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        kuàng, [礦]/[鑛], ore/mine, variant of 礦|矿[kuàng]
矿泉         kuàngquán, [礦泉], mineral spring
矿泉水         kuàngquánshuǐ, [礦泉水], mineral spring water/CL:瓶[píng],杯[bēi]
        quán, spring (small stream)/mouth of a spring/coin (archaic)
泉水         quánshuǐ, spring water/CL:股[gǔ]
        Shuǐ/shuǐ, surname Shui, water/river/liquid/beverage/additional charges or income/(of cloth...
        píng, [缾], bottle/vase/pitcher/CL:個|个[gè]/classifier for wine and liquids, variant of 瓶[pín...

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