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Advanced Hanzi Search

Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        zài, (located) at/(to be) in/to exist/in the middle of doing sth/(indicating an actio...
        yī, one/1/single/a (article)/as soon as/entire/whole/all/throughout/"one" radical in...
        lái, [來], to come/to arrive/to come round/ever since/next
        dào, to (a place)/until (a time)/up to/to go/to arrive/(verb complement denoting comp...
        ā/á/ǎ/à/a, interjection of surprise/Ah!/Oh!, interjection expressing doubt or requiring ans...
        gěi/jǐ, [給], to/for/for the benefit of/to give/to allow/to do sth (for sb)/(passive particle)
        dé/de/děi, to obtain/to get/to gain/to catch (a disease)/proper/suitable/proud/contented/to...
        zhēn, really/truly/indeed/real/true/genuine
        dàn, but/yet/however/only/merely/still
        zài, again/once more/re-/second/another/then (after sth, and not until then)
        xià, down/downwards/below/lower/later/next (week etc)/second (of two parts)/to declin...
        tiān, day/sky/heaven
        kě/kè, can/may/able to/to approve/to permit/to suit/(particle used for emphasis) certai...
        sǐ, to die/impassable/uncrossable/inflexible/rigid/extremely
        gān/Gān/gàn, [乹]/[乾]/[亁]/[幹], old variant of 乾|干[gān], surname Gan, dry/clean/in vain/dried food/foster/adopti...
        ná, [㧱]/[拏], old variant of 拿[ná], variant of 拿[ná], to hold/to seize/to catch/to apprehend/t...
        dá/dǎ, dozen (loanword), to beat/to strike/to hit/to break/to type/to mix up/to build/t...
        dài, [帶], band/belt/girdle/ribbon/tire/area/zone/region/CL:條|条[tiáo]/to wear/to carry/to t...
        kāi, [開], to open/to start/to turn on/to boil/to write out (a prescription, check, invoice...
        qián, front/forward/ahead/first/top (followed by a number)/future/ago/before/BC (e.g. ...
        Hòu/hòu, [後], surname Hou, empress/queen, back/behind/rear/afterwards/after/later
        suǒ, actually/place/classifier for houses, small buildings, institutions etc/that whi...
        bìng, [並]/[併]/[竝], and/furthermore/also/together with/(not) at all/simultaneously/to combine/to joi...
        Sān/sān, surname San, three/3
        sòng, to deliver/to carry/to give (as a present)/to present (with)/to see off/to send
        běn, roots or stems of plants/origin/source/this/the current/root/foundation/basis/cl...
        tíng, to stop/to halt/to park (a car)
        Zhā/chá/zhā, surname Zha, to research/to check/to investigate/to examine/to refer to/to searc...
        huò, maybe/perhaps/might/possibly/or
        ō/wo, I see/oh, (particle) marker of surprise, sudden realization, reminder
        Líng/líng/lǐng/lìng, see 令狐[Líng hú], see 脊令[jí líng], classifier for a ream of paper, to order/to co...
        jiǔ, wine (esp. rice wine)/liquor/spirits/alcoholic beverage/CL:杯[bēi],瓶[píng],罐[guàn...
        gē, [謌], song/CL:支[zhī],首[shǒu]/to sing, variant of 歌[gē]
        dǎo/dào, to fall/to collapse/to topple/to fail/to go bankrupt/to change (trains or buses)...
        Guān/guān, [關], surname Guan, mountain pass/to close/to shut/to turn off/to concern/to involve
        shēng, to be born/to give birth/life/to grow/raw/uncooked/student
        zāo, dregs/draff/pickled in wine/rotten/messy/ruined
        tōu, to steal/to pilfer/to snatch/thief/stealthily
        shǒu, head/chief/first (occasion, thing etc)/classifier for poems, songs etc
        Hā/hā/hǎ, abbr. for 哈薩克斯坦|哈萨克斯坦[Hā sà kè sī tǎn], Kazakhstan/abbr. for 哈爾濱|哈尔滨[Hā ěr bīn],...
        xǐng, to wake up/to be awake/to become aware/to sober up/to come to
        tóng/tòng, [仝]/[衕], (used in given names)/variant of 同[tóng], like/same/similar/together/alike/with,...
        liǎn, [臉], face/CL:張|张[zhāng],個|个[gè]
        xìng, nature/character/property/quality/attribute/sexuality/sex/gender/suffix forming ...
        kù, ruthless/strong (e.g. of wine)/(of sb or sth) cool (loanword)
        biàn, [徧], variant of 遍[biàn], everywhere/all over/classifier for actions: one time
        mìng, life/fate/order or command/to assign a name, title etc
        tì, to substitute for/to take the place of/to replace/for/on behalf of/to stand in f...
        huà, [畫], to draw/picture/painting/CL:幅[fú],張|张[zhāng]/classifier for paintings etc/varian...
        guāng, light/ray/CL:道[dào]/bright/only/merely/to use up
        dào, direction/way/road/path/CL:條|条[tiáo],股[gǔ]/principle/truth/morality/reason/skill...
        piàn, [騙], to cheat/to swindle/to deceive/to fool/to hoodwink/to trick
        hè/xià, [嚇], to scare/to intimidate/to threaten/(interjection showing disapproval) tut-tut/(i...
        cí, [䛐]/[詞], old variant of 詞|词[cí], word/statement/speech/lyrics/CL:組|组[zǔ],個|个[gè]/classica...
        shū, [輸], to lose/to transport/to donate/to enter (a password)
        Ā/ā/ē, abbr. for Afghanistan 阿富汗[Ā fù hàn], prefix used before monosyllabic names, kins...
        gǎn, [趕], to overtake/to catch up with/to hurry/to rush/to try to catch (the bus etc)/to d...
        shāo, [燒], to burn/to cook/to stew/to bake/to roast/to boil (tea, water etc)/fever
        yǎn, to develop/to evolve/to practice/to perform/to play/to act
        fù, secondary/auxiliary/deputy/assistant/vice-/abbr. for 副詞|副词 adverb/classifier for...
        làn, [爛], soft/mushy/well-cooked and soft/to rot/to decompose/rotten/worn out/chaotic/mess...
        bī, [偪], variant of 逼[bī]/to compel/to pressure, to force (sb to do sth)/to compel/to pre...
西         Xī/xī, the West/abbr. for Spain 西班牙[Xī bān yá]/Spanish, west
        Shì/shì, surname Shi, room/work unit/grave/scabbard/family or clan/one of the 28 constell...
        zuì, intoxicated
        wèi, not yet/did not/have not/not/8th earthly branch: 1-3 p.m., 6th solar month (7th ...
        qiān, [簽]/[籖]/[籤], to sign one's name/visa/variant of 籤|签[qiān], Japanese variant of 籤|签[qiān], ins...
        kē, [顆], classifier for small spheres, pearls, corn grains, teeth, hearts, satellites etc
        Fáng/fáng, surname Fang, house/room/CL:間|间[jiān]/branch of an extended family/classifier fo...
        dùn, [頓], to stop/to pause/to arrange/to lay out/to kowtow/to stamp (one's foot)/at once/c...
        Lěng/lěng, surname Leng, cold
        dīng, to watch attentively/to fix one's attention on/to stare at/to gaze at
        xīng, star/satellite/small amount
        juān/juàn/quān, to confine/to lock up/to pen in, pen (pig)/a fold, circle/ring/loop/classifier f...
        Xiàng/xiàng, [項], surname Xiang, back of neck/item/thing/term (in a mathematical formula)/sum (of ...
        píng, [缾], bottle/vase/pitcher/CL:個|个[gè]/classifier for wine and liquids, variant of 瓶[pín...
        biān, [編], to weave/to plait/to organize/to group/to arrange/to edit/to compile/to write/to...
        pèi, to join/to fit/to mate/to mix/to match/to deserve/to make up (a prescription)
        sī, [絲], silk/thread/trace/CL:條|条[tiáo]
        jì, to live (in a house)/to lodge/to mail/to send/to entrust/to depend
        fán, [煩], to feel vexed/to bother/to trouble/superfluous and confusing/edgy
        gē, elder brother
        jǔ, [擧]/[舉], variant of 舉|举[jǔ], to lift/to hold up/to cite/to enumerate/to act/to raise/to c...
        Shī/shī, [師], surname Shi, teacher/master/expert/model/army division/(old) troops/to dispatch ...
        jù, tool/device/utensil/equipment/instrument/talent/ability/to possess/to have/to pr...
        dā, to put up/to build (scaffolding)/to hang (clothes on a pole)/to connect/to join/...
        dēng, [燈], lamp/light/lantern/CL:盞|盏[zhǎn]
        xíng, model/type (e.g. blood type)
        zhì, to arrive/most/to/until
        zhèn, [鎮], to press down/to calm/to subdue/to suppress/to guard/garrison/small town/to cool...
        gù, [僱], variant of 雇[gù], to employ/to hire/to rent
        dòng, cave/hole/zero (unambiguous spoken form when spelling out numbers)/CL:個|个[gè]
        Yìng/yīng/yìng, [應], surname Ying, to agree (to do sth)/should/ought to/must/(legal) shall, to answer...
        bǐng, [餅], round flat cake/cookie/cake/pastry/CL:張|张[zhāng]
        Hé/hé, surname He, what/how/why/which/carry
        juǎn/juàn, [捲], to roll up/roll/classifier for small rolled things (wad of paper money, movie re...
        jīn, today/modern/present/current/this/now
        gě/hé, [閤], 100 ml/one-tenth of a peck/measure for dry grain equal to one-tenth of sheng 升 o...
        jī/qí, odd (number), strange/odd/weird/wonderful/surprisingly/unusually
        jì/qí, [騎], (Taiwan) saddle horse/mounted soldier, to ride (an animal or bike)/to sit astrid...
