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        háo, hair/drawing brush/(in the) least/one thousandth/currency unit, 0.1 yuan
毫不         háobù, hardly/not in the least/not at all
        bù, (negative prefix)/not/no
不相干         bùxiānggān, to be irrelevant/to have nothing to do with
        Xiāng/xiāng/xiàng, surname Xiang, each other/one another/mutually/fret on the neck of a pipa 琵琶[pí ...
相干         xiānggān, relevant/to have to do with/coherent (Physics: light etc)
        gān/Gān/gàn, [乹]/[乾]/[亁]/[幹], old variant of 乾|干[gān], surname Gan, dry/clean/in vain/dried food/foster/adopti...

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