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Advanced Hanzi Search

Search Fields (?)

If a value is entered into any of these fields, or the character composition fields, then each of the results returned must match that value. The results shown are the logical AND (set intersection) of the results found by each input field.
Search format:
Wildcard (?)
Use * to match zero or any number of characters.
小* matches all words beginning with 小.
*小* matches all words with a 小.
Use + to match any one or more characters.
Use ? to match any single character.
Use [12] to match the characters '1' or '2'.
Regex (?)
Try this link for more information about regular expressions.
Pinyin (?)
For pinyin search enter tone numbers, (pin1yin1) not tone marks (pīnyīn). There are no spaces between syllables, and the search is case insensitive.

Character Composition

Component of (?)
One character in the result must be a component of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.
Compound of (?)
One character in the result must be composed of one of the characters in this box. If you are only interested in single characters, set both the maximum and minmimum hanzi length to 1.

Hanzi Chars (?)

The maximum and minimun length of the hanzi results returned. Set both the max and min to 1 if you only want to see single character words.

Definition (?)

Whether or not to display a full or truncated definition alongside the results. The alternative is to just show a list of hanzi words.

HSK Level (?)

The results are filtered so that they must be in one of the HSK levels that are checked. If no boxes are checked, HSK filtering is ignored.

Sort Order (?)

Results sorted by frequency show the most frequent words first. Pinyin sorting should obey the most authoritative rules that I could find about pinyin ordering. Hanzi sorting uses the unicode code point to sort the results.


