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Advanced Hanzi Search

Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        nǐ, you (informal, as opposed to courteous 您[nín])
        zài, (located) at/(to be) in/to exist/in the middle of doing sth/(indicating an actio...
        tā, he or him/(used for either sex when the sex is unknown or unimportant)/(used bef...
        huì/kuài, [會], can/to be possible/to be able to/will/to be likely to/to be sure to/to assemble/...
        rén, man/person/people/CL:個|个[gè],位[wèi]
        gè, [個]/[箇], individual/this/that/size/classifier for people or objects in general, variant o...
        zuò, to do/to make/to produce/to write/to compose/to act as/to engage in/to hold (a p...
        gěi/jǐ, [給], to/for/for the benefit of/to give/to allow/to do sth (for sb)/(grammatical equiv...
        dàn, but/yet/however/only/merely/still
        xiàng, to resemble/to be like/to look as if/such as/appearance/image/portrait/image und...
        Cóng/cóng, [從], surname Cong, from/through/via/to follow/to obey/to engage in (an activity)/neve...
        men, [們], plural marker for pronouns, and nouns referring to individuals
        gāi, [該], should/ought to/probably/must be/to deserve/to owe/to be sb's turn to do sth/tha...
        ná, [㧱]/[拏], old variant of 拿[ná], variant of 拿[ná], to hold/to seize/to catch/to apprehend/t...
        zhù, to live/to dwell/to stay/to reside/to stop/(suffix indicating firmness, steadine...
        jiàn, item/component/classifier for events, things, clothes etc
        nín, you (courteous, as opposed to informal 你[nǐ])
        wèi, position/location/place/seat/classifier for people (honorific)/classifier for bi...
        Zuò/zuò, surname Zuo, to sit/to take a seat/to take (a bus, airplane etc)/to bear fruit/v...
        hē/hè, to drink/variant of 嗬[hē], to shout
        yǐ/Yǐ, [㕥]/[㠯], old variant of 以[yǐ], old variant of 以[yǐ], abbr. for Israel 以色列[Yǐ sè liè], to ...
        Qiāng/qiāng, [槍]/[鎗], surname Qiang, gun/firearm/rifle/spear/thing with shape or function similar to a...
        fèn, classifier for gifts, newspaper, magazine, papers, reports, contracts etc/varian...
        liǎ, [倆], two (colloquial equivalent of 兩個|两个)/both/some
        tíng, to stop/to halt/to park (a car)
        Huā/huā, [芲]/[蘤], surname Hua, flower/blossom/CL:朵[duǒ],支[zhī],束[shù],把[bǎ],盆[pén],簇[cù]/fancy pat...
        duì, [隊], squadron/team/group/CL:個|个[gè]
        xìn, letter/mail/CL:封[fēng]/to trust/to believe/to profess faith in/truthful/confiden...
        yuán, [員], person/employee/member
        nèi, [內], inside/inner/internal/within/interior
        Líng/líng/lǐng/lìng, see 令狐[Líng hú], see 脊令[jí líng], classifier for a ream of paper, to order/to co...
        dǎo/dào, to fall/to collapse/to lie horizontally/to overthrow/to fail/to go bankrupt/to c...
        tōu, to steal/to pilfer/to snatch/thief/stealthily
        Hā/hā/hǎ, abbr. for 哈薩克斯坦|哈萨克斯坦[Hā sà kè sī tǎn], Kazakhstan/abbr. for 哈爾濱|哈尔滨[Hā ěr bīn],...
        liǎn, [臉], face/CL:張|张[zhāng],個|个[gè]
使         shǐ, to make/to cause/to enable/to use/to employ/to send/to instruct sb to do sth/env...
        shāng, [傷], to injure/injury/wound
        zuō/zuò, worker/workshop/(slang) troublesome/high-maintenance (person), to do/to grow/to ...
        shá, dialectal equivalent of 什麼|什么[shén me]/also pr. [shà]
        Fù/fù, surname Fu, to pay/to hand over to/classifier for pairs or sets of things
        shǎ, foolish
        mìng, life/fate/order or command/to assign a name, title etc
        gēi/jiǎ/jià, [叚], see 假掰[gēi bāi], fake/false/artificial/to borrow/if/suppose, vacation, variant o...
        jiè, [藉], to lend/to borrow/by means of/to take (an opportunity), variant of 借[jiè]
        shū, [輸], to lose/to transport/to donate/to enter (a password)
        zuò, seat/base/stand/CL:個|个[gè]/classifier for buildings, mountains and similar immov...
        yǎng, [養], to raise (animals)/to bring up (children)/to keep (pets)/to support/to give birt...
        yè, [亱], variant of 夜[yè], night
        suǒ, [鎖]/[鎻], to lock up/to lock/lock/CL:把[bǎ], old variant of 鎖|锁[suǒ]
        lún, [輪], wheel/disk/ring/steamship/to take turns/to rotate/by turn/classifier for big rou...
        zuì, intoxicated
        qiān, [簽]/[籖]/[籤], to sign one's name/visa/variant of 籤|签[qiān], Japanese variant of 籤|签[qiān], ins...
        kē, [顆], classifier for small spheres, pearls, corn grains, teeth, hearts, satellites etc
        ròu, meat/flesh/pulp (of a fruit)/(coll.) (of a fruit) squashy/(of a person) flabby/i...
        Jīn/jīn, surname Jin/surname Kim (Korean)/Jurchen Jin dynasty (1115-1234), gold/chemical ...
        dùn, [頓], to stop/to pause/to arrange/to lay out/to kowtow/to stamp (one's foot)/at once/c...
便         biàn/pián, plain/informal/suitable/convenient/opportune/to urinate or defecate/equivalent t...
        Lěng/lěng, surname Leng, cold
        qiāng/qiǎng, [搶], see 搶風|抢风[qiāng fēng], to fight over/to rush/to scramble/to grab/to rob/to snatc...
        Xiàng/xiàng, [項], surname Xiang, back of neck/item/thing/term (in a mathematical formula)/sum (of ...
        sài, [賽], to compete/competition/match/to surpass/better than/superior to/to excel
        chuán/zhuàn, [傳], to pass on/to spread/to transmit/to infect/to transfer/to circulate/to conduct (...
        zhuàn/zuàn, [賺], to earn/to make a profit, to cheat/to swindle
        dǔ, [賭], to bet/to gamble
        réng, still/yet/to remain
        Xiū/xiū, [脩], surname Xiu, to decorate/to embellish/to repair/to build/to write/to cultivate/t...
        dī, low/beneath/to lower (one's head)/to let droop/to hang down/to incline
        fán, [煩], to feel vexed/to bother/to trouble/superfluous and confusing/edgy
        dā, to put up/to build (scaffolding)/to hang (clothes on a pole)/to connect/to join/...
        jǐn, [僅], barely/only/merely
        nà/na, [吶], battle cry, sentence-final particle (abbr. for 呢啊[ne a] or variant of 哪[na])
        zé, [則], (conjunction used to express contrast with a previous clause) but/then/standard/...
        Hé/hé, surname He, what/how/why/which/carry
        shén/shí, what, ten (used in fractions, writing checks etc)/assorted/miscellaneous
        huò, [貨], goods/money/commodity/CL:個|个[gè]
        zhí, value/(to be) worth/to happen to/to be on duty
        bèi, (two, three etc) -fold/times (multiplier)/double/to increase or multiply
        jīn, now/the present time/current/contemporary/this (day, year etc)
        gě/hé, [閤], 100 ml/one-tenth of a peck/measure for dry grain equal to one-tenth of sheng 升 o...
        dǐng, [頂], apex/crown of the head/top/roof/most/to carry on the head/to push to the top/to ...
        tǎ, [墖], pagoda/tower/minaret/stupa (abbr. loanword from Sanskrit tapo)/CL:座[zuò], old va...
        dài, to substitute/to act on behalf of others/to replace/generation/dynasty/age/perio...
        píng, [凴]/[憑], variant of 憑|凭[píng], to lean against/to rely on/on the basis of/no matter (how,...
        lǎo, male/man (Cantonese)
        niàn, [唸], variant of 念[niàn], to read aloud, to read/to study (a subject)/to attend (a sch...
        chá, tea/tea plant/CL:杯[bēi],壺|壶[hú]
        rèn, [認], to recognize/to know/to admit
        tǐ, [體], body/form/style/system/substance/to experience/aspect (linguistics)
        suì, to break down/to break into pieces/fragmentary
        Fèi/fèi, [費], surname Fei, to cost/to spend/fee/wasteful/expenses
        Bǎo/bǎo, Bulgaria/Bulgarian/abbr. for 保加利亞|保加利亚[Bǎo jiā lì yà], to defend/to protect/to k...
        xié/yè, [頁], head, page/leaf
        dài, pouch/bag/sack/pocket
        tiē, [貼], to stick/to paste/to post (e.g. on a blog)/to keep close to/to fit snugly/to sub...