        Lán/lán, [蘭], surname Lan/abbr. for Lanzhou 蘭州|兰州[Lán zhōu], Gansu, orchid (蘭花|兰花 Cymbidium go...
        wū, house/room/CL:間|间[jiān],個|个[gè]
        dǐng, [頂], apex/crown of the head/top/roof/most/to carry on the head/to push to the top/to ...
        bèn, stupid/foolish/silly/slow-witted/clumsy
        tǎ, [墖], pagoda/tower/minaret/stupa (abbr. loanword from Sanskrit tapo)/CL:座[zuò], old va...
        hǎn, to yell/to shout/to call out for (a person)
        lái, [萊], name of weed plant (fat hen, goosefoot, pigweed etc)/Chenopodium album
        quán, fist/boxing
        piān, sheet/piece of writing/bound set of bamboo slips used for record keeping (old)/c...
        niàn, [唸], variant of 念[niàn], to read aloud, to read/to study (a degree course)/to read al...
        pīn, to piece together/to join together/to stake all/adventurous/at the risk of one's...
        zòu, to beat up/to break to pieces
        shèng, [勝], victory/success/to beat/to defeat/to surpass/victorious/superior to/to get the b...
        wèi, taste/smell/classifier for drugs (in TCM)
        tǐ, [體], body/form/style/system
        dìng, [訂], to agree/to conclude/to draw up/to subscribe to (a newspaper etc)/to order
        fū/fú, husband/man/manual worker/conscripted laborer (old), (classical) this, that/he, ...
        hé, river/CL:條|条[tiáo],道[dào]
        Sī/sī, surname Si, to take charge of/to manage/department (under a ministry)
        shān/shàn, to fan/to slap sb on the face, fan/sliding, hinged or detachable flat part of st...
        Píng/píng, surname Ping, flat/level/equal/to tie (make the same score)/to draw (score)/calm...
        yè, [頁], page/leaf
        dān, red/pellet/powder/cinnabar
        jiàn, [劍]/[劒], double-edged sword/CL:口[kǒu],把[bǎ]/classifier for blows of a sword, variant of 劍...
        fú, width/roll/classifier for textiles or pictures
        Jiǎn/jiǎn, surname Jian, scissors/shears/clippers/CL:把[bǎ]/to cut with scissors/to trim/to ...
        Lí/lì, [麗], Korea, beautiful
        hé, small box/case
        xìng, family name/surname/CL:個|个[gè]/to be surnamed
        cún, to exist/to deposit/to store/to keep/to survive
        Bǎi/bǎi, surname Bai, hundred/numerous/all kinds of
        guì, [貴], expensive/noble/your (name)/precious
        tián, to fill or stuff/(of a form etc) to fill in
        rào, [繞]/[遶], to wind/to coil (thread)/to rotate around/to spiral/to move around/to go round (...
        lǐng, [領], neck/collar/to lead/to receive/classifier for clothes, mats, screens etc
        liè, to arrange/to line up/row/file/series/column
        jiǎn, [撿], to pick up/to collect/to gather
        jiǎn, [檢], to check/to examine/to inspect/to exercise restraint
        dūn, to crouch/to squat
        pēn/pèn, [噴], to puff/to spout/to spray/to spurt, (of a smell) strong/peak season (of a crop)/...
        yě, [埜]/[壄], old variant of 野[yě], erroneous variant of 野[yě], field/plain/open space/limit/b...
        xiá, [俠], knight-errant/brave and chivalrous/hero/heroic
        méng/Méng/mēng/Měng, [濛]/[矇], drizzle/mist, surname Meng, to deceive/to cheat/to hoodwink/to make a wild guess
        gān/gǎn, [桿], pole/CL:條|条[tiáo],根[gēn], stick/pole/lever/classifier for long objects such as g...
        tú/Tú, [塗], to apply (paint etc)/to smear/to daub/to blot out/to scribble/to scrawl/(literar...
        zāo, to meet by chance (usually with misfortune)/classifier for events: time, turn, i...
        dā/dá, to answer/to agree, reply/answer/return/respond/echo
        xíng, to appear/to look/form/shape
        liáng/liàng, to measure, capacity/quantity/amount/to estimate/abbr. for 量詞|量词[liàng cí], clas...
        mèi, younger sister
        jiā/jiá/jià, [夾]/[裌], to press from either side/to place in between/to sandwich/to carry sth under arm...
        tūn, to swallow/to take
        dīng/dìng, [釘], nail/to follow closely/to keep at sb (to do sth)/variant of 盯[dīng], to join thi...
        gé, to separate/to partition/to stand or lie between/at a distance from/after or at ...
        wò, to hold/to grasp/to clench (one's fist)/to master/classifier: a handful
        xìng/Xìng, [倖], trusted/intimate/(of the emperor) to visit/variant of 幸[xìng], surname Xing, for...
        Tí/tí, [題], surname Ti, topic/problem for discussion/exam question/subject/to inscribe/to me...
        chú, to get rid of/to remove/to exclude/to eliminate/to wipe out/to divide/except/not...
        líng, zero/nought/zero sign/fractional/fragmentary/odd (of numbers)/(placed between tw...
        huǎng/huàng, [㨪], variant of 晃[huǎng], to dazzle/to flash past, to sway/to shake/to wander about
        Fú/fú, surname Fu/abbr. for Fujian province 福建省[Fú jiàn shěng], good fortune/happiness/...
        Dīng/dīng, surname Ding, fourth of the ten Heavenly Stems 十天干[shí tiān gān]/fourth in order...
        fèi, lung/CL:個|个[gè]
        jiàng, [醬], thick paste of fermented soya bean/marinated in soya paste/paste/jam
        Piān/biǎn/piān, surname Pian, flat/(old form of character 匾[biǎn], horizontal tablet with inscri...
        hán/hàn, see 可汗[kè hán], 汗國|汗国[hán guó], perspiration/sweat/CL:滴[dī],頭|头[tóu],身[shēn]/to ...
        suān, sour/tart/sick at heart/grieved/sore/aching/pedantic/impractical/an acid
        fú, to support with the hand/to help sb up/to support oneself by holding onto someth...
        miè, [滅], to extinguish or put out/to go out (of a fire etc)/to exterminate or wipe out/to...
        Fù/fù, surname Fu, rich/abundant/wealthy
        qiáo/qiào, [翹], outstanding/to raise, to stick up/to rise on one end/to tilt
        xiǎn, [險], danger/dangerous/rugged
        mā/mǒ/mò, to wipe, to smear/to wipe/to erase/classifier for wisps of cloud, light-beams et...
        qī/qì, wife, to marry off (a daughter)
        tīng, [廳], (reception) hall/living room/office/provincial government department
        ā/hē, variant of 啊[ā], expel breath/my goodness
        Lóng/lōng/lóng, surname Long/short for 吉隆坡[Jí lóng pō], Kuala Lumpur, sound of drums, grand/inte...
        bì, [斃]/[獘], to die violently, to collapse/variant of 斃|毙[bì]/variant of 獙[bì]
        zhì, [緻], fine/delicate, to send/to devote/to deliver/to cause/to convey
        piān, to lean/to slant/oblique/prejudiced/to deviate from average/to stray from the in...
        zhā, slag (in mining or smelting)/dregs
        jǐng, [頸], neck
        shài, [曬], variant of 曬|晒[shài], (of the sun) to shine on/to bask in (the sunshine)/to dry ...
        wēi, power/might/prestige
        zhū, cornelian cherry
        jiàn, arrow/CL:支[zhī]
宿         sù/Sù/xiǔ/xiù, [㝛], old variant of 宿[sù], surname Su, lodge for the night/old/former, night/classifi...
        kuǎ, to collapse/to break or wear down/to defeat
        sǎ, [灑], to sprinkle/to spray/to spill/to shed
        jiǎn, [減], to lower/to decrease/to reduce/to subtract/to diminish
        é, [頟]/[額], variant of 額|额[é], forehead/horizontal tablet or inscribed board/specified numbe...
        wù, [誤], mistake/error/to miss/to harm/to delay/to neglect/mistakenly
        hán, to keep/to contain/to suck (keep in your mouth without chewing)
        lán, [攔], to block sb's path/to obstruct/to flag down (a taxi)
        Xià/xià, the Xia or Hsia dynasty c. 2000 BC/Xia of the Sixteen Kingdoms (407-432)/surname...
        Ráo/ráo, [饒], surname Rao, rich/abundant/exuberant/to add for free/to throw in as bonus/to spa...
        pēng, (onom.) bang/thump
        líng, [鈴], (small) bell/CL:隻|只[zhī]
        jiān, to pan fry/to sauté
        zūn, senior/of a senior generation/to honor/to respect/honorific/classifier for canno...
        còu, [湊], to gather together, pool or collect/to happen by chance/to move close to/to expl...
        qín, [琹], guqin or zither, cf 古琴[gǔ qín]/musical instrument in general, variant of 琴[qín],...
        há/xiā, [蝦], see 蝦蟆|虾蟆[há ma], shrimp/prawn
        jūn, equal/even/all/uniform
        jiān, shoulder/to shoulder (responsibilities etc)
        dīng, sting (of mosquito, bee etc)/to say repeatedly/to urge insistently/to ask repeat...
        Gù/gù, [顧], surname Gu, to look after/to take into consideration/to attend to
        dǎn, [膽], the gall/the nerve/courage/guts/gall bladder
        cán, [殘], to destroy/to spoil/to ruin/to injure/cruel/oppressive/savage/brutal/incomplete/...
        Kē/kē, surname Ke, handle of ax/stem
        kuà, to step across/to stride over/to straddle/to span
        qiàn/xī, Rubia cordifolia/Indian madder/munjeet, used in the transliteration of people's ...
        xū, [須]/[鬚], must/to have to/to wait, beard/mustache/feeler (of an insect etc)/tassel
        tǒng, [筩], tube/cylinder/to encase in sth cylindrical (such as hands in sleeves etc), varia...
        wà, [襪]/[韈]/[韤], socks/stockings, variant of 韤|袜[wà], variant of 襪|袜[wà]
        yù, [預], to advance/in advance/beforehand/to prepare
        yú, excellence/luster of gems
        shān, [刪], to delete
        mò, tip/end/final stage/latter part/inessential detail/powder/dust/opera role of old...
        kuā, [誇], see 夸克[kuā kè], to boast/to exaggerate/to praise
        gān, liver/CL:葉|叶[yè],個|个[gè]
        qīng, [傾], to overturn/to collapse/to lean/to tend/to incline/to pour out
        suō, [縮], to withdraw/to pull back/to contract/to shrink/to reduce/abbreviation/also pr. [...
