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        qiāo, to hit/to strike/to tap/to rap/to knock/to rip sb off/to overcharge
敲锣         qiāoluó, [敲鑼], to beat a gong
        luó, [鑼], gong/CL:面[miàn]
        dá/dǎ, dozen (loanword), to beat/to strike/to hit/to break/to type/to mix up/to build/t...
打鼓         dǎgǔ, to beat a drum/to play a drum/(fig.) to feel nervous
        gǔ, [皷], old variant of 鼓[gǔ], drum/CL:通[tòng],面[miàn]/to drum/to strike/to rouse/to bulg...

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