        Yī/yī, surname Yi/abbr. for 伊拉克[Yī lā kè], Iraq/abbr. for 伊朗[Yī lǎng], Iran, (old) thir...
        cǎn, [慘], miserable/wretched/cruel/inhuman/disastrous/tragic/dim/gloomy
        jiàn, [劍]/[劒], double-edged sword/CL:口[kǒu],把[bǎ]/classifier for blows of a sword, variant of 劍...
        huā/huà, variant of 花[huā], to make into/to change into/-ization/to ... -ize/to transform...
        hé, small box/case
        shí/sì, to eat/food/animal feed/eclipse, to feed (a person or animal)
        cún, to exist/to deposit/to store/to keep/to survive
        guì, [貴], expensive/noble/precious/(honorific) your
        Shǎn/shǎn, [閃], surname Shan, to dodge/to duck out of the way/to beat it/shaken (by a fall)/to s...
        lǐng, [領], neck/collar/to lead/to receive/classifier for clothes, mats, screens etc
        Rén/rèn, surname Ren/Ren County 任縣|任县[Rén Xiàn] in Hebei, to assign/to appoint/to take up...
        huǒ, [夥], meals (abbr. for 伙食[huǒ shí])/variant of 夥|伙[huǒ], companion/partner/group/class...
        gōng/gòng, to provide/to supply, sacrificial offering/to confess
        jiǎn, [撿], to pick up/to collect/to gather
        Nà/nà, [納], surname Na, to receive/to accept/to enjoy/to bring into/to pay (tax etc)/nano- (...
        jiǎn, [檢], to check/to examine/to inspect/to exercise restraint
        pēn/pèn, [噴], to puff/to spout/to spray/to spurt, (of a smell) strong/peak season (of a crop)/...
        xiá, [俠], knight-errant/brave and chivalrous/hero/heroic
        fù, [負], to bear/to carry (on one's back)/to turn one's back on/to be defeated/negative (...
        shēn, to stretch/to extend
        tú/Tú, [塗], to apply (paint etc)/to smear/to daub/to blot out/to scribble/to scrawl/(literar...
        chèn, [趂], to avail oneself of/to take advantage of, old variant of 趁[chèn]
        dā/dá, to answer/to agree, reply/answer/return/respond/echo
        jiè, boundary/scope/extent/circles/group/kingdom (taxonomy)
        yuán, [圓], circle/round/circular/spherical/(of the moon) full/unit of Chinese currency (yua...
        shùn, [順], to obey/to follow/to arrange/to make reasonable/along/favorable
        Xiū/xiū, surname Xiu, to rest/to stop doing sth for a period of time/to cease/(imperative...
        zéi, [賊], thief/traitor/wily/deceitful/evil/extremely
亿         yì, [億], 100 million
        zǎi/zī/zǐ, variant of 崽[zǎi], see 仔肩[zī jiān], meticulous/(of domestic animals or fowls) yo...
        cè/zhāi, [側], the side/to incline towards/to lean/inclined/lateral/side, lean on one side
        cān, meal/to eat/classifier for meals
        yù, [慾], desire/appetite/passion/lust/greed, to wish for/to desire/variant of 慾|欲[yù]
        kè, quarter (hour)/moment/to carve/to engrave/to cut/oppressive/classifier for short...
        Bèi/bèi, [貝], surname Bei, cowrie/shellfish/currency (archaic)
        Tí/tí, [題], surname Ti, topic/problem for discussion/exam question/subject/to inscribe/to me...
        chú, to get rid of/to remove/to exclude/to eliminate/to wipe out/to divide/except/not...
        líng, zero/nought/zero sign/fractional/fragmentary/odd (of numbers)/(placed between tw...
        xiǎn, [險], danger/dangerous/rugged
        bàn, partner/companion/comrade/associate/to accompany
        Róng/róng, surname Rong, to hold/to contain/to allow/to tolerate/appearance/look/countenanc...
        Huá/Huà/huā/huá, [華], abbr. for China, Mt Hua 華山|华山 in Shaanxi/surname Hua, old variant of 花[huā]/flow...
        gǔ/Gǔ, [穀], grain/corn, surname Gu, valley
        jià/jie, [價], price/value/(chemistry) valence, great/good/middleman/servant
        cè, [測], to survey/to measure/to conjecture
        yè, liquid/fluid/Taiwan pr. [yì]
        lún, [倫], human relationship/order/coherence
        piān, to lean/to slant/oblique/prejudiced/to deviate from average/to stray from the in...
        ǒu, accidental/image/pair/mate
        bà/bǎi/bó, variant of 霸[bà], one hundred (old), father's elder brother/senior/paternal elde...
        yī, to depend on/to comply with or listen to sb/according to/in the light of
        Zhòng/zhòng, [眾]/[衆], abbr. for 眾議院|众议院[Zhòng yì yuàn], House of Representatives, many/numerous/crowd/...
        Jiā/jiā, surname Jia, beautiful/fine/good
        xiē, to rest/to take a break/to stop/to halt/(dialect) to sleep/a moment/a short whil...
        Fó/fú, [彿]/[髴], Buddha/Buddhism, seemingly, (female) head ornament/variant of 彿|佛[fú]
        wō, [窩], nest/pit or hollow on the human body/lair/den/place/to harbor or shelter/to hold...
        zàn, [讃]/[讚]/[賛]/[贊], variant of 讚|赞[zàn], variant of 贊|赞[zàn]/to praise, variant of 贊|赞[zàn], to patr...
        cāng, [艙], cabin/the hold of a ship or airplane
        jǐng, [頸], neck
        hé, [覈], pit/stone/nucleus/nuclear/to examine/to check/to verify, variant of 核[hé]/to inv...
        fù, [坿], variant of 附[fù], to add/to attach/to be close to/to be attached
        cì, [賜], to confer/to bestow/to grant
        xiān, [僊], immortal, variant of 仙[xiān]
宿         sù/Sù/xiǔ/xiù, [㝛], old variant of 宿[sù], surname Su, lodge for the night/old/former, night/classifi...
        jiàn, [賤], inexpensive/lowly
        chuàng/chuāng, [剏]/[剙]/[創], variant of 創|创[chuàng], variant of 創|创[chuàng], a wound/cut/injury/trauma, to be...
        yīng, [鷹], eagle/falcon/hawk
        é, [頟]/[額], variant of 額|额[é], forehead/horizontal tablet or inscribed board/specified numbe...
        jiàn, healthy/to invigorate/to strengthen/to be good at/to be strong in
        hán, to keep/to contain/to suck (keep in your mouth without chewing)
        Lún/lùn, [論], abbr. for 論語|论语[Lún yǔ], The Analects (of Confucius), opinion/view/theory/doctri...
        péi, [賠], to compensate for loss/to indemnify/to suffer a financial loss
        É/é, Russia/Russian/abbr. for 俄羅斯|俄罗斯[É luó sī]/Taiwan pr. [È], suddenly/very soon
        guō, [鍋], pot/pan/boiler/CL:口[kǒu],隻|只[zhī]
        cuī, to urge/to press/to prompt/to rush sb/to hasten sth/to expedite
        líng, [鈴], (small) bell/CL:隻|只[zhī]
        bài/bei, [唄], to chant/see 梵唄|梵呗[fàn bài], modal particle indicating indicating lack of enthus...
        yù, bath/to bathe
        yí, [儀], apparatus/rites/appearance/present/ceremony
        hóu, monkey/CL:隻|只[zhī]
        bǎo/pù, an earthwork/castle/position of defense/stronghold/used in place names, often as...
        bài, [敗], to defeat/to damage/to lose (to an opponent)/to fail/to wither
        qín, [琹], guqin 古琴[gǔ qín] (a type of zither)/musical instrument in general, variant of 琴[...
        zhì, [質], character/nature/quality/plain/to pawn/pledge/hostage/to question/Taiwan pr. [zh...
        Fú/fú, surname Fu, to lean over/to fall (go down)/to hide (in ambush)/to conceal onesel...
        jiè, to introduce/to lie between/between/shell/armor
        Gù/gù, [顧], surname Gu, to look after/to take into consideration/to attend to
        zhēn, [珎], precious thing/treasure/culinary delicacy/rare/valuable/to value highly, variant...
        kě, thirsty
        dài, umber-black dye for painting the eyebrow
        Jiǎ/gǔ, [賈], surname Jia, merchant/to buy
        zhài, [債], debt/CL:筆|笔[bǐ]
        xū, [須]/[鬚], must/to have to/to wait, beard/mustache/feeler (of an insect etc)/tassel
        shú, [贖], to redeem/to ransom
        jiā, traditionally used as phonetic for ga/also pr. [gā]/also pr. [qié]
        zhàng, weaponry/to hold (a weapon)/to wield/to rely on/to depend on/war/battle
        yù, [預], to advance/in advance/beforehand/to prepare
        yú, excellence/luster of gems
        Yū/wū, surname Yu/Taiwan pr. [Yú], (literary) Oh!/Ah!
        zuǒ, to assist/assistant/aide/to accompany
        Chǔ/chǔ, [儲], surname Chu/Taiwan pr. [Chú], to store/to save/to have in reserve/heir/Taiwan pr...
        huò, [旤]/[禍], old variant of 禍|祸[huò], disaster/misfortune/calamity
        jiàn, [濺], to splash
        qīng, [傾], to overturn/to collapse/to lean/to tend/to incline/to pour out
        chān/shǎn, [摻], variant of 攙|搀[chān]/to mix, to grasp
        suō, [縮], to withdraw/to pull back/to contract/to shrink/to reduce/abbreviation/also pr. [...
        Hé/hé/hè, Holland/the Netherlands/abbr. for 荷蘭|荷兰[Hé lán], lotus, to carry on one's should...
        hāi/ké, sound of sighing/(interjection expressing surprise, sorrow, regret, disappointme...
        sǎn, [傘]/[繖], umbrella/parasol/CL:把[bǎ], damask silk/variant of 傘|伞[sǎn]
        shì/sì, [佀], see 似的[shì de], to seem/to appear/to resemble/similar/-like/pseudo-/(more) than,...
        shě/Shè/shè, [捨], to give up/to abandon/to give alms, surname She, old variant of 捨|舍[shě], reside...
        cāng, [倉], barn/granary/storehouse/cabin/hold (in ship)
        lì, example/precedent/rule/case/instance
        Pō/pō, [頗], surname Po/Taiwan pr. [Pǒ], rather/quite/considerably/oblique/inclined/slanting/...