        Hé/hé/hè, Holland/the Netherlands/abbr. for 荷蘭|荷兰[Hé lán], lotus, to carry on one's should...
        níng/nǐng/nìng, [擰], to pinch/wring, mistake/to twist, stubborn
        liè, to split/to crack/to break open/to rend
        lián, [聯], to ally/to unite/to join
        lì, example/precedent/rule/case/instance
        Pō/pō, [頗], surname Po, rather/quite/considerably (Taiwan pr. [pǒ])/oblique/inclined/slantin...
        ài, [礙], to hinder/to obstruct/to block
        jiāo, [澆], to pour liquid/to irrigate (using waterwheel)/to water/to cast (molten metal)/to...
        tà, to despair
        zhū, bead/pearl/CL:粒[lì],顆|颗[kē]
        nüè, oppressive/tyrannical
        jù, entirely/without exception
        tǎn, flat/open-hearted/level/smooth
        Wǔ/wǔ, surname Wu, martial/military
        Xíng/xíng, surname Xing, punishment/penalty/sentence/torture/corporal punishment
        qián, [潛], hidden/secret/latent/to hide/to conceal/to submerge/to dive
        fú, see 芙蓉[fú róng], lotus
        hàn, [猂], heroic/intrepid/valiant/dauntless/fierce/ferocious/violent, variant of 悍[hàn]
        tóng, [銅], copper (chemistry)/see also 紅銅|红铜[hóng tóng]/CL:塊|块[kuài]
        yàn, [騐]/[驗], variant of 驗|验[yàn], to examine/to test/to check
        àn, [㟁], variant of 岸[àn], bank/shore/beach/coast/CL:個|个[gè]
        hào, to waste/to spend/to consume/to squander/news/(coll.) to delay/to dilly-dally
        shēng, domestic animal/sacrificial animal
        Xián/xián, [鹹], surname Xian, all/everyone/each/widespread/harmonious, salted/salty/stingy/miser...
        xióng, male/staminate/grand/imposing/powerful/mighty/person or state having great power...
        shè/shí, to ascend in light steps, to pick up/to collate or arrange/ten (banker's anti-fr...
        náo, [撓], to scratch/to thwart/to yield
        zhē, to cover up (a shortcoming)/to screen off/to hide/to conceal
        Xīng/xīng/xìng, [興], surname Xing, to rise/to flourish/to become popular/to start/to encourage/to get...
        Yú/yú, [餘], surname Yu, (archaic) I/me/variant of 餘|余[yú], surplus, extra/surplus/remaining/...
        shī, [獅], lion
        qí, mountainous
        lán, [欄], fence/railing/hurdle/column or box (of text or other data)
        cáo, trough/manger/groove/channel
        hù, mutual
        liē/liě/lie, see 咧咧[liē liē], to draw back the corners of one's mouth, modal particle express...
        Wú, [吳], surname Wu/area comprising southern Jiangsu, northern Zhejiang and Shanghai/name...
        nìng/Níng/níng, [寕]/[寧]/[甯], old variant of 寧|宁[nìng], abbr. for Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region 寧夏回族自治區|宁夏回族自治...
        yù, [癒], the more...(the more...)/to recover/to heal/better, variant of 愈[yù]/to heal
        tóng, ketone
        zhì, [擲], to toss/to throw dice/Taiwan pr. [zhí]
        cù, vinegar/jealousy (in love rivalry)
        jiāng, [殭], rigid/deadlock/stiff (corpse), variant of 僵[jiāng]
        gá, [嘠], cackling sound, old variant of 嘎[gá]
        zhǎn, [盞], a small cup/classifier for lamps
        diān, [顛], top (of the head)/apex/to fall forwards/inverted/to jolt
        Zhū/zhū, [硃], surname Zhu, vermilion, cinnabar/see 硃砂|朱砂[zhū shā]
        dān/dàn, [擔], to undertake/to carry/to shoulder/to take responsibility, picul (100 catties, 50...
        chàn, [顫], to tremble/to shiver/to shake/to vibrate/Taiwan pr. [zhàn]
        mèi, demon/magic/to charm
        yǐ, chair
        Cáo/cáo, surname Cao/Zhou Dynasty vassal state, class or grade/generation/plaintiff and d...
        Jí/jí/jiè, surname Ji, to insult/to walk all over (sb), sleeping mat/to placate
        kuì, [餽]/[饋], to make an offering to the gods/variant of 饋|馈[kuì], food/to make a present
        Yán/yán, [顏]/[顔], surname Yan, color/face/countenance, Japanese variant of 顏|颜[yán]
        zòu, to play music/to achieve/to present a memorial to the emperor (old)
        téng, [籐], variant of 藤[téng], rattan/cane/vine
        kuī, [虧], deficiency/deficit/luckily
        yù, [諭], order (from above)
        quàn, [劵], bond (esp. document split in two, with each party holding one half)/contract/dee...
        lú, [爐]/[鑪], stove/furnace, variant of 爐|炉[lú]
        tú, way/route/road
        běn, benzene/benzol (chemistry)
        liè, ardent/intense/fierce/stern/upright/to give one's life for a noble cause/exploit...
        xié, inclined/slanting/oblique/tilting
        sū, flaky pastry/crunchy/limp/soft/silky
        cè, [冊], book/booklet/classifier for books
        lú, [顱], forehead/skull
        píng, [評], to discuss/to comment/to criticize/to judge/to choose (by public appraisal)
        jiān, [姦], wicked/crafty/traitor/variant of 姦|奸[jiān], to fornicate/to defile/adultery/rape
        téng, [騰], to soar/to gallop/to prance/to turn over/to vacate/to clear
        yín, [唫], to chant/to recite/to moan/to groan/cry (of certain animals and insects)/song (a...
        méi, enzyme/ferment
        chún, [醕], alcohol/wine with high alcohol content/rich/pure/good wine/sterols, old variant ...
        nì, contrary/opposite/backwards/to go against/to oppose/to betray/to rebel
        qià, exactly/just
        pēi, pah!/bah!/pooh!/to spit (in contempt)
        guī, [槼]/[規], variant of 規|规[guī], compass/a rule/regulation/to admonish/to plan/to scheme
        lào, curdled milk or fruit juice/also pr. [luò]
        è, [鰐]/[鱷], variant of 鱷|鳄[è], crocodile/alligator
        fū, [膚], skin
        hàn, [銲], to weld, to solder/weld by heat
        jiǎn, [鹻]/[鹼], variant of 鹼|碱[jiǎn], base/alkali/soda (chemistry)
        tíng, pavilion/booth/kiosk/erect
        Shū/shū, surname Shu, to stretch/to unfold/to relax/leisurely
        līn, to lift/to carry in one's hand/Taiwan pr. [līng]
        shān, to fan into a flame/to incite
        zhēng, to evaporate/(of cooking) to steam/torch made from hemp stalks or bamboo (old)/f...
        róng, [螎], to melt/to thaw/to blend/to merge/to be in harmony, old variant of 融[róng]
        tīng, sandbar/shoal/sandbank
        chá, stubble land after crop has been taken/a second crop obtained by rotation of lan...
        hǎn, rare
        líng, [齡], age/length of experience, membership etc
        sù, to model (a figure) in clay
        shān, [姍], to deprecate/lithe (of a woman's walk)/leisurely/slow
        pín, [頻], frequency/frequently/repetitious
        bān, [頒], to promulgate/to send out/to issue/to grant or confer
        dǐng, intoxicated
        Jí/jí, surname Ji, book or record/registry/roll/place of one's family or ancestral reco...
        líng, (onom.) ting-a-ling (in compounds such as 玎玲 or 玲瓏|玲珑)/tinkling of gem-pendants
        zhà, [柵], fence/also pr. [shān]
        mò, jasmine
        zhàn, to dip in (ink, sauce etc)
        zhū, tree trunk/stump (tree root)/a plant/classifier for trees or plants/to involve o...
        Dá, female personal name (archaic)
        líng, clever
        jù, [懼], to fear
        niàng, [釀], to ferment/to brew/to make honey (of bees)/to lead to/to form gradually/wine/stu...
        sā, three (colloquial equivalent of 三個|三个)
        niǎn, [攆], to expel/to oust
        zhǐ, ester
        hē, hey! (exclamation)/I say!
        tān, [貪], to have a voracious desire for/to covet/greedy/corrupt
        yú/yǔ, (archaic) I/me, to give
        yù, field/region/area/domain (taxonomy)
        xù/Xù, [敍]/[敘], variant of 敘|叙[xù], abbr. for Syria 敘利亞|叙利亚[Xù lì yà], to narrate/to chat
        hóng, great/magnificent/macro (computing)/macro-
        sān, [參], variant of 參|叁[sān], three (banker's anti-fraud numeral)
        tǐng, raised path between fields
        kuà, thigh/crotch
        shuò, beginning/first day of lunar month
        yán, beautiful
        gé/há, clam, frog/toad
        xiá, [狹]/[陿], narrow/narrow-minded, old variant of 狹|狭[xiá]
        Yù/yù, surname Yu, to describe sth as/an analogy/a simile/a metaphor/an allegory
        bīng/bǐng/píng, see 屏營|屏营[bīng yíng], to get rid of/to put aside/to reject/to keep control/to ho...
        píng, (onom.) bang! (gong, gun firing etc)
        mǐng, drunk/intoxicated
        lián, [憐], to pity
        wò, to enrich/to moisten
        fèn, [憤], indignant/anger/resentment
        yí, [遺], to lose/to leave behind/to omit/to bequeath/sth lost/involuntary discharge (of u...
        lǐng, [嶺], mountain range/mountain ridge
        zhū, see 蜘蛛[zhī zhū]
        huò, to confuse/to be puzzled
        xiǎo, [曉], dawn/daybreak/to know/to let sb know/to make explicit
        niè, [顳], bones of the temple (on the human head)/see 顳顬|颞颥, temple
        wū, [汚], variant of 污[wū], dirty/filthy/foul/corrupt/to smear/to defile/dirt/filth
        kē, severe/exacting
        Yú, short name for Chongqing 重慶|重庆[Chóng qìng]/old name of Jialing river 嘉陵江[Jiā lín...
        xīng, fishy (smell)
        gē, [鴿], pigeon/dove
        xùn, to be buried with the dead/to die for a cause
        xīng, tranquil/understand
        yě, thing/matter (Cantonese)/see also 乜嘢[miē yě]
        sī, [噝], (onom.) to hiss/to whistle/to whiz/to fizz
        chèng, steelyard/Roman balance/CL:臺|台[tái]
        lín, [鄰]/[隣], neighbor/adjacent/close to, variant of 鄰|邻[lín]
        shèn, [昚], careful/cautious, old variant of 慎[shèn]
        kān, [栞], to print/to publish/publication/periodical/to peel with a knife/to carve/to amen...
        zhèn, I/we (imperial use)/subtle
        xù, order/sequence/preface
        kuī, [窺]/[闚], to peep/to pry into, variant of 窺|窥[kuī]
        yán, to grind/study/research
        pēi, [肧], variant of 胚[pēi], embryo
        bō, [缽]/[鉢], small earthenware plate or basin/a monk's alms bowl/Sanskrit paatra, variant of ...
