lose/to miss/to fail
        jīng, [荊], chaste tree or berry (Vitex agnus-castus)/alternative name for the Zhou Dynasty ...
荆州         Jīngzhōu, [荊州], Jingzhou prefecture level city on Changjiang in Hubei
        zhōu, prefecture/state (e.g. of US)/province (old)/administrative division (old)

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