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        jí, sickness/disease/hate/envy/swift
疾风         jífēng, [疾風], storm/gale/strong wind/flurry/blast
        fēng, [風], wind/news/style/custom/manner/CL:陣|阵[zhèn],絲|丝[sī]
风暴         fēngbào, [風暴], storm/violent commotion/fig. crisis (e.g. revolution, uprising, financial crisis...
        Bào/bào, surname Bao, sudden/violent/cruel/to show or expose/to injure
暴雨         bàoyǔ, torrential rain/rainstorm/CL:場|场[cháng],陣|阵[zhèn]
        yǔ/yù, rain/CL:陣|阵[zhèn],場|场[cháng], to rain/(of rain, snow etc) to fall/to precipitate...

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