        Gě/gé, surname Ge, kudzu (Pueraria lobata)/hemp cloth
        hái, child
        tà, to despair
        jù, entirely/without exception/(literary) to be together/to be alike
        yōu, [優], excellent/superior
        xián, [賢], worthy or virtuous person/honorific used for a person of the same or a younger g...
        xiū, call out/jeer
        yū, hematoma (internal blood clot)/extravasated blood (spilt into surrounding tissue...
        pèi, [珮], to respect/to wear (belt etc), girdle ornaments
        yàn, [騐]/[驗], variant of 驗|验[yàn], to examine/to test/to check
        cān/shēn, [參]/[叅]/[葠]/[蓡], to take part in/to participate/to join/to attend/to counsel/unequal/varied/irreg...
        Qiú/chóu/qiú, surname Qiu, hatred/animosity/enmity/foe/enemy/to feel animosity toward (the wea...
        gòu, [購], to buy/to purchase
        shè/shí, to ascend in light steps, to pick up/to collate or arrange/ten (banker's anti-fr...
        xuē, [鞾], boots, variant of 靴[xuē]
        sú, custom/convention/popular/common/coarse/vulgar/secular
        Yú/yú, [餘], surname Yu, (archaic) I/me/variant of 餘|余[yú], surplus, extra/surplus/remaining/...
        nì, [膩], greasy/soft/unctuous/intimate/tired of
        ào, proud/arrogant/to despise/unyielding/to defy
        zhàng, [賬], account/bill/debt/CL:本[běn],筆|笔[bǐ]
        yōu, long or drawn out/remote in time or space/leisurely/to swing/pensive/worried
        guàn, [慣], accustomed to/used to/indulge/to spoil (a child)
        yù, [癒], the more...(the more...)/to recover/to heal/better, variant of 愈[yù]/to heal
        jiàn, [鋻]/[鍳]/[鑑]/[鑒], variant of 鑑|鉴[jiàn], old variant of 鑒|鉴[jiàn], example/mirror/to view/reflectio...
        hóu, throat/larynx
        Hóu/hóu, surname Hou, marquis, second of the five orders of ancient Chinese nobility 五等爵位...
        shǎng, [賞], to bestow (a reward)/to give (to an inferior)/to hand down/a reward (bestowed by...
        sǔn, [損], to decrease/to lose/to damage/to harm/(coll.) to speak sarcastically/to deride/c...
        hòu, to wait/to inquire after/to watch/season/climate/(old) period of five days
        yū, silt/river sludge/to silt up/choked with silt/variant of 瘀[yū]
        jiāng, [殭], rigid/deadlock/stiff (corpse), variant of 僵[jiāng]
        diān, [顛], top (of the head)/apex/to fall forwards/inverted/to jolt
        cái, [財], money/wealth/riches/property/valuables
        nóng, [儂], you (Wu dialect)/I, me (classical)
        chàn, [顫], to tremble/to shiver/to shake/to vibrate/Taiwan pr. [zhàn]
        wěi, [偉], big/large/great
        zhuì, [墜], to fall/to drop/to weigh down
        Hè/hè, [賀], surname He, to congratulate
        cháng, [償], to repay/to compensate for/to recompense/to fulfill (hopes etc)
        huì, [繪], to draw/to paint
        kuì, [餽]/[饋], to make an offering to the gods/variant of 饋|馈[kuì], food/to make a present
        zé, [責], duty/responsibility/to reproach/to blame
        Yán/yán, [顏]/[顔], surname Yan, color/face/countenance, Japanese variant of 顏|颜[yán]
        cuán/zǎn, [攢], to bring together, to collect/to hoard/to accumulate/to save
        yù, [諭], order (from above)
        zhēn, [偵]/[遉], to scout/to spy/to detect, old variant of 偵|侦[zhēn]
        qué, lame
        fǔ, seat of government/government repository (archive)/official residence/mansion/pr...
        Ruì/ruì, surname Rui, small
        tú, way/route/road
        rén, humane/kernel
        qiào, good-looking/charming/(of goods) in great demand/(coll.) to season (food)
        jiē, to take the lid off/to expose/to unmask
        xié, inclined/slanting/oblique/tilting
        ǎn, I (northern dialects)
        lú, [顱], forehead/skull
        qiāng/qiàng, [嗆], to choke (because of swallowing the wrong way), to irritate the nose/to choke (o...
        yín, [唫], to chant/to recite/to moan/to groan/cry (of certain animals and insects)/song (a...
        qià, exactly/just
        zī, [資], resources/capital/to provide/to supply/to support/money/expense
        Wū/wū, surname Wu/also pr. [Wú], witch/wizard/shaman/also pr. [wú]
        cuì, bluish-green/green jade
仿         fǎng, [倣]/[彷], to imitate/to copy, variant of 仿[fǎng], seemingly
        nián, sticky/glutinous/(Tw) to adhere/to stick on/to glue
        zèng, [贈], to give as a present/to repel/to bestow an honorary title after death (old)
        zhēn, [貞], chaste
        Shū/shū, surname Shu, to stretch/to unfold/to relax/leisurely
        līn, to lift/to carry in one's hand/Taiwan pr. [līng]
        yīng, [嬰], infant/baby
        róng, to dissolve/soluble
        jùn/zùn, [㑺]/[儁], old variant of 俊[jùn], smart/eminent/handsome/talented, (dialectal pronunciation...
        yòu, to assist/to protect
        chá, stubble land after crop has been taken/a second crop obtained by rotation of lan...
        qiú, prisoner
        líng, [齡], age/length of experience, membership etc
        pín, [頻], frequency/frequently/repetitious
        cè/sì, [厠]/[廁], variant of 廁|厕[cè], restroom/toilet/lavatory, see 茅廁|茅厕[máo si]
        bān, [頒], to promulgate/to send out/to issue/to grant or confer
        qín, to capture
        hài, [駭], to astonish/to startle/to hack (computing, loanword)
        Wǔ/wǔ, surname Wu, squad of five soldiers/to associate with/five (banker's anti-fraud n...
        Gòng/gòng, [貢], surname Gong, to offer tribute/tribute/gifts
        Yǎng/yǎng, surname Yang, to face upward/to look up/to admire/to rely on
        cuò, obstructed/to fail/to oppress/to repress/to lower the tone/to bend back/to dampe...
        zòng, [縱], warp (the vertical threads in weaving)/vertical/longitudinal/north-south (lines ...
        líng, (onom.) ting-a-ling (in compounds such as 玎玲 or 玲瓏|玲珑)/tinkling of gem-pendants
        zì, [漬], to soak/to be stained/stain/floodwater
        líng, clever/(old) actor/actress
        Hàn/hàn, surname Han, writing brush/writing/pen
        biān, whip or lash/to flog/to whip/conductor's baton/segmented iron weapon (old)/penis...
        sā, three (colloquial equivalent of 三個|三个)
        fá, [閥], powerful individual, family or group/clique/(loanword) valve
        jì, artistry/talent/skill/(in ancient times) female entertainer
        hē, (interjection expressing surprise) oh!/wow!
        tān, [貪], to have a voracious desire for/to covet/greedy/corrupt
        yōu, distant, far/adverbial prefix
        xù/Xù, [敍]/[敘], variant of 敘|叙[xù], abbr. for Syria 敘利亞|叙利亚[Xù lì yà], to narrate/to chat
        nà, [鈉], sodium (chemistry)
        biě, [㿜]/[癟], variant of 癟|瘪[biě], deflated/shriveled/sunken/empty
        dài, [貸], to lend on interest/to borrow/a loan/leniency/to make excuses/to pardon/to forgi...
        fàn, [販], to deal in/to buy and sell/to trade in/to retail/to peddle
        Miào/liǎo/miào/miù/móu/mù, [繆], surname Miao, old variant of 繚|缭[liǎo], mu (Greek letter Μμ), variant of 謬|谬[miù...
        ruò, so/such/to such a degree
        gé/há, clam, frog/toad
        miù, [謬], to deceive/to confuse/to cheat/absurd/erroneous
        Yù/yù, surname Yu, to describe sth as/an analogy/a simile/a metaphor/an allegory
        zhěn, [診], to examine or treat medically
        Lí/lí, Li ethnic group of Hainan Province/surname Li/abbr. for Lebanon 黎巴嫩[Lí bā nèn], ...
        lián, [憐], to pity
        Fú/fú, surname Fu, mark/sign/talisman/to seal/to correspond to/tally/symbol/written cha...
        gū/gù, estimate, old/second-hand (clothes)
        fèn, [憤], indignant/anger/resentment
        yí, [遺], to lose/to leave behind/to omit/to bequeath/sth lost/involuntary discharge (of u...
        Cāng/cāng, [蒼], surname Cang, dark blue/deep green/ash-gray
        lǐng, [嶺], mountain range/mountain ridge
        zhēn, [幀], frame/classifier for paintings etc/Taiwan pr. [zhèng]
        niè, [顳], bones of the temple (on the human head)/see 顳顬|颞颥, temple
        pín, [貧], poor/inadequate/deficient/garrulous
        róng, to smelt/to fuse
        Jié/jié, Jie people, a tribe of northern China around the 4th century, ram, esp. gelded/t...
        yān/yū, variant of 煙|烟[yān]/cigarette/tobacco/smoke, to wither/dried leaves/faded/wither...
        Dǎi, Dai (ethnic group)
        nǐ, [儗]/[擬], doubtful/suspicious/variant of 擬|拟[nǐ]/to emulate/to imitate, to plan to/to draf...