        Zhèng, [鄭], Zheng state during the Warring States period/surname Zheng/abbr. for 鄭州|郑州[Zhèng...
        diān, [巔], summit
竿         gān, pole
        sòng, [頌], ode/eulogy/to praise in writing/to wish (in letters)
        píng/pín, [蘋], (artemisia)/duckweed, marsiliaceae/clover fern, apple
        qī, [棲], to perch/to rest (of birds)/to dwell/to live/to stay
        chóu, [詶]/[酧]/[醻], old variant of 酬[chóu], variant of 酬[chóu], to entertain/to repay/to return/to r...
        líng, to hear/to listen/to understand clearly
        dàn, dawn/morning/day-break/day
        cóng, [叢], cluster/collection/collection of books/thicket
        Xú/xú, surname Xu, slowly/gently
        fū, [䴸]/[麩], variant of 麩|麸[fū], bran
        Zhū/zhū, surname Zhu, name of a river
        fēn, phenol
        kuí, sunflower
        shāi, [篩], to filter/to sift/to sieve
        jiá, [頰], cheeks
        gēng, [畊], variant of 耕[gēng], to plow/to till
        wēi, high, lofty/precipitous
        diān, [癲], mentally deranged/crazy
        mò, raised path/street
        yùn, [韻], beautiful sound/appeal/charm/vowel/rhyme/in Chinese phonetics, the medial and fi...
耀         yào, brilliant/glorious
        jiǎn, [礆], variant of 鹼|碱, alkali
        tóng, Chinese wood-oil tree (Aleurites cordata)
        zūn, [罇], goblet/bottle/wine-jar, variant of 樽[zūn]
        kuì, [潰], to be dispersed/to break down/to fester/to ulcerate
        gé, hiccup/belch
        sì, succession (to a title)/to inherit/continuing (a tradition)/posterity
        á/shà, variant of 啊, interjection expressing doubt or requiring answer/Eh?/what?/to sho...
        yí, [頤], cheek/lower cheek/chin/jaw/to nourish
        kē, jade-like stone
        zhuó, to pour wine/to drink wine/to deliberate/to consider
        quán, to curl up (like a scroll)/to huddle/Melania libertina/wriggle (as a worm)
        fù, [賦], poetic essay/taxation/to bestow on/to endow with
        xiāo, [囂], clamor
        zhù, [貯], to store/to save/stockpile/Taiwan pr. [zhǔ]
        líng, antelope
        zūn, to observe/to obey/to follow/to comply with
        yú, [踰], variant of 逾[yú], to exceed/to go beyond/to transcend/to cross over/to jump over
        mò, foam/suds
        jī, lopsided/unbalanced/abnormal/irregular/odd fractional remnant
        píng, variant of 瓶[píng]
        chī, laugh at/jeer/scoff at/sneer at
        yǐ, to lean on/to rely upon
        è, [顎], jaw/palate
        píng, a plain
        Wù/wù, surname Wu, cut off the feet/rising to a height/towering/bald
        juàn, [勌], tired, old variant of 倦[juàn]
        shū, different/unique/special/very/(classical) to behead/to die/to cut off/to separat...
        jiān, [椷]/[緘], (wooden) box/cup/old variant of 緘|缄[jiān]/letter, letters/to close/to seal
        gòu, dirt/disgrace
        níng, [檸], lemon
        kuà, to carry (esp. slung over the arm, shoulder or side)
        huī, [輝], splendor/to shine upon
        jiāng, [繮]/[韁], variant of 韁|缰[jiāng], bridle/reins/halter
        yú, elm
        hù, variant of 戶|户[hù]
        bìng, to discard/to get rid of
        qī, [悽]/[淒], intense cold/frigid/dismal/grim/bleak/sad/mournful/also written 淒|凄[qī], variant...
        hān, snore/to snore
        yún, [勻], even/well-distributed/uniform/to distribute evenly/to share
        yù, [譽], reputation
        cán, [蠶], silkworm
        qiāo, [蹺]/[蹻], to raise one's foot/to stand on tiptoe/stilts, variant of 蹺|跷[qiāo]/to raise one...
        shuān, [閂], bolt/latch/to bolt/to latch
        Xíng, surname Xing/place name
        qià, accord/to make contact/to agree/to consult with/extensive
        qí, curio/valuable stone
        juàn, [睠], concern/wife and children, variant of 眷[juàn]/to care about/to look fondly on
        bèng, to burst forth/to spurt/to crack/split
        chá, fault/glass fragment/quarrel
        shēng, free reed mouth organ, with wooden pipes stuck into a gourd
        shē, [賒], to buy or sell on credit/distant/long (time)/to forgive
        niǎn, to twirl (in the fingers)
        zhòu, [晝], daytime
        bà/pá, a hoe/to harrow, a rake
        Yǐng/yǐng, [穎], surname Ying, head of grain/husk/tip/point/clever/gifted/outstanding
        rěn, ripe grain
        gāo, marsh/testicle
        zhū, [誅], to put (a criminal) to death/to punish
        liǎn/liàn, [斂], to hold back/to restrain/to control (oneself)/to collect/Taiwan pr. [liàn], vari...
        gōng, upper arm/arm
        pèi, copious/abundant
        mèi, to conceal/dark
        hā, [鉿], hafnium (chemistry)
        yì, to spy out
        Xuān/xuān, [軒], surname Xuan, pavilion with a view/high/tall/high fronted, curtained carriage (o...
        jì, and/to reach to/the limits
        Yú/yú, [餘], surname Yu, variant of 餘|余[yú], remainder
        zūn, [鱒], trout/barbel/Taiwan pr. [zùn]
        ǒu, root of lotus
        Hào/hào, surname Hao, vast and limitless/the vast sky
        zhì, fluke/leech/hirudinea
        juǎn, Japanese variant of 卷
        gé, diaphragm
        tú, thistle/common sowthistle (Sonchus oleraceus)/bitter (taste)/cruel/flowering gra...
        tí, essential oil of butter
        kū, to cut open/rip up/scoop out
        tǎn, [襢], to bare, old variant of 袒[tǎn]
        chā/zhā, see 喳喳[chā cha], (onom.) chirp, twitter, etc
        hàn, drought
        qiú, tribal chief
        zhēn, to arrive/to reach (esp. perfection)/utmost/(used in commercials)
        cì/sì, to wait on, to watch/to wait/to examine/to spy
        shū, to express/to give expression to/variant of 紓|纾[shū]/to relieve
        shēng, sister's son/nephew
        Yú/yú, surname Yu, yes (used by Emperor or ruler)/OK/to accede/to assent
        qǐ, [綺], beautiful/open-work silk
        jiǎ, (evergreen shrub)/Celtis sinensis
        gé, [鎘], cadmium (chemistry)
        pēng, impulsive
        tuí, [頹]/[頽], to crumble/to collapse/to decline/to decay/decadent/dejected/dispirited/balding,...
        sà, thirty
        È, abbr. for Hubei Province 湖北省[Hú běi Shěng] in central China/surname E
        jiāng, border/boundary
        shū, [紓], abundant/ample/at ease/relaxed/to free from/to relieve
        zhì, [滯], sluggish
        xī, selenium (chemistry)
        wán, [頑], mischievous/obstinate/to play/stupid/stubborn/naughty
        Hé, He river in Shandong
        hé, [頜], maxilla and mandible
        huǎng, [怳], variant of 恍[huǎng], disappointed/flurried/indistinct
        Bēn/bēn/bì, [賁], surname Ben, energetic, bright
        yāng, calamity
        xiá, [峽], gorge
        dǎi, bad/wicked/evil
        Téng, vassal state of Zhou in Shandong/Teng county in Shandong/surname Teng
        zhí, to grow/to reproduce
        guāng, (onom.) bang/door banging shut
        yú, [娛], to amuse
        jīng, banner/make manifest
        cáo, bustling/tumultuous/noisy
        fū, variant of 夫[fū]
窿         lóng, cavity/hole
        tān, to collapse
        jiá, [莢], pod
        juàn, old variant of 倦[juàn]
        è, [齶], palate/roof of the mouth
        lài, [睞], to glance/to look askance at
        jiān, [殲], to annihilate/abbr. for 殲擊機|歼击机, fighter plane
        xié, [纈], knot/tie a knot
        Cén/cén, surname Cen, small hill
        cí, ancestral hall/temple/to worship
        xīng, ape
        qí, headland
        Shé, surname She
        téng, [謄], make a (clean) copy
        zhí, [妷]/[姪], variant of 姪|侄[zhí], variant of 姪|侄[zhí], nephew by the male line
        gǎn, to roll (dough etc)
        pī, blank (e.g. for a coin)/unburnt earthenware/semifinished product
        quán, aldehyde
        zhì, to obstruct/to stop up
        méng, deceive/indistinct
        fú, [輻], spoke of a wheel
        jiá, [戞], lance/to tap/to scrape/to chirp/custom, variant of 戛[jiá]
        shān, variant of 扇[shān]
        liàn, [殮], to prepare a dead body for coffin
        jiàn, [薦], to recommend/to offer sacrifice (arch.)/grass/straw mat
        sì, [飤]/[飼], old variant of 飼|饲[sì], to raise/to rear/to feed
        jīng, [荊], chaste tree or berry (Vitex agnus-castus)/alternative name for the Zhou Dynasty ...
