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        sòng, to deliver/to carry/to give (as a present)/to present (with)/to see off/to send
送货         sònghuò, [送貨], to deliver goods
        huò, [貨], goods/money/commodity/CL:個|个[gè]
        shǎng/shàng, see 上聲|上声[shǎng shēng], on top/upon/above/upper/previous/first (of multiple part...
上门         shàngmén, [上門], to drop in/to visit/to lock a door/(of a shop) to close/to go and live with one'...
        Mén/mén, [門], surname Men, gate/door/CL:扇[shàn]/gateway/doorway/CL:個|个[gè]/opening/valve/switc...

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