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        Nà/nà, [納], surname Na, to receive/to accept/to enjoy/to bring into/to pay (tax etc)/nano- (...
纳尼         nàní, [納尼], (Internet slang) what? (loanword from Japanese 何 なに nani)
纳尼亚         Nàníyà, [納尼亞], Narnia, children's fantasy world in stories by C.S. Lewis
        ní, Buddhist nun/(often used in phonetic spellings)
        Yà/yà, [亞], Asia/Asian/Taiwan pr. [Yǎ], second/next to/inferior/sub-/Taiwan pr. [yǎ]
        Lǜ/lǜ, surname Lü, law
律法         lǜfǎ, laws and decrees
        fǎ/Fǎ, [㳒]/[灋], variant of 法[fǎ], France/French/abbr. for 法國|法国[Fǎ guó]/Taiwan pr. [Fà], law/met...

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