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        wú, [無], not to have/no/none/not/to lack/un-/-less
无烟         wúyān, [無煙], nonsmoking (e.g. environment)
        yān, [煙], cigarette or pipe tobacco/CL:根[gēn]/smoke/mist/vapour/CL:縷|缕[lǚ]/tobacco plant/(...
烟火         yānhuǒ, [煙火], smoke and fire/fireworks
        Huǒ/huǒ, surname Huo, fire/urgent/ammunition/fiery or flaming/internal heat (Chinese medi...
火药         huǒyào, [火藥], gunpowder
        yào, [葯]/[藥], leaf of the iris/variant of 藥|药[yào], medicine/drug/substance used for a specifi...

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