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        Wēn/wēn, [溫], surname Wen, warm/lukewarm/temperature/to warm up/mild/soft/tender/to review (a ...
温尼伯         Wēnníbó, [溫尼伯], Winnipeg, capital of Manitoba, Canada
        ní, Buddhist nun/(often used in phonetic spellings)
        bà/bǎi/bó, variant of 霸[bà], one hundred (old), father's elder brother/senior/paternal elde...
        Suǒ/suǒ, surname Suo/abbr. for 索馬里|索马里[Suǒ mǎ lǐ], Somalia, to search/to demand/to ask/to...
        jī, base/foundation/basic/radical (chemistry)/(slang) gay
        hú, lake/CL:個|个[gè],片[piàn]

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