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        nán/nàn, [難], difficult (to...)/problem/difficulty/difficult/not good, disaster/distress/to sc...
难以         nányǐ, [難以], hard to (predict, imagine etc)
        yǐ/Yǐ, [㕥]/[㠯], old variant of 以[yǐ], old variant of 以[yǐ], abbr. for Israel 以色列[Yǐ sè liè], to ...
        wàng, to forget/to overlook/to neglect
忘怀         wànghuái, [忘懷], to forget
怀         Huái/huái, [懷], surname Huai, bosom/heart/mind/to think of/to harbor in one's mind/to conceive (...

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