        kūn, quinone (chemistry)
        mí, ether
        yǔn, [殞], to perish/to die
        jiā/xié, [挾], hold between, to clasp under the arm/to coerce
        bǎi, hundred (banker's anti-fraud numeral)
        Kuì/guì/kuì, [匱], surname Kui, variant of 櫃|柜[guì], to lack/lacking/empty/exhausted
        zhěng, to raise/to aid/to support/to save/to rescue
        shāng, [殤], to die in childhood/war dead
        è, startled
        Yáo, [堯], surname Yao/Yao or Tang Yao (c. 2200 BC), one of Five legendary Emperors 五帝[wǔ d...
        fēi, door with only one leaf
        jūn, [鈞], 30 catties/great/your (honorific)
        dā, cummerbund
        Xià/shà, [廈], abbr. for Xiamen or Amoy 廈門|厦门[Xià mén], Fujian, tall building/mansion/rear anne...
        fū, see 呋喃 furan or 呋喃西林 furacilinum
        sù, [遡], to go upstream/to trace the source, variant of 溯[sù]
        jiǎn, [儉], frugal/thrifty/needy
        shū, pretty woman
        wò, oxime/oximide/-oxil (chemistry)
        shù, [庻], numerous/common people (or populace)/born of a concubine, old variant of 庶[shù]
        Líng/líng, surname Ling, sound of water flowing
        xù, drunk
        gǔ, paper mulberry tree
        hàn, [頷], chin/to nod (one's assent)
        hàn, [扞], variant of 捍[hàn], to ward off (a blow)/to withstand/to defend
        shàn, level spot for sacrifices
        bì, to assist
        měng, mongoose
        fú, full up/classifier for items of clothing (old)
        yǒu, 10th earthly branch: 5-7 p.m., 8th solar month (8th September-7th October), year...
        xù, [頊], grieved/anxious
        piān, to fly fast
        gǎn, [稈], stalks of grain
        biān, to stir-fry before broiling or stewing
        chū, simaroubaceae
        mèi, blind/imperceptive
        hān, intoxicated
        kuì, [聵], born deaf/deaf/obtuse
        qīng/qǐng, [頃], variant of 傾|倾[qīng], unit of area equal to 100 畝|亩[mǔ] or 6.67 hectares/a short...
        guān, variant of 關|关[guān]
        yú, to draw out/to let hanging
        diàn, to fix/to settle/a libation to the dead
        zūn, butt end of spear
        ǒu, a pair/a mate/a couple/to couple/plowshare
        yín, 3rd earthly branch: 3-5 a.m., 1st solar month (4th February-5th March), year of ...
        cén, overflow/rainwater/tearful
        líng, see 囹圄[líng yǔ]
        líng, tail feathers/plume
        ráo, [橈], radius (anatomy)/bone of the forearm
        pín, [顰], to scowl/to knit the brows
        gān, anhydride
        liè, cold and raw
        jīn, to boast/to esteem/to sympathize
        biān, bat
        xūn, helplessly intoxicated
        hù, gourd
        mèi, to sleep soundly
        dòng/tóng, variant of 洞[dòng]/cave/pit, grind
        kuí, consider/estimate
        xié, [擷], to collect/Taiwan pr. [jié]
        wū, to plaster/whitewash
        wò, [齷], dirty/small-minded
        zhì, fetters
        xiāo, [驍], brave/good horse/strong
        guǐ, tenth of the ten Heavenly Stems 十天干[shí tiān gān]/tenth in order/letter "J" or r...
        Chī/chī, surname Chi, ignorant/worm
        jié, [訐], to accuse/to pry
        xiāo, [嘵], a cry of alarm/querulous
        hǎi, minced meat/pickled meat
        dé, [鍀], technetium (chemistry)
        xū, 11th earthly branch: 7-9 p.m., 9th solar month (8th October-6th November), year ...
        zhè, sugar cane
        zhū, [銖], twenty-fourth part of a tael (2 or 3 grams)
        píng, [鮃], family of flatfish/sole
        é, oyster (Taiwanese)
        kē/ké, [頦], chin, (used in bird names) throat
        táng, carbohydrate/old variant of 糖[táng]
        xī, [犧], sacrifice
        kān, [龕], niche/shrine
        mèn, dark
        è, [蕚], stem and calyx of flower, old variant of 萼[è]
        jiào, yeast/leavening/fermentation/Taiwan pr. [xiào]
        shuò, long lance
        quán, [顴], cheek bones
        hē, [訶], to scold
        sù, morning/early/long-held/long-cherished
        jiá, [鋏], pincers for use at a fire/sword
        nòu, hoe/to hoe/to weed
        píng, chess-like game
        měng, grasshopper/midge/sandfly
        jù, [颶], hurricane
        mò, [歿], to end/to die
        shī, Seriola qinqueradiata/yellow tail
        cáo, transport by water/watercourse/canal
        shàn, [騸], to geld
        lái, [錸], rhenium (chemistry)
        Xié/jié/xié, [頡], surname Xie, to confiscate/legendary dog-like animal (old), (of a bird) to fly u...
        níng, [獰], fierce-looking
        jīn, collar/belt/variant of 襟[jīn]
        jiǎn, [瞼], eyelid
        kě, uneven (path)/unfortunate (in life)
        jiào, to perform sacrifice
        bìn, [殯], a funeral/to encoffin a corpse/to carry to burial
        ná, [鎿], neptunium (chemistry)
        dòng/tóng, [峝], cave/cavern, name of a mountain, variant of 峒[tóng]
        tǎn, [鉭], tantalum (chemistry)
        lì, [儷], husband and wife
        tài, phthalein (chemistry)
        bīn, [瀕], to approach/to border on/near
        lí, [驪], black horse/jet steed/good horse/legendary black dragon
        niǎn, [輦], emperor's carriage
        ā, [錒], actinium (chemistry)
        pēng, attack/impeach
        kāi, [鐦], californium (chemistry)
        Tóng/tóng, surname Tong, red
        yú, pleased
        nián, [鯰], sheatfish (Parasilurus asotus)/oriental catfish/see also 鮎|鲇[nián]
        cú, to die
        chǒu, variant of 醜|丑[chǒu]
        pī, grand
        chéng, deputy
        qiū, old variant of 丘[qiū]
        hǔ, archaic variant of 虎[hǔ]
        xx, first character in place name 乤浦 "Halpho" (Korean gugja)
        shǐ, archaic variant of 始[shǐ]
        xx, phonetic "sol" used in place names (Korean gugja)
        mén/wěi, mountain pass/defile (archaic), resolute
        jí, variant of 集[jí]
        dīng, alone
        zhù, [佇]/[竚], to stand for a long time/to wait/to look forward to/to accumulate, variant of 佇|...
        bēng, to cause
        pī, multitudinous/powerful
        qiān, [僉], all
        fǎ, old variant of 法[fǎ]/law
        xíng, shape/statute
        kuǎ, foreign accent
        yīn, old variant of 陰|阴[yīn]
        zhū, dwarf
        Dòng/dòng/tóng, Dong (ethnic group), (ethnic group), ignorant
        dài, old variant of 戴[dài]
        jiǎo, [僥], by mere luck
        jìng, straight/pass
        yǔ, [俁], big
        bìng, variant of 併|并[bìng]
        wǔ, (used in given names)
        jù, variant of 俱[jù]/variant of 具[jù]
        jiǎn, Japanese variant of 儉|俭[jiǎn]
        wò, constrained
        fèn, [僨], to instigate/to ruin/to destroy
        diān, inversion/mistake
        zāo, finish, to go around
        zǔn, to congregate/to crowd
        jiàn, to overstep one's authority/to usurp
        dàn, great/severe
        tái, servant
        bǎikè, hectogram (old)/single-character equivalent of 百克[bǎi kè]
        hù, congealed/frozen
        tú, old variant of 涂[tú]
        cāng, cold
        fēng, old variant of 風|风[fēng]
        chǎn, [剗], variant of 鏟|铲[chǎn]
        cì, old variant of 刺[cì]
        jī, curved wood graver
        dá, hook/sickle
        lí, mark
        zhā, to prick with a needle
        pēng, noise of waters
        páo, bottle gourd/Lagenaria vulgaris
        fú, to fall prostrate
        biǎn/pián, [楄], a tablet/a board with an inscription/a sign hung above a door, basket-couch in c...
