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        xiǎo, small/tiny/few/young
        Yà/yà, [亞], Asia/Asian/Taiwan pr. [Yǎ], second/next to/inferior/sub-/Taiwan pr. [yǎ]
亚伯         Yàbó, [亞伯], Abe (short form for Abraham)/Abel, a figure of Jewish, Christian and Muslim myth...
亚伯拉罕         Yàbólāhǎn, [亞伯拉罕], Abraham (name)/Abraham, father of Judaism and Islam in the Bible and Quran/same ...
        bà/bǎi/bó, variant of 霸[bà], one hundred (old), father's elder brother/senior/paternal elde...
        lā, to pull/to play (a bowed instrument)/to drag/to draw/to chat
        hǎn, rare

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