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        zá, [襍]/[雜], variant of 雜|杂[zá], mixed/miscellaneous/various/to mix
杂草         zácǎo, [雜草], weeds
        cǎo/cào, [艸], variant of 草[cǎo], grass/straw/manuscript/draft (of a document)/careless/rough/C...
草丛         cǎocóng, [草叢], underbrush
        cóng, [叢], cluster/collection/collection of books/thicket
丛生         cóngshēng, [叢生], growing as a thicket/overgrown/breaking out everywhere (of disease, social disor...
        shēng, to be born/to give birth/life/to grow/raw/uncooked/student

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