        Yú, short name for Chongqing 重慶|重庆[Chóng qìng]/old name of Jialing river 嘉陵江[Jiā lín...
        bàng, near/approaching/to depend on/(slang) to have an intimate relationship with sb/T...
        xié, in company with
        gē, [鴿], pigeon/dove
        wěi, [偽]/[僞], false/fake/forged/bogus/(prefix) pseudo-/Taiwan pr. [wèi], variant of 偽|伪[wěi]
        pái, not serious/variety show
        shì, to serve/to attend upon
        hè, brown/gray or dark color/coarse hemp cloth/Taiwan pr. [hé]
        fǔ, decay/rotten
        jiē, [堦]/[階], variant of 階|阶[jiē], rank or step/stairs
        shèn, [滲], to seep/to ooze/to horrify
        lín, [鄰]/[隣], neighbor/adjacent/close to, variant of 鄰|邻[lín]
        hài, helium (chemistry)
        jué, crabby/tough
        zāng, [贓]/[贜], stolen goods/booty/spoils, variant of 贓|赃[zāng]
        gài/jiè, see 芥藍|芥蓝[gài lán], mustard
        diān, [巔], summit
        qīn, to invade/to encroach/to infringe/to approach
        sòng, [頌], ode/eulogy/to praise in writing/to wish (in letters)
        sǒng, [聳], to excite/to raise up/to shrug/high/lofty/towering
        zú/cù, [䘚], variant of 卒[zú], variant of 猝[cù], soldier/servant/to finish/to die/finally/at ...
        líng, to hear/to listen/to understand clearly
        sēng, monk/Sangha, the Buddhist monastic order
        kǎn, [偘], upright and honest/cheerful/to chat idly/to boast/to talk smoothly, old variant ...
        huā/huá, [嘩]/[譁], crashing sound, clamor/noise/(bound form) sound used to call cats, variant of 嘩|...
        yīng, [櫻], cherry
        cóng, [叢], cluster/collection/collection of books/thicket
        Xú/xú, surname Xu, slowly/gently
        lūn/lún, [掄], to swing (one's arms, a heavy object)/to wave (a sword, one's fists)/to fling (m...
        chá, to apply (ointment, powder)/to smear/to paint on
        qǐ, to plan a project/to stand on tiptoe/Taiwan pr. [qì]/abbr. for 企業|企业[qǐ yè]
        bāo, to cook slowly over a low flame/pot/saucepan
        jiá, [頰], cheeks
        chuāng, [瘡], sore/skin ulcer
        lǚ, [侶], companion
        diān, [癲], mentally deranged/crazy
        zé, [嘖], (interj. of admiration or of disgust)/to click one's tongue/to attempt to (find ...
        xūn, [勛]/[勲]/[勳], medal/merit, variant of 勛|勋[xūn], variant of 勛|勋[xūn]
        shì, to devour/to bite
        jiǎn, [礆], variant of 鹼|碱, alkali
        xiē, [蠍], variant of 蠍|蝎[xiē], scorpion
        zhěn, measles/rash
        kuì, [潰], to be dispersed/to break down/to fester/to ulcerate
        yē/yè, to tuck (into a pocket)/to hide/to conceal, to support by the arm/to help/to pro...
        zhuì, [贅], superfluous/redundant/cumbersome/refers to a son-in-law living with wife's famil...
        yí, [頤], cheek/lower cheek/chin/jaw/to nourish
        hài, 12th earthly branch: 9-11 p.m., 10th solar month (7th November-6th December), ye...
        shì, to serve as an official/an official/the two chess pieces in Chinese chess guardi...
        biǎn, [貶], to diminish/to demote/to reduce or devaluate/to disparage/to censure/to deprecia...
        cù, urgent/hurried/to urge/to promote/to urge haste/close/intimate
        wō, [蝸], snail/Taiwan pr. [guā]/see 蝸牛|蜗牛[wō niú]
        fù, [賦], poetic essay/taxation/to bestow on/to endow with
        xiāo, [囂], clamor
        huì, [燴], to braise/to cook in soy and vinegar/braised/cooked in soy and vinegar
        zhù, [貯], to store/to save/stockpile/Taiwan pr. [zhǔ]
        jié, to exhaust
        fǔ, [俛], variant of 俯[fǔ], to look down/to stoop
        líng, antelope
        lún, [淪], to sink (into ruin, oblivion)/to be reduced to
        jǐng, to warn/to admonish
        yòng/yōng, [傭], commission (for middleman)/brokerage fee, to hire/to employ/servant/hired labore...
        yú, [踰], variant of 逾[yú], to exceed/to go beyond/to transcend/to cross over/to jump over
        guàn, [貫], to pierce through/to pass through/to be stringed together/string of 1000 cash
        pū/pú, [僕], to fall forward/to fall prostrate, servant
        yǐ, to lean on/to rely upon
        è, [顎], jaw/palate
        fá, to cut down/to fell/to dispatch an expedition against/to attack/to boast/Taiwan ...
        cuò, [剉]/[銼], to file, file (tool used for smoothing)/rasp/to file
        cuì, collect/collection/dense/grassy/thick/assemble/gather
        juàn, [勌], tired, old variant of 倦[juàn]
        yáng, to feign/to pretend
        guǎ, [剮], cut off the flesh as punishment
        nè, [訥], to speak slowly/inarticulate
        yóu, see 莜麥|莜麦[yóu mài]
        yú, elm
        yī, [吚], variant of 咿[yī], (onom.) to squeak
        hái, bones of the body
        lún, [侖]/[崘]/[崙], to arrange, variant of 崙|仑[lún], Kunlun (Karakorum) mountain range in Xinjiang
        Fù/fù, surname Fu, tutor
        guō/wō, [渦], name of a river, eddy/whirlpool
        liǎo/lù, polygonum/smartweed, luxuriant growth
        qià, accord/to make contact/to agree/to consult with/extensive
        jì, [績], to spin (hemp etc)/merit/accomplishment/Taiwan pr. [jī]
        Zhòng/zhòng, surname Zhong, second month of a season/middle/intermediate/second amongst broth...
        yù, abundant
        rú, scholar/Confucian
        shē, [賒], to buy or sell on credit/distant/long (time)/to forgive
        wò, to turn
        niǎn, to twirl (in the fingers)
        bà, [壩], dam/dike/embankment/CL:條|条[tiáo]
        yǐng, [穎], head of grain/husk/tip/point/clever/gifted/outstanding
        bāo, [襃], to praise/to commend/to honor/(of clothes) large or loose, variant of 褒[bāo]
        cuì, to spit/(onom.) pshaw!/(old) to sip
        yīng, [嚶], calling of birds
        rěn, ripe grain
贿         huì, [賄], bribe/bribery
        wēn, epidemic/pestilence/plague
        zhí, variant of 值[zhí]
        bǐ, to cause/to enable/phonetic bi/Taiwan pr. [bì]
        liǎn/liàn, [斂], to hold back/to restrain/to control (oneself)/to collect/Taiwan pr. [liàn], vari...
        qiàn, pretty/winsome/to ask for sb's help/son-in-law (old)
        kuài, [儈], broker
        hā, [鉿], hafnium (chemistry)
        Yú/yú, [餘], surname Yu, variant of 餘|余[yú], remainder
        yè, [曄], bright light/to sparkle
        cuó, short/dwarfish
        cào, to fuck (vulgar)
        Dài, Mt Tai in Shandong/same as 泰山
        è, to restrain/to check/to hold back
        zǔ, a stand for food at sacrifice
        qín, generic term for birds and animals/birds/to capture (old)
        yàn, [鴈], wild goose, variant of 雁[yàn]
        tú, thistle/common sowthistle (Sonchus oleraceus)/bitter (taste)/cruel/flowering gra...
        huá/huō/huò, to play Chinese finger-guessing game, opening/stake all/sacrifice/crack/slit, cl...
        cì/sì, to wait on, to watch/to wait/to examine/to spy
        suǒ, [瑣], fragmentary/trifling
        tāo, gluttonous/see 饕餮[tāo tiè], zoomorphic mask motif
        Liáo/liáo, surname Liao, bureaucrat/colleague
        Yú/shù/yú, surname Yu, variant of 腧[shù], yes (used by Emperor or ruler)/OK/to accede/to as...
        tuí, [穨]/[頹]/[頽], variant of 頹|颓[tuí], to crumble/to collapse/to decline/to decay/decadent/dejecte...
        huì, [薈], to flourish/luxuriant growth
        pì, biased/low/rustic/secluded
        xiàn, [羨], to envy
        Zhuàng/tóng, old variant of 壯|壮, Zhuang ethnic group of Guangxi, servant boy
        fá, [栰], variant of 筏[fá], raft (of logs)
        wán, [頑], mischievous/obstinate/to play/stupid/stubborn/naughty
        Róng/róng, short name for Chengdu 成都[Chéng dū], see 芙蓉[fú róng], lotus/food that has been m...
        xiǎng, [饗], (literary) to offer food and drinks/to entertain
        hé, [頜], maxilla and mandible
        lù, [剹]/[勠], to peel with a knife/old variant of 戮[lù], to join (forces)/variant of 戮[lù], to...
        tì, energetic/exalted/magnanimous
        bèi, (flower) bud
        jiàn, to usurp
        Bēn/bēn/bì, [賁], surname Ben, energetic, bright
        bèi, [鋇], barium (chemistry)
        bǎo, dense foliage/to cover
        yǔn, [隕], to fall/meteor/to perish/see also 殞|殒[yǔn]
        sǒng, [慫], terrified
        mào, [貿], commerce/trade
        fū, variant of 夫[fū]
        fú, to take prisoner/prisoner of war
        yú, [諛], to flatter
        wō, dwarf/Japanese (derog.) (old)
        shǔ, broomcorn millet/glutinous millet
        wēi, to cuddle
        Lǐ/lǐ, old name for the 黎[Lí] ethnic group, rustic/vulgar/unrefined/abbr. for 俚語|俚语[lǐ ...