        niàn, twenty, twentieth
        jǐn, [巹], nuptial wine cup
        zhì, river bent
        gōng/hóng, old variant of 肱[gōng], old variant of 宏[hóng]
        sān, variant of 參|叁[sān]
        hóng, clang
        pēn, to spurt/to blow out/to puff out/to snort
        líng, purine (chemistry)/to whisper
        dā, da! (sound used to move animals along)
        níng, [嚀], enjoin
        è, beat a drum/startle
        dié/xì, gnaw/bite, loud laugh
        zhòu, beak of bird/peck at
        shěn, (literary) to smile/to sneer
        gě, excellent/happy/well-being
        hān, a sound/to put in the mouth
        lì, cry of a crane or wild goose
        án, to speak (Cantonese)
        suō, to suck/Taiwan pr. [shuò]
        tǎn, sound of many people eating
        zǔn, talk together
        xī, to gossip/to babble (Cantonese)
        yǎn, the movement of a fish's mouth at the surface of the water
        pín, knit the brows
        yǔ, horse stable/frontier
        quān, Japanese variant of 圈
        qiān/sú, a field of three li/old variant of 阡[qiān], old variant of 俗[sú]
        dòng, field/farm/used in place names
        yīn, to restrain/to dam a stream and change its direction/a mound
        hòu, thick
        dié, anthill/mound
        hàn, small dike
        xù, earthern goblet stand also known as 反坫[fǎn diàn] (old)/old variant of 序
        jù, diked pond
        gāng, earthen jug, crock, cistern
        yīn, [陻], bury/mound/to dam/close, variant of 堙[yīn]/to block
        è, a boundary/a border
        jiǎn, variant of 鹼|碱[jiǎn]/base/soda
        chéng, [堘], variant of 塍[chéng], raised path between fields
        gé, dry clay lump
        shù, villa
        qiāo, stony soil
        zūn, goblet/bottle/wine-jar
        wěi, mound/embankment/the earthen altar to the god of the soil
        zūn, goblet/bottle/wine-jar
        yín, late at night
        ào, haughty/vigorous
        wěng, clear and cloudless sky
        Shì/shì, surname Shi, majestic manner/red/angry
        jìn, wife of mother's brother
        yú, handsome/fair
        ē, (used in female given names)/variant of 婀[ē]
        mò, wife of the last ruler of the Xia dynasty
        pīn, to be a mistress or lover
        gòu, copulate/good
        jiān, variant of 姦|奸[jiān], adultery, villain
        kuā, fascinating/pretty
        yán, variant of 妍/beautiful
        ráo, [嬈], graceful
        ē, [娿], variant of 婀[ē], graceful/willowy/unstable
        xìng, upright
        huà, [嫿], tranquil
        tíng, graceful
        qián, planet Venus in the morning
        ān, undecided
        xū, [嬃], (dialect) elder sister (old)
        tōu, improper/irregular
        yìng, maid escorting bride to new home/concubine
        chī, ugly woman
        lí, widow
        zhē, old character used in female names
        hù, old variant of 嫭[hù]
        fù, baby rabbit
        xìng, old variant of 興|兴[xìng]
        zhì, put aside, put down/discard
        yáo, Japanese variant of 堯|尧[yáo]
        gān, old variant of 尷|尴[gān]
        ē, to defecate
        wù, bare hill
        qiān, name of a mountain
        qián, character used in place names
        kě, see 岢嵐|岢岚[Kě lán]
        bā/kē/kè, (used in transliteration), cave, cave/cavern/also pr. [kē]
        qiǎ, mountain pass (Japanese kokuji)
        yáo, [嶢], high/steep/to tower
        tú, name of a mountain
        lái, [崍], name of a mountain in Sichuan
        xiǎn, [嶮], precipitous/rugged
        yú, county in Shandong province
崿         è, cliff/precipice
        yú, place name in Shandong
        Tú, Mt Tu in Zhejiang/also written 涂
        chǎn, winding mountain path
        yān, old variant of 崦[yān]
        diān, same as 巔|巅[diān]/summit/mountain peak/mountain top
        jīng, underground watercourse/archaic variant of 經|经[jīng]
巿         fú, see 韍[fú]
        píng, shelter, screen, awning
        juàn, a bag which holds 30 pecks (i.e. approx 3 kg dry measure)
        wò, tent
        píng, variant of 屏[píng]
        huǎng, advertising sign/pretense/facade/pretext
        fén, ornamental tassel on bridle
        méng, cover
        qiān, even level. to raise in both hands
        bìng, variant of 並|并[bìng]/variant of 併|并[bìng]
        tīng, Japanese variant of 廳|厅
        qín, (person)
        qǐng, room/small hall
        yǎn, to cover/trap
        yī, archaic variant of 壹 banker's anti-fraud numeral one
        sān, archaic variant of 參|叁, banker's anti-fraud numeral three
        èr, Japanese variant of 貳|贰[èr]
        juàn/quān, variant of 卷, curled up scroll, crossbow (arch.)
        yù, accomplished/elegant
        lái, [徠], see 招徠|招徕[zhāo lái]
        tè, nervous
        dá, distressed/alarmed/shocked/grieved
        xī, troubled/vexed
        dòng, frighten
        yù, happy
        wù, [悞], to impede/to delay/variant of 誤|误[wù]
        xìng, angry
        quán, earnest
        qiè, [㥦]/[愜], variant of 愜|惬[qiè], cheerful/satisfied
        bì, melancholy/sincere
        kuì, [憒], confused/troubled
        xiān, artful/flattering
        méng, variant of 蒙[méng]
        jiān, [戔], narrow/small
        kuí, a lance
        děng, small steelyard for weighing money
        yǎn, spear
        lì, Japanese variant of 戾[lì]
        wù, to shake/to sway
        jǔ, Japanese variant of 舉|举
        liè, tear/twist
        jǐ, drag
        qián, to carry on the shoulder
        jiān, shear
        yán, grind fine/study/research
        yǎn, cover up/to surprise
        zhā, to stretch fingers out
        wēi, (dialect) to bend (a long and thin object)
        shuò, daub/thrust
        chēn, to beat/to winnow
        gé, to hug
        huà, wide/broad
        zhí, pick up/to select
        shū, dice/gambling/to release
        zǔn, to reduce or cut down on/to rein in/to restrain
        tái, variant of 抬[tái]
        diān, to fall/to stamp (one's foot)/to toss/to throw
        qī, up/uneven
        hàn, old variant of 捍[hàn]
        niè, to fill up or cover up a hole
        qǐ, to pick up thing with chopsticks or pincers.
        Tái, ancient place name (a Han dynasty town in Shaanxi)/variant of 邰[Tái]
        bīn, variant of 彬[bīn]
        bān, variegated/striped/marbled
        zhān, felt/silken banner
        yǐ, fluttering of flag
        gàn, sunset/evening
        yún, sun light/used in personal name
        qǐn, bright
        līng, sunshine
        huǎng, old variant of 晃[huǎng]
        hán, before daybreak/dawn about to break/(used in given names)
        xiǎo, Japanese variant of 曉|晓
        kuí, in opposition to/separated from
        xīng, old variant of 星[xīng]
        méng, twilight before dawn
        tíng, to bump
        wū, to plaster/whitewash
        wù, low stool
        zhù, shuttle of a loom
        líng, Eurya japonica
        dàn, a kind of wooden desk without legs
        pēi, to hate/bear grudge
        bīng, Trachycarpus excelsa
        jiàn, fence/palisade
        lì, hedge
        guāng/guàng, see 桄榔[guāng láng], woven wood and bamboo utensil/classifier for threads and str...
        chén, Chinese ash (Fraxinus chinensis)
        yù, (oak)/thorny shrub
        quān, bowl
        rěn, jujube tree
        chá/zhā, fell trees/raft/to hew, Chinese quince/hawthorn
        bì, ox yoke placed on the horns
        yóu, Quercus glandulifera
        jǔ, [櫸], Zeikowa acuminata
        huǎng, screen
        yǒu, ritual bonfire
        guī, zelkova tree
        sù, manger
        mén, elm/gum
        quán, variant of 權|权[quán]
        guì, old variant of 櫃|柜[guì]
樿         zhǎn, (wood)
橿         jiāng, Quercus glauca
        méng, lemon
        lì, beam
        hē, variant of 喝[hē]
        yī, interjection
        yú, songs
        pēn, old variant of 噴|喷[pēn]
        shè, name of a district in Anhui
        hān/liǎn, to desire/to give, variant of 斂|敛[liǎn]
        chuò, (literary) to drink/to sip/gruel/soup
        mò, to end/to die
        tiǎn, to exterminate
        dài, dangerous/perilous/to endanger/almost/probably/only
        xù, damage egg so it does not hatch
        piǎo, die of starvation
        qíng, swoon
        yè, sickness/repeated
        hūn, to die by taking poison
        dān, [殫], entirely/to exhaust
        jí, to put to death
        dié, weak (from illness)/half-sitting, half-reclining (meaning unclear)
        tì, fatigue
        jìn, die of hunger
        yín, remote/outlying
        yì, to exterminate
        shū, rug
        xī, variant of 氙[xiān]
        Qiān/qiān, name of a river flowing through Gansu to Shaanxi Province, marsh/float
        hù, congealed/frozen
        mèi, dawn/place name
        píng, sound of water splashing
        nìng, [濘], muddy
        shēng, rising of water
        jiàn, flowing water/successive
        liè, pure/to cleanse
        píng, wash/bleach (fabric)
        guāng, sparkling water
洿         wū, dig (a pond)/stagnant water
        jiā, [浹], soaked/to wet/to drench/Taiwan pr. [jiá]
        Shī, Shi, name of river in Xinyang 信陽|信阳, Henan
        hóng, sound of water surging
        lèi, Japanese variant of 淚|泪[lèi]
        lái, [淶], brook/ripple
        xìng, watery expanse
        dé, (river)/old variant of 得[dé]
        yù, moat/swift current
        niǎn, calm water
        tíng, stagnant water
        yǎn, (of cloud) forming or rising
        jiān, to wash/to redress (a wrong)/name of a river
        bì, public bathhouse
        yān/yīn, to inundate/to bury/to cover up/obscured/submerged, variant of 洇[yīn]
        mǎn, Japanese variant of 滿|满
        xù, [漵], name of a river
        shī, river in Henan province
        Chú, name of a river in Anhui
        Diān, abbr. for Yunnan Province 雲南|云南[Yún nán] in southwest China
        huǎng, bright expanse of water
        wā, variant of 窪|洼[wā]
        yī, ripple
        liàn, [瀲], full of water/trough
        xī, to agree
        jiǒng, clear
        hòng, vast/infinite
        yù, place name in Sichuan
        liàn, full of water/trough
        fén, edge of water
        gǔ, name of a river in Hunan
        yàng, ripples
        hào, [灝], vast (of water)
        guāng, old variant of 光[guāng]
        tóng, hot/heated
        zhēng, multitudinous/the masses/to present (to sb)/to rise/to advance/to progress/archa...
        hán, enthalpy
        huǎng, bright/dazzling
        chǎn, to make a fire
        jùn, old variant of 焌[jùn]
        Cuàn/cuàn, surname Cuan, cooking-stove/to cook
        gē, place name
        qiāng, to walk rapidly
        kēng, shank bone of ox
        jī, ox-horns/wing of an army
        piān, see 犏牛[piān niú]
        lí, black ox/yak
        àn, jail
        pī, puppy badger
        yú, armadillo
        xiǎn, [獫], a kind of dog with a long snout/see 獫狁|猃狁[Xiǎn yǔn]
        yī, (interj.)
