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        Qīng/qīng, Qing or Ch'ing dynasty of imperial China (1644-1911)/surname Qing, clear/distinc...
清晰         qīngxī, clear/distinct
        xī, [晳]/[皙], clear/distinct, variant of 晰[xī]/variant of 皙|晰[xī], white/variant of 晰[xī]
        kě/kè, can/may/able to/to approve/to permit/to suit/(particle used for emphasis) certai...
可见         kějiàn, [可見], it can clearly be seen (that this is the case)/it is (thus) clear/clear/visible
        jiàn/xiàn, [見], to see/to meet/to appear (to be sth)/to interview, to appear/also written 現|现[xi...

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