        qiān, thousand (banker's anti-fraud numeral)
        xié, [纈], knot/tie a knot
        guàn, [摜], to fling/to fall/to wear
        Cén/cén, surname Cen, small hill
        yīng, breast/receive
        Shé, surname She
        cháng/tǎng, see 倘佯[cháng yáng], if/supposing/in case
        zhí, [妷]/[姪], variant of 姪|侄[zhí], variant of 姪|侄[zhí], nephew by the male line
        gǎn, to roll (dough etc)
        cuì, pure/unmixed/essence
        shèn, [瘮], to terrify
        gōu/kòu, see 佝僂|佝偻[gōu lóu], see 佝瞀[kòu mào]
        qiáo, [僑], emigrant/to reside abroad
        róng, gem ornaments for belts
        zhá, [鍘], lever-style guillotine/to chop using this type of guillotine
        é, [訛]/[譌], error/false/to extort, variant of 訛|讹[é]
        diàn/tián, farmer, to cultivate/to hunt
        liàn, [殮], to prepare a dead body for coffin
        yè, [謁], to visit (a superior)
        jiàn, [薦], to recommend/to offer sacrifice (arch.)/grass/straw mat
        róng, [鎔], to smelt/to fuse/variant of 熔[róng]
        cè, [惻], sorrowful
        yǔn, [殞], to perish/to die
        xiù, variant of 銹|锈, to corrode/to rust
        bǎi, hundred (banker's anti-fraud numeral)
        Kuì/guì/kuì, [匱], surname Kui, variant of 櫃|柜[guì], to lack/lacking/empty/exhausted
        tiāo, frivolous/unsteady/delay
        cuì, care-worn/distressed/tired/overworked/sick/weary
        dā, pouch/sleeveless jacket
        yǒng, wooden figures buried with the dead
        fèng, salary
        jiǎn, [儉], frugal/thrifty/needy
        wǔ, to insult/to ridicule/to disgrace
        cāng, [滄], blue-green or azure (of water)/vast (of water)/cold
        Liào, surname Liao
        Líng/líng, surname Ling, sound of water flowing
        zhēn, [禎], auspicious/lucky
        hàn, [頷], chin/to nod (one's assent)
        rěn, beefsteak plant (Perilla frutescens)/soft/weak
        guì, [檜], Chinese Juniper (Juniperus chinensis)/coffin lid decoration (old)
        xù, [頊], grieved/anxious
        lí, name of weed plant (fat hen, goosefoot, pigweed etc)/Chenopodium album
        chōu, to convalesce/to recover/to heal
        bǐng, variant of 餅|饼[bǐng]
        yè, armpit/(biology) axilla/(botany) axil/Taiwan pr. [yì]
        bīn, [儐], best man/to entertain
        rèn, (measure)
        fǔ, internal organs
        kuì, [聵], born deaf/deaf/obtuse
        qín, to hold in (usually refers the mouth or eyes)
        qīng/qǐng, [頃], variant of 傾|倾[qīng], unit of area equal to 100 畝|亩[mǔ] or 6.67 hectares/a short...
        fū, instep/tarsus
        yú, to draw out/to let hanging
        lài, (modal particle similar to 呢[ne] or 啦[lā])
        lù, [賂], bribe/bribery
        cén, overflow/rainwater/tearful
        líng, see 囹圄[líng yǔ]
        gàng/zhuàng, [戇], stupid (Wu dialect), simple/honest
        zè, to tilt/narrow/uneasy/oblique tones (in Chinese poetry)
        líng, tail feathers/plume
        pín, [顰], to scowl/to knit the brows
        qì, [磧], moraine/rocks in shallow water
        huà, [樺], birch tree/Betula japonica
        cù, abrupt/sudden/unexpected
        jīn, to boast/to esteem/to sympathize
        zhēn, gizzard
        jù, haughty/arrogant
        chǐ, extravagant/wasteful/exaggerating
        qiú, to swim
        xié, [擷], to collect/Taiwan pr. [jié]
        Qū, surname Qu
        yàn, [贋]/[贗], variant of 贗|赝[yàn], false
        sǎn, [糝], to mix (of powders)
        yǐng, [癭], goiter/knob on tree
        zhèn, [賑], to provide relief/to aid
        ào, griddle/tava
        wō, [萵], lettuce, see 萵苣|莴苣
        shū, [倐]/[儵], sudden/abrupt/Taiwan pr. [shù], variant of 倏[shū], variant of 倏[shū]
        yàn, [饜], to eat to the full
        tuó, carry on the back
        kuài, [膾], chopped meat or fish
        fá, to turn the soil/upturned soil/(used in place names)
        fèi, [鐨], fermium (chemistry)
        kē/ké, [頦], chin, (used in bird names) throat
        rén, "person" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 9)
        yǔ, [傴], hunchbacked
        kān, [龕], niche/shrine
        hěn, to act contrary to
        lìn, [賃], to rent
        quán, [顴], cheek bones
        zhuō, noticeable/large/clear/distinct/Taiwan pr. [zhuó]
        guān, keeper of domestic animals/herdsman/(old) hired hand in certain trade
        gēng, [賡], to continue (as a song)
        ǎi, [靄], mist/haze/cloudy sky
        cuì, dip into water/to temper
        huái, irresolute/to move back and forth
        Xié/jié/xié, [頡], surname Xie, to confiscate/legendary dog-like animal (old), (of a bird) to fly u...
        chán, indecisive/irresolute
        jīn, collar/belt/variant of 襟[jīn]
        tǔn, to float/to deep-fry
        jiǎn, [瞼], eyelid
        yí, [貽], to present/to bequeath
        zhěn, [軫], square/strongly (as of emotion)
        chái, [儕], a class/a company/companion
        ná, [鎿], neptunium (chemistry)
        lì, [儷], husband and wife
        liáo, empty/lonesome/very few
        bīn, [瀕], to approach/to border on/near
        kuài, [鱠], see 鱠魚|鲙鱼[kuài yú]/variant of 膾|脍[kuài]
        chèn, [讖], prophecy/omen
        èr, [貳], two (banker's anti-fraud numeral)/to betray
        shēn, [鰺], carangid (zoology)
        cōng, [樅], fir tree
        biǎo, to distribute
        miàn, old variant of 麵|面[miàn]
        yú, pleased
        nián, [鯰], sheatfish (Parasilurus asotus)/oriental catfish/see also 鮎|鲇[nián]
        ǎi, [藹], friendly
        wū, [誣], to accuse falsely
        cuì, [顇], haggard/sad/downcast/distressed, variant of 悴[cuì]
        shǐ, archaic variant of 始[shǐ]
        jí, variant of 集[jí]
        jí/xx, archaic variant of 亼[jí], one of the characters used in kwukyel (phonetic "ra"),...
        lè, surplus/tithe
        dīng, alone
        Bā, surname Ba
        Zhǎng, surname Zhang
        bīng, old variant of 冰[bīng]
        fó, Japanese variant of 佛
        xx, one of the characters used in kwukyel (phonetic "eo" or "sya"), an ancient Korea...
        xiān, old variant of 仙[xiān]
        Gē/yì, see 仡佬族[Gē lǎo zú], Gelao or Klau ethnic group of Guizhou/Taiwan pr. [Qì], stron...
        mù, name of tribe/see 仫佬族[Mù lǎo zú], Mulao ethnic group of Guangxi
        jiǎ, Japanese variant of 假
        pǐ, to part
        Wǔ/wǔ, surname Wu, equal/well-matched/to violate
        zhōng, restless/agitated
        diào, see 伄儅[diào dāng]
        yì, old variant of 役[yì]
        xǐn, nervous/fearful
        kàng, spouse/big and tall/strong/robust/upright and outspoken
        jí, unreal
        cuì, variant of 倅[cuì]
        chuán/yún, Japanese variant of 傳|传, to summon/to propagate/to transmit
        yá, (dialect) child
        qiàn, [俔], (old) like/as
        chāng, [倀], ghost of sb devoured by a tiger who helps the tiger devour others
        cāng, [傖], low fellow/rustic/rude/rough
        xìn, variant of 信[xìn] (originally meant as part of the second round of simplified Ch...
        zhù, [佇]/[竚], to stand for a long time/to wait/to look forward to/to accumulate, variant of 佇|...
        nǐ, archaic variant of 你[nǐ]/you
        nǐ/nì, variant of 你[nǐ], (dialect) I/my/we/our
        qū, clumsy and dumb/slow-witted
        bēng, to cause
        pī, multitudinous/powerful
        Qū, surname Qu
        cǐ, petty/wretched
        Yì/dié/yì, surname Yi, old variant of 迭[dié], lost/missing/forsaken/dissolute/(of a woman) ...
        nìng, to flatter/flattery
        Tóng, surname Tong
        xiān, variant of 仙, immortal/light (as a feather)
        qú, he (Cantonese)/Mandarin equivalent: 他[tā]
        wǎ, Wa, Kawa or Va ethnic group of Myanmar, south China and southeast Asia
        qiān, [僉], all
        kǎ, ancient name for an ethnic group in China
        Hè, surname He
        fǎ, old variant of 法[fǎ]/law
        èr, assistant
        jí, difficult to pronounce
        huó, meet
        guǐ, almost succeed/crafty/suddenly
        quán, immortal
        jiǎo, handsome
        Cì/cì, surname Ci, nimble/to help
        yì, row of dancers at sacrifices
        xíng, shape/statute
        shēn, large crowd
        tuō, to commission/to entrust to/to depute/to request/to ask (sb to do sth)
        gāi, to give/prepared for included in/embraced in
        yí, (old) class/category/corpse
        kuǎ, foreign accent
        yīn, old variant of 陰|阴[yīn]
        zhū, dwarf
        xù, still/silent
        yòu, (literary) to urge sb (to eat or drink)
        móu, similar/comparable/equal
        Dòng/dòng/tóng, Dong (ethnic group), (ethnic group), ignorant
        chà, boast/despondent
        xùn, quick/variant of 殉[xùn]
        zhōu, to conceal/to cover
        jià, Japanese variant of 價|价
        dài, old variant of 戴[dài]
        jiǎo, [僥], by mere luck
        nán, old variant of 男[nán]
        qiú, ornamental cap
        wú, see 逢俉[féng wú], to come across sth scary/to have a fright
        lì, clever
        miǎn, to exhort
        pīng, to send/to let go
        qí/sì, [竢], see 万俟[Mò qí], (literary) to wait for, variant of 俟[sì]
        yǔ, [俁], big
        dì, variant of 弟[dì]
        chóu, [儔], comrades/friends/companions
        yǎn, [儼], majestic/dignified
        jiàn, short/shallow/thin plate
        chù, to begin
        fèi, (meaning unclear)/to renounce/to abandon
        bìng, variant of 併|并[bìng]
        jiù, to malign/to slander
        cuì, auxiliary/spare/deputy/second/sub-
        tán, quiet/peaceful
        gàn, dawn (archaic)
        jìng/liàng, strong/powerful, distant/to seek/old variant of 亮[liàng]/bright
        chàng, to initiate/to instigate/to introduce/to lead
        jié, handsome
        kōng/kǒng, ignorant/blank-minded, urgent/pressed
        Ní/ní, surname Ni, (literary) small child/limit/bound/extremity/to differentiate/origin...