        biān/piàn, a kind of otter, see 猵狙[piàn jū]
        yóu, to plan/to scheme
        chá, Badger-like wild animal
        dīng, jingling/tinkling
        gān, (inferior gem)
        fū, a kind of jade
        píng, name of one kind of jade
        jiàn, (jade)
        guāng, (jade)
        wǔ, inferior gem/a kind of jade
        hán, gems or pearls formerly put into the mouth of a corpse
        tiàn/zhèn, jade ear-plug, jade weight
        mén, (gem)/rouge
        guī, variant of 瑰[guī]
        líng, concave channels of tiling
        bǎiwǎ, hectowatt (old)/single-character equivalent of 百瓦
        shēn, multitude/crowd
        chǎn, Japanese variant of 產|产
        yún, reclaimed land
        Shē/yú, [畬], She ethnic group, cultivated field
        jiāng, old variant of 疆[jiāng]
        dàn, see 疍民[dàn mín]
        dīng, boil/carbuncle
        nüè/yào, [瘧], malaria, see 瘧子|疟子[yào zi]
        kē, [痾], disease/also pr. [ē]
        da/dǎn, see 疙疸[gē da], jaundice
        tōng, moaning in pain
        yì, [瘞], bury/sacrifice
        diān, convulsions/crazy
        dá, sore/boil/scab
        lóng, infirmity/retention of urine
        mò, see 開皌|开皌[kāi mò]
        bì, two-hundred (rarely used)/200
        huǎng, luminous/bright hoary, white
        shěng, cataract of the eye/error
        dié, old variant of 眣[dié]
        zhèn, pupil
        hàn, protuberant eyes
        kuí, separated/stare
        gān, a rock or cliff
        dān, white stone
        fū, agate/inferior gem/a kind of jade
        luǒ, a heap/pile (of rocks)
        bō, alms bowl
        xíng, whetstone
        yán, variant of 研[yán]
        xiá, [硤], place name
        qiāo, [磽], stony soil
        wǔ, inferior gem/a kind of jade
        jiāng, a small stone
        méng, (mineral)
        Xiān, Ormazda, the Sun God of the Zoroastrians and Manicheans/the Sun God
        wú, [禑], happy/used in historical names
        xiá, triennial sacrifice to ancestors
        yīn, sacrifice
        zhēn, to receive blessings in a sincere spirit
        pī, (millet)
        mò, feed a horse with grain/horse feed
        zhí, sound of reaping
        tú, sticky rice
        biǎn, see 稨豆[biǎn dòu]
        zhěn, to accumulate/fine and close
        tuí, to become bald/decadent
        yú, hole in a wall
        tián, fill in
        hóng, large/to estimate
        bǎi, hectoliter (old)
        jī, 15 years old/hairpin for bun
        qǐn, smiling countenance/bamboo rope
        sì, square bamboo container for food or clothing
        Dá/dá, surname Da, rough bamboo mat
        líng, bamboo screen
        yún, skin of bamboo
        gān, name of a place in Henan
        qiè, [篋], chest/box/trunk/suitcase/portfolio
        zhēn, to warn/to admonish/variant of 針|针[zhēn]
        kuì, [簣], basket for carrying soil
        zhēng, bamboo
        chú, crude bamboo mat
        shāi, old variant of 篩|筛[shāi]
        xī, ground rice/thresh rice
        bǎimǐ, hectometer (old)/single-character equivalent of 百米
        bèi, food for a journey/cakes
        jīn, a sash/to tie
        kuàng, fine floss-silk or cotton
        bǐng, Ikat, a type of woven silk/Kasuri
        yù, seam
        téng, bind/cord/tie up
        yǐn, long
        dá, a knot (of a rope)
        lèi, flaw/knot
        zuǎn, variant of 纘|缵[zuǎn]
        xǐ, long/dangling/kerchief/rope
        hóng, [紘], cord for hat/vast
        zhù, [紵], ramie (Boehmeria nivea)
        kù, [絝], variant of 褲|裤[kù]
        dié, [絰], hempen band worn on the head or waist by a mourner
        quǎn, [綣], bound in a league
        huì, [繢], multi-color/to draw
        zhěn, [縝], fine and dense
        gāng, old variant of 缸[gāng]
        yù, drag-net
        zhù, five-month-old lamb
        yú, black ram
        fěn, spirit
        hóng, to swarm (of insects)
        xī, to open and close (the mouth etc)/friendly/compliant/Taiwan pr. [xì]
        xī, old variant of 翕[xī]
        Jiǎn/jiǎn, surname Jian, variant of 剪[jiǎn]
        hé, quill
        dié, old variant of 耋[dié]
        dié, aged/in one's eighties
        lěi, plow
        zǐ, hoe up soil around plants
        yún, to weed
        sì, plow/plowshare
        qù, to plow/(ancient place name)
        jiā, flail (for threshing grain)/old variant of 枷[jiā]
        chú, hoe
        jí, plow
        lóu, [耬], drill for sowing grain
        jiǎng, to plow/to sow
        pǎng, to weed
        yōu, harrow
        dīng, see 耵聹|耵聍, earwax/cerumen
        níng, [聹], see 耵聹|耵聍, earwax/cerumen
        guó, cut off the left ear of the slain
        guāng, bladder
        dòng, large intestine/torso
        pián, callous on hand or foot
        rěn, be satiated/cooked/good-tasting
        còu, the tissue between the skin and the flesh
        shù, insertion point in acupuncture/acupoint
        zhì, vagina
        xìn, variant of 釁|衅/quarrel/dispute/a blood sacrifice (arch.)
        líng, small boat with windows
        gě, barge
        yú, a despatch boat
        shǒu, bow of a ship
        biàn, skiff
        cáo, sea-going junk
        méng, ancient warship/see 艨艟, ancient leatherclad warship
        xù, Scirpis maritimus/small chestnut
        qín, Phragmites japonica
        fèi/fú, see 蔽芾[bì fèi], luxuriance of vegetation
        zhù, [苧], Boehmeria nivea/Chinese grass
        líng, fungus/tuber
        piě, Brassica campestris subsp. rapa
        liè, rushes/sedges
        tóng, Chrysanthemum coronarium
        dá, to answer/agree
        ráo, [蕘], fuel/grass
        qī, Celosia argentea/luxuriant
        biān/biǎn, see 萹蓄[biān xù]/Taiwan pr. [piān], see 萹豆[biǎn dòu]
        fú, weeds
        qián, Rubus palmatus
        wēi, luxuriant
        zhēn, Physalis alkekengi
        tíng, Draba nemerosa bebe carpa
        Kuì/kuì, [蕢], surname Kui, Amaranthus mangostanus
        chú, hedysarum
        shuò, pod/capsule
        yù, [蕷], see 薯蕷|薯蓣[shǔ yù]
        píng, variant of 萍[píng]
        xù, clover/lucerne/Taiwan pr. [sù]
        liǎn, [蘞], trailing plant/liana/creeper/wild vine (Gynostemma pentaphyllum or Vitis pentaph...
        bāo, a kind of grass (old)
        fén, hemp seeds/luxurious/abundant
        líng, withered (plant, herb etc)
        fán, plant similar to coco-grass 莎草[suō cǎo] (classical)
        tái, Carex dispalatha
        biǎn, see 藊豆[biǎn dòu]
        tuò, fallen leaves and bark
        yì, see 虉草[yì cǎo]
        bào, cruel/violent
        dīng, see 虰蛵[dīng xíng]
        gān, worm
        huī/huǐ, sick/with no ambition, mythical venomous snake
        qiān, (arch.) firefly
        fú, (water-beetle)/money
        pí, a kind of insect (old)
        líng, sandfly
        liè, Cyrtoxiphus ritsemae
        jiá, [蛺], see 蛺蝶|蛱蝶[jiá dié]
        náo, [蟯], parasitic worm/human pinworm (Enterobius vermicularis)
        sī, [螄], snail
        xíng, see 虰蛵[dīng xíng]
        wú, centipede
        chú, Bufo vulgaris/toad
        yù, mythical creature/toad/worm
        liǎng, see 蝄蜽[wǎng liǎng]
        tíng, (insect)/Leptogaster basiralis
        yú, snail
        wēi, see 蛜蝛[yī wēi]
        fú, bat
        qiú, larva/grub
        téng, flying dragon
        cāng, Japanese variant of 蒼|苍 house-fly
        cáo, larva of Mimela lucidula
        yǐn, the earthworm
        zhè, locust/Chinese ground beetle (Eupolyphaga sinensis)
        xì, sad (old)
        kàn, pleased
        fū, the lapel of a garment
        qīn, coverlet/quilt
        jiá, lined
        liǎn, [襝], see 襝衽|裣衽[liǎn rèn]
        liǎng, waistcoat
        biǎn, narrow/urgent
        dān, garment without a lining
        shì, see 襏襫|袯襫[bó shì]
        xié, carry with the front of a robe
        sī, peek
        yú, [覦], to desire passionately
        gōng, big/cup made of horn/horn wine container
        jī, odd/one horn up and one horn down
        líng, to sell
        zhǔ, wisdom
        kēng, (arch.) definitely/sure!
        xián, to bring into accord/sincerity
        náo, wrangling, contention, to dispute
        lěi, [誄], to eulogize the dead/eulogy
        gòu, [詬], sense of shame/to abuse
        shěn, [諗], to know/to reprimand/to urge/to long for/to tell/to inform
        xuè, [謔], joy/to joke/to banter/to tease/to mock/Taiwan pr. [nüè]
        è, [諤], honest speech
        piǎn, [諞], to brag
        jiǎn, [譾], shallow/stupid
        hān, a mouth or opening
        huī, clash/grunting of pigs
        jiān, fully grown pig/3-year old pig
        huàn, to rear/to raise (animals)
        jiān, variant of 豜[jiān]
        Yù/yù, abbr. for Henan province 河南 in central China, happy/carefree/at one's ease/varia...
