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        tōng/tòng, to go through/to know well/(suffix) expert/to connect/to communicate/open/to cle...
通货         tōnghuò, [通貨], currency/exchange of goods
通货膨胀         tōnghuòpéngzhàng, [通貨膨脹], inflation
        huò, [貨], goods/money/commodity/CL:個|个[gè]
        péng, swollen
膨胀         péngzhàng, [膨脹], to expand/to inflate/to swell
        zhàng, [脹], dropsical/swollen/to swell/to be bloated
        lǜ/shuài, rate/frequency, to lead/to command/rash/hasty/frank/straightforward/generally/us...

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