        luǒ, variant of 裸[luǒ]
        wǔ, (used in given names)
        jù, variant of 俱[jù]/variant of 具[jù]
        nǎi, you (dialect)
        jiǎn, Japanese variant of 儉|俭[jiǎn]
        yē, phonetic ya used in Korean names/variant of 伽[jiā]
        shá, old variant of 啥[shá]
        chēng, variant of 稱|称[chēng]
        Yǎn/yǎn, surname Yan, to lie supine/to stop/to fall down
        jì/jié, Buddhist hymn/gatha/Buddhist verse, forceful/martial
        wò, constrained
        bèi, to disobey/to stand back-to-back
        huáng, agitated/alarmed
        chǒu, to stare at
        cī, uneven
        fù, to rely on/to resemble
        zhì, to wait for/to lay in
        zǒng, [傯], busy/hurried/despondent
        miǎn, to transgress
        yǐ, to sob/wail
        xiè, variant of 契[qì]/contract
        xún, to tell
        sī, talented/urgent
        tōu, variant of 偷[tōu]
        lóu/lǚ, [僂], hunchback, crookbacked
        fèn, [僨], to instigate/to ruin/to destroy
        guī/kuǐ, grand/strange/exotic, puppet
        Lì, Lisu ethnic group of Yunnan/see 傈僳[Lì sù]
        diān, inversion/mistake
        xī, (old) native of Jiangxi 江西[Jiāng xī]/to wait/servant/path
        shān, old variant of 煽[shān]
        qiàn, servant
        Jué/jué, surname Jue, used in old names
        yáo, Yao tribe
        suō, uneven/unsteady (in dancing)
        zài, [儎], load/cargo/old variant of 載|载[zài]/to transport/to deliver/to bear/to support
        tǎng, [儻], if/unexpectedly
        nuó, [儺], to exorcise demons
        zāo, finish, to go around
        chì, to detain/to hinder
        Yān/yàn, name of an immortal/ancient place name/surname Yan, fraudulent price
        bèi, old variant of 備|备[bèi]
        piào, light/airy
        lù, to despise/to insult
        xx, (Japanese kokuji) labor/work
        zhuàn, collect
        zǔn, to congregate/to crowd
        Xī/xī, surname Xi, cautious/merry/joyful
        Dèng, Deng ethnic minority of Tibet
        chán, to revile/to abuse
        jiàn, to overstep one's authority/to usurp
        jiù, hire/to rent
        xiàn, courageous/valiant
        Jiāo/jiāo, see 僬僥|僬侥[Jiāo Yáo], see 僬僬[jiāo jiāo]
        lǐn, ashamed
        Bó, name of an ethnic group
        Sù, Lisu ethnic group of Yunnan
        xiàn, old variant of 僩[xiàn]
        ài, indistinct/hazy/misty/to seem/to appear
        sài, small, minute/lacking sincerity
        dāng, stop
        xuān, ingenious/frivolous
        chù, rough and rugged
        dān, carry
        jiǎo, by mere luck
        shǎ, variant of 傻[shǎ]
        tái, servant
        níng, weak/wearied/in distress
        nǐ, old variant of 你[nǐ]
        lěi, to injure/puppet
        bào, on night duty
        biāo, walking to and fro
        sì, the end/to finish
        chèn, to assist/to give alms
        lǒng, rude/barbarous
        chàn, irregular/mixed
        zǎn, to accumulate, to hoard, to store up
        lěi, lazy/tired out, worn fatigued
        tú, old variant of 涂[tú]
        cāng, cold
        guì, [劊], to amputate/to cut off/also pr. [kuài]
        dá, hook/sickle
        zhā, to prick with a needle
        hé, to impeach
        yì, [勩], (literary) toilsome/laborious/(of an edge etc) worn out/blunt
        sān, variant of 參|叁[sān]
        é, move
        Guō/wāi, [咼], surname Guo, lopsided/Taiwan pr. [kuāi]
        líng, purine (chemistry)/to whisper
        fù, to order
        Kuài/kuài/wèi, [噲], surname Kuai, throat/to swallow, (interjection) hey
        gū, (onom.) bird call
        hān, a sound/to put in the mouth
        jiá, (old) to talk recklessly/to talk nonsense/talkative
        zuò, azole (chemistry)
        hǒng, [嗊], sing
        suǒ, [嗩], see 嗩吶|唢呐[suǒ nà]
        jìn/yín, to stutter/to shut one's mouth/Taiwan pr. [yín], variant of 崟[yín]
        yú, to smile at
        án, to speak (Cantonese)
        cān, old variant of 餐[cān]
        xǐ, to be at, in or on (Cantonese)/Mandarin equivalent: 在[zài]
        tǎn, sound of many people eating
        xiāo, boastful/bombastic
        xī, to gossip/to babble (Cantonese)
        yǎn, the movement of a fish's mouth at the surface of the water
        gá, phonetic ga (used in rendering Tibetan and Mongolian sounds)/Tibetan Ge: languag...
        lì, used in transliteration
        é, decoy
        lún, [圇], complete
        dài, used in place names/Japanese -nuta/Korean -dae
        gāi, boundary
        xūn, [塤], ocarina/wind instrument consisting of an egg-shaped chamber with holes
        guō, [堝], crucible
        niàn, earth embankment used to hold back or retain water/dike around a paddy field
        hòu, mounds for beacons
        è, dam/to stop/check
        jìn, wife of mother's brother
        Sì/sì, surname Si, wife or senior concubine of husbands older brother (old)/elder siste...
        Wā, [媧], surname Wa/sister of legendary emperor Fu Xi 伏羲
        lún, (used in female names) (old)
        ān, undecided
        bǎo, governess/nurse
        xū, [嬃], (dialect) elder sister (old)
        tōu, improper/irregular
        Lào/lào, surname Lao, longing (unrequited passion)
        xiān, cunning/slender
        gà, embarrassing/awkwardly
        gān, old variant of 尷|尴[gān]
        xì, [屓]/[屭], variant of 屭|屃[xì], see 贔屭|赑屃[Bì xì]
        qián, character used in place names
        bā/kē/kè, (used in transliteration), cave, cave/cavern/also pr. [kē]
        yù, valley
        tú, name of a mountain
        xiǎn, [嶮], precipitous/rugged
        cuì/zú, jagged mountain peaks (poetic)/rocky peaks/lofty and dangerous, rocky peaks/loft...
        yín, high/rugged mountains/steep
        yín, variant of 崟[yín]
        yú, county in Shandong province
        yú, place name in Shandong
        Tú, Mt Tu in Zhejiang/also written 涂
        yān, old variant of 崦[yān]
        zé, [幘], turban/head-covering
        qín, (person)
        xiū, protection/shade
        Yǔ, surname Yu/name of a mountain
        qiáng, wall
        yǎn, to cover/trap
        fǔ, handle of bow
        chuàng, [愴], mournful/sad/grieved/sorry
        tān, he/she/(courteous, as opposed to 他[tā])
        nèn/nín, to think/this/which?/how? (literary)/Taiwan pr. [rèn], old variant of 您[nín]
        qiū, meaning uncertain, related to 戾[lì], to violate
        yù, happy
        kài, to desire
        kuì, [憒], confused/troubled
        liáo, to rely on
        xiān, artful/flattering
        qiāng, [戧], contrary/pushing against/bump/knock/used as equivalent for 搶|抢[qiāng]
        fǔ, pat
        zuó, to seize/Taiwan pr. [zú]
        yǎn, cover up/to surprise
        gé, to hug
        jiū, to strangle/to inquire into
        yáo, erroneous variant of 搖|摇[yáo]
        yīng, [攖], oppose/to attack
        gě, scrape
        lǎn, variant of 攬|揽[lǎn]
        niè, to fill up or cover up a hole
        Tái, ancient place name (a Han dynasty town in Shaanxi)/variant of 邰[Tái]
        yǔ, old variant of 斞[yǔ]
        yǔ, stack of grain/dry measure equivalent to 16 斗[dǒu] or 160 liters
        zè, afternoon/decline
        qǐn, bright
        līng, sunshine
        hán, before daybreak/dawn about to break/(used in given names)
        zuì, 1st birthday of a child
        hè, hot
        shēn, old variant of 參|参[shēn]/(constellation)
        hé, why/how/when/what/where
        qiè, to leave/to abandon
        líng, Eurya japonica
        fū, calyx of flower
        jiàn, fence/palisade
        zhēn, [楨], evergreen shrub
        chén, Chinese ash (Fraxinus chinensis)
        yù, tray for carrying sacrificial meats
        rěn, jujube tree
        zuó, to fit a handle into a socket/a plug or cork
        guī, non-standard simplified variant of 槼|规[guī]
        sēn, [槮], lush growth (trees)/fishing using bundled wood (archaic)
        jié, a peg/tally/score
        yú, (tree)
        róng, banyan tree/Ficus wightiana
        gàn, tree trunk
        sù, manger
        Jiū/jiū, surname Jiu, to hang down
        qín, (fruit)
        kài, to cough
        hē, variant of 喝[hē]
        yú, songs
        shè, name of a district in Anhui
        hān/liǎn, to desire/to give, variant of 斂|敛[liǎn]
        tiǎn, to exterminate
        yī, variant of 醫|医[yī]
        sān, [毿], long-haired/shaggy
        shū, rug
        nèi, neon Ne (chemistry) (now written 氖[nǎi])
        nì, old variant of 溺[nì]
        lì, miasma
        fū, a raft
        jiàn, flowing water/successive
        fú, undercurrent eddy
        yī, old name of a river in Henan, now written 伊河
        Zhēn, [湞], river in Guangdong province
        kuài, [澮], drain/stream
        gàn, name of a river
        niǎn, calm water
        yǎn, (of cloud) forming or rising
        cān, variant of 餐[cān]
        xù, [漵], name of a river
        Chú, name of a river in Anhui
        xiǔ, water in which rice was boiled/slops/swill
        liàn, [瀲], full of water/trough
        xī, to agree
        shì, bank/shore/name of a river
        liàn, full of water/trough
        sè, grating (of surfaces)
        hàn, ocean/vastness
        xiè, mist/vapor
        hào, [灝], vast (of water)
        qiàng, [熗], to stir-fry then cook with sauce and water/to boil food briefly then dress with ...