        fén, [豶], gelded pig
        àn/hàn, jail, (canine)
        mò, name of a wild tribe/silent
        shèng, have as remainder/trad. variant of 剩
        lài, [賚], to bestow/to confer
        liè, stumble
        fū, instep/tarsus
        jiǎn, callus (patch or hardened skin)/corns (on the feet)
        zhū, pace back and forth/to walk
        chì, hasty walking
        jiá, to stumble
        quán, to curl up
        jǐ, shin
        zhí, [躑], hesitating/to stop
        pián, to limp
        diān, to fall forward/etymological variant of 颠
        suō, walk carefully
        zhí, metatarsus/sole of foot/to tread on
        zāo, see 蹧蹋[zāo tà]
        tuí, to stumble/to fall
        xǐ, shoe/to step
        tǐ, variant of 體|体[tǐ]
        duǒ, variant of 嚲|亸[duǒ]
        yuè, crossbar for yoking horses
        Qián, old variant of 黔[Qián]
        líng, lattice work on front and sides
軿         píng, curtained carriage used by women/to gather together/to assemble
        yóu, light carriage/trifling
        fén, war chariot
        Kē/kě, [軻], given name of Mencius, see 轗軻|轗轲[kǎn kě]
        zhì, [輊], back and lower of chariot/short/low
        còu, [輳], to converge/hub of wheel
        hòu, to meet unexpectedly
        dì, Japanese variant of 遞|递
        lǐ, [邐], winding
        dá, arrive at/reach/intelligent/variant of 達|达
        qiú, strong/vigorous/robust/to draw near/to come to an end
        hán, name of an ancient river
        Pī/pī, surname Pi/Han dynasty county in modern Jiangsu/also pr. [Péi], variant of 丕[pī]
        Zhū/zhū, surname Zhu, name of a feudal state
        hé, name of a person
        Zhì/zhì, surname Zhi, extremely/very
        Hòu, surname Hou/place name
        jiá, [郟], name of a district in Henan
        Lì, [酈], surname Li/ancient place name
        qī, name of a river/place name
        Juàn, name of a district in Shandong
        kuí, place name
        zhòu, strong wine
        yí, elixirs/sweet wine
        zuì, Japanese variant of 醉
        máo, very drunk/blotto/three sheets to the wind
        dān/zhèn, addicted to liquor, poisonous/to poison
        yùn, [醞], to brew
        tuó, flushed (from drinking)
        cù/zuò, variant of 醋[cù], toast to host by guest
        gū, to deal in liquors
        fā/pō, [醱], see 醱酵|酦酵[fā jiào], to ferment alcohol/Taiwan pr. [pò]
        xiān, acid radical/-acyl (chemistry)
        chéng, (literary) inebriated/hungover
        tú, yeast
        lèi, pour out libation/sprinkle
        pú, drink heavily/drink in company
        yàn, [釅], strong (of tea)
        shī, [釃], strain
        lù, name of a wine
        táo, very drunk/blotto/happy appearance/happy looks
        pēi, unstrained spirits
        zhǎn, wine cup
        chuò, pour libation on ground
        hú, purest cream
        xǔ, spiritus/strain spirits
        tǎn, brine of pickled meat
        yùn, variant of 醞|酝[yùn]
        cuó, liquor/spirit
        yòng, to drink to excess/dissolute
        zhà, press for extracting wine
        jiàng, Japanese variant of 醬|酱[jiàng]
        lí, dregs of wine
        láo, wine or liquor with sediment
        bú, mold on liquids
        xī, acyl
        tán, bitter taste in wine/rich/full flavored
        nóng, concentrated/strong wine
        yì, fine wine/to award with (food and drink)
        lǐ, sweet wine
        jù, to contribute to a feast
        niàng, Japanese variant of 釀|酿
        rú, strong (of wine)
        líng, name of a wine
        mí, unfiltered wine/wine brewed twice
        jiào, drain a goblet
        hàn, to solder/weld by heat
        fū, axe/flerovium (chemistry)
        xíng, soup cauldron/(arch.) sacrificial tripod with two handles and a lid/variant of 硎...
        bǐng, plate
        guāng, point of a sword
        yún, gold
        hóng, utensil/implement
        wú, to plaster/trowel
        hán, to hold/to contain
        lún, (metal)/roentgenium (chemistry)
        huǎng, sound of a bell/small bell
        gē, copernicium (chemistry)
        róng, Japanese kokuji pr. kasugai/cramp/tie
        jiàn, old variant of 劍|剑[jiàn]
        dá, darmstadtium (chemistry)
        xíng, [鈃], long-necked wine flask
        qián, [鈐], latch of door/seal
        kē, [鈳], columbium
        náo, [鐃], big cymbals
        zhì, [銍], sickle
        qí, [錡], three legged cauldron (old)/woodworking chisel (old)
        juàn, [錈], to bend iron
        è, [鍔], blade edge/sharp
        bì, old variant of 閉|闭[bì]
        pēng, the sound of opening or closing the door
        gé/hé, side door/variant of 閣|阁[gé]/pavilion/cabinet/boudoir, variant of 闔|阖[hé]
        Yīn/yīn, surname Yin, inner gates
        xī, peacefully/quietly
        Yán, [閆], variant of 閻|阎[Yán]/surname Yan
        hàn, [閈], gate of a village
        Hóng/hóng, [閎], surname Hong, big/gate
        yù, [閾], threshold
        huì, [闠], gate of market
        què, [闋], section of a song/shut
        tián, [闐], fill up/rumbling sound
        Shǎn, [陝], abbr. for Shaanxi 陝西|陕西 province
        tuí, variant of 頹|颓[tuí]
        qín, (bird)
        huò, red earth used for paints
        yú, summer sacrifice for rain
        pèi, torrent of rain
        líng, Japanese variant of 靈|灵
        yīn, old variant of 陰|阴[yīn]
        miàn, variant of 面[miàn]
        dīng, to cobble/to patch
        jiān, see 犂靬[Lí jiān], Han dynasty name for countries in far West
        wù, leg warmer
        qín, leather shoes/leather belt/thin bamboo strips
        mò, name of a tribe/socks/stockings
        dá, (phonetic)/dressed leather
        ēng, reins
        qiū, crupper/leather strap/(dialect) to draw back/to shrink
        jiān, [韉], saddle blanket
        mèi, a grass that gives red dye
        bài, bellows (for blowing air into a fire)
        qiú, cheekbone
        kuǐ, raise one's head
        dí, fine/good/beautiful
        pàn, disperse
        jǐng, old variant of 頸|颈[jǐng]
        è, junction of nose and forehead
        wěi, easeful carriage of one's head
        jiá, variant of 頰|颊[jiá]
        kuí, cheekbone/protrude
        chēng, old variant of 赬|赪[chēng]
        kǎn, yellow
        xiǎn, Japanese variant of 顯|显
        yǐ, pleasing/respectful manner
        diān, variant of 顛|颠[diān]
        jiǎng, honest/upright
        qī, frown
        hān, [頇], dawdling
        qí, [頎], tall
        háng, [頏], fly down
        tǐng, [頲], narrow forehead
        Yǐng/yǐng, [潁], river in Henan and Anhui, grain husk/tip of sth short and slender
        jiǒng, [熲], blaze/bright
        yǐng, [頴], old variant of 穎|颖[yǐng]
        yóng, [顒], grand/majestic/just/stern
        Zhuān/zhuān, [顓], surname Zhuan, good/simple
        mān, [顢], dawdling
        sǎng, [顙], forehead/(省称) abbr. for kowtow 稽顙|稽颡[jī sǎng]
        hào, [顥], bright/white
        rú, [顬], see 顳顬|颞颥, temple (the sides of human head)
        juàn/yǎng, old variant of 餋[juàn], old variant of 養|养[yǎng]
        tóng, food
        juàn, to offer sacrifices
        tiè, gluttonous/see 饕餮[tāo tiè], zoomorphic mask motif
        sòng, side dish/groceries (Cantonese)
        fēn, to steam rice
        dìng, [飣], display food for show only/sacrifice
        hé, [餄], see 餄餎|饸饹[hé le]
        kuí, cheekbone/crossroads/high
        guó, cut off the left ear of the slain
        hàn, old variant of 駻[hàn]
        pī, (horse)
        zhū, black muzzle (of a horse)
        hàn, (of horse) fierce/wild
        tuó, (horse)
        Pián/pián, [駢], surname Pian, (of a pair of horses) to pull side by side/to be side by side/to b...
        kuí, [騤], (of a horse) powerful/strong
        gàn, shinbone
        hóu, epiphysis (end of a long bone)
        kūn, scalping/to make the head bald (as corporal punishment)
        quán, to curl/curled
        jiān, to hang down (hair)
        zhěn, bushy black hair
        màn, head ornaments/pretty hair
        Gé/gé/lì, surname Ge, earthen pot/iron cauldron, ancient ceramic three-legged vessel used ...
        fǔ, variant of 釜[fǔ]
        qián, big iron pot/cauldron/variant of 甑[zèng], rice pot
        zōng, kettle on legs
        yù, to sell, esp. in strained circumstances
        yù, ghost of a child
        yú, perch
        qiú, herring
        tóng, [鮦], snakefish
        hòu, [鮜], see 鱯|鳠[hù]
        xiǎng, [鯗], dried fish
        lí, [鱺], eel
        fèn, [鱝], any ray (fish) variety of Myliobatiformes order
        biān, [鯿], bream
        dàn, a kind of nightingale
        jī, Japanese variant of 雞|鸡
        líng, [鴒], wagtail/lark
        sī, [鷥], heron
        lí, [鸝], Chinese oriole
        wǔ, [鵡], parrot
        è, [鶚], fish eagle/fish hawk/osprey
        yì, [鷊], pheasant/turkey/old variant of 鷁|鹢[yì]
        zhè, [鷓], partridge/Francolinus chinensis
        wú, stag/herd
        jīng, red deer/sambar deer
        Qián, abbr. for Guizhou province 貴州|贵州[Guì zhōu]
        zhěn, bushy black hair
        dài, old variant of 黛[dài]
        Cháo/cháo, surname Chao, sea turtle
        tuó, [鼉], Chinese alligator (Alligator sinensis)
        fén, large brass drum
        shēng, stoat/weasel
        líng, Japanese variant of 齡|龄
        Yǐ/yǐ, surname Yi, bite
        yù, variant of 籲|吁[yù]

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