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        nuǎn, [㬉]/[煖]/[煗], old variant of 暖[nuǎn], warm/to warm, variant of 暖[nuǎn], variant of 暖[nuǎn], wa...
湿         shī, [溼]/[濕], variant of 濕|湿[shī], moist/wet
湿气         shīqì, [濕氣], moisture/humidity/athlete's foot/tinea/eczema
        qì, [氣], gas/air/smell/weather/to make angry/to annoy/to get angry/vital energy/qi
气流         qìliú, [氣流], stream of air/airflow/slipstream/draft/breath/turbulence (of aircraft)
        liú, to flow/to disseminate/to circulate or spread/to move or drift/to degenerate/to ...

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