        huàn, old variant of 煥|焕[huàn]
        xiāo, to boil or fumigate
        yè, [燁]/[爗], blaze of fire/glorious, variant of 燁|烨[yè]
        hán, enthalpy
        cuì, to temper (as steel)
        qiāng, to walk rapidly
        jiàn, to prop up
        bèi, [狽], a legendary wolf/distressed/wretched
        kuài, [獪], crafty/cunning
        yú, armadillo
        xiǎn, [獫], a kind of dog with a long snout/see 獫狁|猃狁[Xiǎn yǔn]
        shē, see 猞猁[shē lì]
        hè/xiē, frightened/terrified, short-snout dog
        jiè, jade tablet indicating rank
        qiāng, [瑲], (onom.) tinkling of gems
        dài, [瑇], tortoise shell/turtle, variant of 玳[dài]
        jiàn, (jade)
        qín, variant of 琴[qín], guqin or zither
        hán, gems or pearls formerly put into the mouth of a corpse
        qiú, (gem)/to tinkle
        yīng, [瓔], necklace
        zàn, [瓚], libation cup
        líng, concave channels of tiling
        mǔ, old variant of 畝|亩[mǔ]
        zhěn, border/boundary/field-path
        Shē/yú, [畬], She ethnic group, cultivated field
        jiè, scabies
        zòng, [瘲], see 瘛瘲|瘛疭[chì zòng]
        cuó, acne
        hóu, wart
        yǔ, to maltreat (as prisoners)
        dá, sore/boil/scab
        zhěn, to restrain anger
        méi, old variant of 眉[méi]
        suì, bright eye/clear
        hóu, (appears as phonetic ho, especially in words taken from Sanskrit)/half-blind (ar...
        tóng, concrete (混凝土)
        chěn, [磣], gritty (of food)/unsightly
        jié, stone tablet
        xiè, to bless
        fù, worship ancestors
        xiá, triennial sacrifice to ancestors
        jī, omen/pray
        tú, sticky rice
        lù, late-planted early-ripening grain
        yú, hole in a wall
        líng, bamboo screen
        shì, divine by stalk
        zuó, cable
        xiǎo, dwarf bamboo/thin bamboo
        lái, (bamboo)
        yū, bamboo with thin/wide leaves
        zé, [簀], reed mat
        hóu, (mus. instr.)
        kuì, [簣], basket for carrying soil
        qiàn, luxuriant growth of bamboo
        chú, crude bamboo mat
        hóu, [餱], dry provisions
        jīn, a sash/to tie
        zhěn, crooked/obstinate/twist a cord
        rèn, to weave/to lay warp for weaving/variant of 紝|纴[rèn], silk thread for weaving
        cì, ancient tax in the form of bales of cloth
        huì, Japanese variant of 繪|绘
        cuì, five-color silk/see 綷縩[cuì cài]
縿         shān, fringe/ornament of banner
        lún, [綸], to classify/to twist silk/silk thread
        xì, [綌], coarse hempen fabric
        huì, [繢], multi-color/to draw
        biàn, [緶], braid
        Gōu/gōu, [緱], surname Gou/Gou Mountain in Henan, rope attached to a sword hilt/(archaic) hilt/...
        yīng, [纓], tassel/sth shaped like a tassel (e.g. a leaf etc)/ribbon
        zuǎn, [纘], to carry on/to succeed (of a familial line)/to inherit
        yīng, [甖]/[罌], variant of 罌|罂[yīng], earthen jar with small mouth
        xx, one of the characters used in kwukyel (phonetic "ra"), an ancient Korean writing...
        yú, black ram
        liù, the sound of the wind/to soar
        xī, to open and close (the mouth etc)/friendly/compliant/Taiwan pr. [xì]
        xī, old variant of 翕[xī]
        shù, hastiness
        zì, rotten meat/bones of dead animal
        nǔ, see 胬肉[nǔ ròu]
        hǎi, hydroxylamine (chemistry)
        zì, cut meat into pieces/diced meat
        luán, [臠], skinny/sliced meat
        cuǒ, chopped meat/trifles
        luó, [腡], fingerprint
        rěn, be satiated/cooked/good-tasting
        shù, insertion point in acupuncture/acupoint
        yú, fat on belly/fertile/rich
        Yú/yú, surname Yu, a moment/little while
        shè, Japanese variant of 舍
        pù, Japanese variant of 舖|铺
        líng, small boat with windows
        yú, a despatch boat
        qín, Phragmites japonica
        lún, [菕], tree name (archaic)
        rèng, weeds that regrow from cut-down roots
        cōng, [蓯], Boschniakia glabra
        líng, fungus/tuber
        yǐ, common plantain (Plantago major)
        nié, weary/tired
        fú, Angelica anomala
        Chí, name of a district in Shandong
        xiū, to weed/to eradicate
        fú, Pachyma cocos/china root
        fá, denseness of grass-foliage
        gāi, roots of plant
        dá, to answer/agree
        cè, [萴], plant genus Aconitum, aka monkshood or wolf's bane (used as poison and medicine)...
        Lì/lì, [涖]/[蒞], river in Hebei, variant of 蒞|莅[lì], to attend, to attend (an official function)/...
        cuò, to chop straw fine for animals
        yú, cornelian cherry
        Kuì/kuì, [蕢], surname Kui, Amaranthus mangostanus
        chú, hedysarum
        qiàn, luxuriant growth
        cuò, to squat (in salutation)
        yù, [蕷], see 薯蕷|薯蓣[shǔ yù]
        yíng, [鎣], polish
        xù, clover/lucerne/Taiwan pr. [sù]
        shēn, ginseng
        liǎn, [蘞], trailing plant/liana/creeper/wild vine (Gynostemma pentaphyllum or Vitis pentaph...
        líng, withered (plant, herb etc)
        jiè, see 蛤蚧[gé jiè]
        fù, scales on the belly of a snake, aiding locomotion/snail/to crawl
        líng, sandfly
        yī, woodlouse
        chú, Bufo vulgaris/toad
        yú, snail
        hàn, Aulacophora femoralis
        cāng, Japanese variant of 蒼|苍 house-fly
        qīn, coverlet/quilt
        zhěn, unlined garment
        fú, bundle wrapped in cloth
        jiá, lined
        liǎn, [襝], see 襝衽|裣衽[liǎn rèn]
        bǎo, [緥], variant of 褓[bǎo], cloth for carrying baby on back
        lǎn, Japanese variant of 覽|览
        xí, [覡], wizard
        yú, [覦], to desire passionately
        jué, buckle/clasp/ring
        líng, to sell
        shěn, [諗], to know/to reprimand/to urge/to long for/to tell/to inform
        suì, [誶], abuse
        hān, a mouth or opening
        lóng, long and wide valley
        fén, [豶], gelded pig
        wēn, short-headed pig
        xiū, see 貔貅[pí xiū], composite mythical animal (originally 貅 was the female)
        gāi, old variant of 賅|赅[gāi]
        suì, money and property
        yuán, [貟], old variant of 員|员[yuán]
        shì, [貰], to borrow/to buy on credit/to rent out
        kuàng, [貺], to bestow/to confer
        zhì, [贄], gifts to superiors
        zī, [貲], to estimate/to fine (archaic)/variant of 資|资[zī]
        Gāi/gāi, [賅], surname Gai, complete/full
        jìn, [贐], farewell presents
        qiú, [賕], to bribe
        lài, [賚], to bestow/to confer
        jī, [賫]/[賷]/[齎], to present (a gift)/to harbor (a feeling), variant of 齎|赍[jī], send/to present i...
        bì, [贔], see 贔屭|赑屃[Bì xì]
        zhōu, [賙], to give to the needy/to bestow alms/charity
        dǎn, [賧], (old barbarian dialects) to pay a fine in atonement/river/Taiwan pr. [tàn]
        fèng, [賵], (literary) gift (of money etc) to a bereaved family/to contribute to funeral exp...
