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        miù, [謬], to deceive/to confuse/to cheat/absurd/erroneous
        yǐ/Yǐ, [㕥]/[㠯], old variant of 以[yǐ], old variant of 以[yǐ], abbr. for Israel 以色列[Yǐ sè liè], to ...
        qiān, [韆], thousand, see 鞦韆|秋千[qiū qiān]
千里         qiānlǐ, a thousand miles/a thousand li (i.e. 500 kilometers)/a long distance
        lǐ/Lǐ, [裏]/[裡], variant of 裡|里[lǐ], lining/interior/inside/internal/also written 裏|里[lǐ], Li (su...

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