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        kāng, generous/magnanimous
慷慨         kāngkǎi, vehement/fervent/generous/giving/liberal
        kǎi, [嘅], old variant of 慨[kǎi]/to sigh (with emotion), indignant/generous/to sigh (with e...
        Chén/chén, [陳], surname Chen/Chen (c. 1045 - 479 BC), a Zhou dynasty state/Chen (557-589), one o...
陈词         chéncí, [陳詞], to state one's views/speech/statement/plea
        cí, [䛐]/[詞], old variant of 詞|词[cí], word/statement/speech/lyrics/CL:組|组[zǔ],個|个[gè]/a form o...

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