        fù, [賻], to contribute to funeral expenses
        zé, [賾], mysterious
        yūn, [贇], good appearance
        shàn, [贍], to support/to provide for
        Gàn, [灨]/[贑]/[贛], variant of 贛|赣[Gàn], variant of 贛|赣[Gàn], abbr. for Jiangxi Province 江西省[Jiāng x...
        chēng, [赬], deep red
        zǒu, variant of 走[zǒu]
        zǎn, [趲], to hasten/to urge
        qiāng/qiàng, [蹌], walk rapidly, stagger/sway from side to side
        jiá, to stumble
        cù, to butt against
        zhì, [躓], to stumble
        suō, walk carefully
        zuān, [躦], to jump
        Qián, old variant of 黔[Qián]
        líng, lattice work on front and sides
        gé, great array of spears and chariots
        jiū, complicated, confused/dispute
        gé, confused/disorderly
        sè, leather top of a cart
        xiàn, vehicle for transporting prisoners
        hé, name of a person
        Kuài, [鄶], surname Kuai/name of a feudal state
        Xì/xì, surname Xi, variant of 隙[xì]
        yún, [鄖], name of a feudal state
        Lái, name of a country in Spring and Autumn period in modern Shandong, destroyed by Q...
        hòu, place name
        tú, yeast
        láo, wine or liquor with sediment
        fǔ, old variant of 釜[fǔ]
        nǎi, (old) neodymium/neptunium (chemistry)
        yú, an alms bowl/a small bell
        gāng, hanging bowl for lamp or fish
        dì, fetters/to fetter
        xī, variant of 矽[xī]
        yán, old variant of 沿[yán]
        jué, to pierce, to stab/to take
        rì, archaic translation of element germanium Gě2 鍺|锗[zhě]
        Duó/duó, surname Duo, Japanese variant of 鐸|铎, large ancient bell
        tiě/zhì, old variant of 鐵|铁[tiě], old variant of 紩[zhì]
        zhēn, treasure
        hé, small bell
        chú, hoe
        yāng, (onom.) ring/tinkle
        nǐ/xǐ, nihonium (chemistry), variant of 璽|玺 ruler's seal
        kuàng, Japanese variant of 礦|矿
        kǎ, (chemistry) cadmium (old)/(Tw) californium
        běi, berkelium (chemistry) (Tw)
        bǐng, plate
        móu, spear
        qiōng, eye of an axe
        tiě, old variant of 鐵|铁[tiě]
        jūn, old variant of 鈞|钧[jūn]
        mǐ, formerly used for the chemical elements americium 鎇|镅[méi] and osmium 鋨|锇[é]
        guāng, point of a sword
        qián, Japanese variant of 錢|钱
        luán, [鑾], imperial
        āi, meaning of character is unclear, and no known compounds
        kēng, old variant of 鏗|铿[kēng]
        méi, americium (chemistry) (Tw)/(archaic) metal chain
        yún, gold
        wù, -plated/to plate
        yù, a poker/brass filings/to file
        bó, old term for beryllium, now written 鈹|铍[pí]/variant of 鈸|钹[bó], cymbals
        cuān, to engrave or carve, as a block for printing
        zhì, to engrave/to record
        wú, to plaster/trowel
        hán, to hold/to contain
        ruì, Japanese variant of 銳|锐
        zhù, Japanese variant of 鑄|铸
        wǎn, variant of 碗[wǎn]
        pī, flat arrow-head/plow blade/also pr. [pí]
        tà, to encase the end with metal
        liàn, Japanese variant of 煉|炼[liàn]
        lù, Japanese variant of 錄|录[lù]
        lù, rhodium (chemistry) (old)
        huā, holmium (chemistry) (old)
        nài, neptunium (chemistry) (Tw)
        zàn, [鏨], to engrave
        fǎ, francium (chemistry) (Tw)
        dī, spoon/key
        wéi, spade
        cōng, a headstall, ornament on a bridle
        móu, iron pot/metal cap
        yè, thin plates of metal
        duān, (arch.) drinking goblet
        xuān, spade/hoe
        tà, thallium
        xiá, variant of 轄|辖, to govern/to control/having jurisdiction over/linchpin of a whee...
        suǒ, chain/wire
        liú, variant of 鎦|镏[liú]
        nòu, variant of 耨[nòu]
        bì, plowshare/barb, lancet
        huǎng, sound of a bell/small bell
        zhèn, variant of 鎮|镇[zhèn]/town
        xí, strontium (obsolete, now 鍶|锶[sī])
        juān, variant of 鐫|镌, to engrave (on wood or stone)/to inscribe
        xx, (Japanese kokuji) large staple driven into two pieces of wood to hold them toget...
        suǒ, old variant of 鎖|锁[suǒ]
        áo, violent fighting
        qī, battle-axe/Taiwan pr. [qì]
        fēng, old variant of 鋒|锋[fēng]
        cōng, spear/to plunge (with spear)
        huì, three edged spear/(used in given names)
        sǎn, the trigger of a crossbow/crossbow
        jiǎn, variant of 鐧|锏[jiǎn]
        tiě, variant of 鐵|铁[tiě], iron
        huì, of flourishing appearance/sound of a bicycle bell
        jiàn, old variant of 劍|剑[jiàn]
        jù, (mus. instr.)
        ài, einsteinium (chemistry) (Tw)/ionium (former name of thorium)
        héng, (onom.) for sound of bell (arch.)
        xū, bolt of a Chinese lock
        Lǜ/lǜ, surname Lü, polishing tool
        xīn, (used in names of people and shops, symbolizing prosperity)
        jiān, awl/sharp iron point
        jiàn, old variant of 鍵|键[jiàn]
        xì, to engrave or carve, as a block for printing
        cáng, (onom.) (sound of a bell)
        shǔ, metal
        qián, [鈐], latch of door/seal
        huá, [鏵], plowshare/spade
        liú, [鏐], fine gold
        gé/hé, side door/variant of 閣|阁[gé]/pavilion/cabinet/boudoir, variant of 闔|阖[hé]
        chù, crowd/transliteration of Sanskrit 'kso', e.g. Aksobhya Buddha 阿閦佛
        xī, peacefully/quietly
        hé, [閡], obstruct
        è/yān, [閼], to block/to restrain/to control, see 閼氏|阏氏[yān zhī]
        huì, [闠], gate of market
        gāi, step/terrace
        xiá, variant of 狹|狭 narrow/variant of 峽|峡 gorge/used erroneously for 陝|陕 Shaanxi
        qín, (bird)
        hàn, a white pheasant
        yīn, old variant of 陰|阴[yīn]
        qín, leather shoes/leather belt/thin bamboo strips
        tiáo, reins of leather
        ēng, reins
        hé, buskin/name of a tribe/turban
        jiān, [韉], saddle blanket
        xiān, wild onions or leeks
        hān, [頇], dawdling
        qí, [頎], tall
        háng, [頏], fly down
        tǐng, [頲], narrow forehead
        Yǐng/yǐng, [潁], surname Ying/river in Henan and Anhui, grain husk/tip of sth short and slender
        jiǒng, [熲], blaze/bright
        yǐng, [頴], old variant of 穎|颖[yǐng]
        yóng, [顒], grand/majestic/just/stern
        Zhuān/zhuān, [顓], surname Zhuan, good/simple
        mān, [顢], dawdling
        sǎng, [顙], forehead
        hào, [顥], bright/white
        lèi, [纇], flaw/knot
        rú, [顬], see 顳顬|颞颥, temple (the sides of human head)
        liáo, wind in high places
        cān, variant of 餐[cān]
        sūn, [飱], (literary) supper, variant of 飧[sūn]
        yǐn, variant of 飲|饮[yǐn]
        fàn, old variant of 飯|饭[fàn]
        bì, fragrance of food
        hài, tainted food
        tiǎn, to obtain by deception
        tóng, food
        cí, fried rice cake
        juàn, to offer sacrifices
        zhuì, circle shrines and make sacrifices
        tán, to advance
        è, hiccup
        nuǎn, send a present of a feast
        hún, variant of 餛|馄[hún]
        tiè, gluttonous/see 饕餮[tāo tiè], zoomorphic mask motif
        huì, (of food) rotten and smelly
        hé, spoiled/sour/moldy
        táng, old variant of 糖[táng]
        yù, to eat too much/to confer
        chì, food/to cook
        yì, rancid
        yōng, (literary) cooked food/breakfast
        fēn, to steam rice
        hé, [餄], see 餄餎|饸饹[hé le]
        zhēn, chatter mark
        shè, mare/female horse
        lái, mare
        fù, [駙], prince consort
        huá, [驊], chestnut horse
        cān, [驂], outside horses of a team of 4
        xiè, joint of bones
        liáo, (literary) hip bone/(TCM) space between two joints
        xiū, red lacquer/to lacquer
        zhuā, dress the hair
        sān, wild hair
        gà, old variant of 尬[gà]
        chóu, Leuciscus macropus
        lái, to confer/to bestow on an inferior/to reward
        hóu, blowfish
        yóng, bighead carp
        fù, [鮒], silver carp
        zéi, [鰂], cuttlefish
        fèn, [鱝], any ray (fish) variety of Myliobatiformes order
        rèn, hoopoe
        cāng, [鶬], oriole
        líng, [鴒], wagtail/lark
        xiū, [鵂], owl
        wú, [鵐], bunting (bird)/also pr. [wū]
        yù, [鵒], mynah
        hé, [鶡], crossbill/long-tailed pheasant
        yīng, [鸚], parrot
        miàn, variant of 麵|面[miàn]
        pào, pastry/cake
        qù, porridge
        Qū, surname Qu
        móu, barley
        chī, birdlime
        Qián, abbr. for Guizhou province 貴州|贵州[Guì zhōu]
        cǎn, [黲], dark/dim/gloomy/bleak
        líng, Japanese variant of 齡|龄

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