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        shuì/shuō, [說], to persuade, to speak/to say/to explain/to scold/to tell off/a theory (usually i...
        jiàn/xiàn, [見], to see/to meet/to appear (to be sth)/to interview, to appear/also written 現|现[xi...
        xiān, early/prior/former/in advance/first
        wán/wàn, [翫], toy/sth used for amusement/curio or antique (Taiwan pr. [wàn])/to play/to have f...
        wán, to finish/to be over/whole/complete/entire
        tiào, to jump/to hop/to skip over/to bounce/to palpitate
        sì, four/4
        xuǎn, [選], to choose/to pick/to select/to elect
        yuǎn/yuàn, [遠], far/distant/remote, to distance oneself from (classical)
        ér/r, [兒], son, non-syllabic diminutive suffix/retroflex final
        jiǔ, wine (esp. rice wine)/liquor/spirits/alcoholic beverage/CL:杯[bēi],瓶[píng],罐[guàn...
        tàn, to explore/to search out/to scout/to visit/to stretch forward
        xǐng, to wake up/to be awake/to become aware/to sober up/to come to
        kù, ruthless/strong (e.g. of wine)/(of sb or sth) cool (loanword)
        guǐ, ghost/sly/crafty/CL:個|个[gè]
        Zhù/zhù, surname Zhu, to wish/to express good wishes/to pray/(old) wizard
        kè/Kè/kēi, [剋]/[尅], to be able to/to subdue/to restrain/to overcome/gram/Tibetan unit of land area, ...
        guāng, light/ray/CL:道[dào]/bright/only/merely/to use up
        xǐ, to wash/to bathe/to develop (photo)
        tuō, [脫], to shed/to take off/to escape/to get away from
        yǎng, [養], to raise (animals)/to bring up (children)/to keep (pets)/to support/to give birt...
        shāo, [燒], to burn/to cook/to stew/to bake/to roast/to boil (tea, water etc)/fever
        táo, to escape/to run away/to flee
西         Xī/xī, the West/abbr. for Spain 西班牙[Xī bān yá]/Spanish, west
        zuì, intoxicated
        shēn, [㴱], old variant of 深[shēn], close/deep/late/profound/dark (of color, water etc)
        Yuán/yuán, surname Yuan/the Yuan or Mongol dynasty (1279-1368), unit of money (in PRC: Chin...
        pèi, to join/to fit/to mate/to mix/to match/to deserve/to make up (a prescription)
        tiāo/tiǎo, to carry on a shoulder pole/to choose/to pick/to nitpick, to raise/to dig up/to ...
        Qiáo/qiáo, [喬], surname Qiao, tall
        mó, devil/magic
        pī/pǐ, [疋], mate/one of a pair, classifier for horses, mules etc/Taiwan pr. [pī]/ordinary pe...
        liàng, bright/clear/resonant/to shine/to show/to reveal
        jiào/jué, [覺], a nap/a sleep/CL:場|场[cháng], to feel/to find that/thinking/awake/aware
        qiáo, [橋], bridge/CL:座[zuò]
        rào, [繞]/[遶], to wind/to coil (thread)/to rotate around/to spiral/to move around/to go round (...
        dūn, to crouch/to squat
        jiè, boundary/scope/extent/circles/group/kingdom (taxonomy)
        xiàn, [現], to appear/present/now/existing/current
        gé, to separate/to partition/to stand or lie between/at a distance from/after or at ...
        Dǎng/dǎng, [黨], surname Dang, party/association/club/society/CL:個|个[gè]
        shì, [眎]/[眡]/[視], variant of 視|视[shì]/variant of 示[shì], old variant of 視|视[shì], to look at/to re...
        huǎng/huàng, [㨪], variant of 晃[huǎng], to dazzle/to flash past, to sway/to shake/to wander about
        yuàn, courtyard/institution/CL:個|个[gè]
        jiàng, [醬], thick paste of fermented soya bean/marinated in soya paste/paste/jam
        suān, sour/tart/sick at heart/grieved/sore/aching/pedantic/impractical/an acid
        qiáo/qiào, [翹], outstanding/to raise, to stick up/to rise on one end/to tilt
        jià/jie, [價], price/value/valence (on an atom), great/good/middleman/servant
        shài, [曬], variant of 曬|晒[shài], (of the sun) to shine on/to bask in (the sunshine)/to dry ...
        jiàn, [艦], warship
        sǎ, [灑], to sprinkle/to spray/to spill/to shed
        jiǎo, [攪], to disturb/to annoy/to mix/to stir
        Ráo/ráo, [饒], surname Rao, rich/abundant/exuberant/to add for free/to throw in as bonus/to spa...
        shuì, [稅], taxes/duties
        kān, to endure/may/can
        zūn, senior/of a senior generation/to honor/to respect/honorific/classifier for canno...
        táo, peach
        jiè, to introduce/to lie between/between/shell/armor
        hún, [䰟], old variant of 魂[hún], soul/spirit/immortal soul, i.e. that can be detached from...
        jìng/liàng, [靚], to make up (one's face)/to dress/(of one's dress) beautiful, attractive/good-loo...
        qiàn/xī, Rubia cordifolia/Indian madder/munjeet, used in the transliteration of people's ...
        shén/shèn, variant of 什[shén], what/very/extremely/any
        xiōng, elder brother
        kòu, [㓂]/[宼], old variant of 寇[kòu], old variant of 寇[kòu], to invade/to plunder/bandit/foe/en...
        dōu, [兠], pocket/bag/to wrap up or hold in a bag/to move in a circle/to canvas or solicit/...
        jiāo, [澆], to pour liquid/to irrigate (using waterwheel)/to water/to cast (molten metal)/to...
        kè, krypton (chemistry)
        Yuán/yuán, [園], surname Yuan, land used for growing plants/site used for public recreation
        náo, [撓], to scratch/to thwart/to yield
        Guàn/guān/guàn, [觀], surname Guan, to look at/to watch/to observe/to behold/to advise/concept/point o...
        chōng, to fill/to satisfy/to fulfill/to act in place of/substitute/sufficient/full
        mào, appearance
        tóng, ketone
        cù, vinegar/jealousy (in love rivalry)
        mèi, demon/magic/to charm
        zhěn, pillow/to pillow/to rest one's head
        jìng, [競], to compete/to contend/to struggle
        suō, shuttle (textiles)/to move back and fro
        sū, flaky pastry/crunchy/limp/soft/silky
        méi, enzyme/ferment
        chún, [醕], alcohol/wine with high alcohol content/rich/pure/good wine/sterols, old variant ...
        xiāo, [簫], xiao, a free reed mouth organ with five or more pipes blown from the bottom/same...
        guī, [槼]/[規], variant of 規|规[guī], compass/a rule/regulation/to admonish/to plan/to scheme
        Zhān/zhān, surname Zhan, excellent/verbose
        lào, curdled milk or fruit juice/also pr. [luò]
        Zhào/zhào, surname Zhao, omen/to foretell/million/mega-/trillion/tera-/billion (old)
        róng, [螎], to melt/to thaw/to blend/to merge/to be in harmony, old variant of 融[róng]
        jùn/zùn, [㑺]/[儁], old variant of 俊[jùn], smart/eminent/handsome/talented, (dialectal pronunciation...
        hǎn, rare
        Líng/líng, surname Ling, to approach/to rise high/thick ice/to insult or maltreat
        dǐng, intoxicated
        zhàn, to dip in (ink, sauce etc)
        lǎn, [攬], to monopolize/to seize
        niàng, [釀], to ferment/to brew/to make honey (of bees)/to lead to/to form gradually/wine/stu...
        jǐ, spine/back/ridge/Taiwan pr. [jí] or [jǐ]
        jiāo, [嬌], lovable/pampered/tender/delicate/frail
        zhǐ, ester
        mǐng, drunk/intoxicated
        Xiāo/xiāo, [蕭], surname Xiao, miserable/desolate/dreary/Chinese mugwort
        pò, soul/mortal soul, i.e. attached to the body
        shǔn, to suck
        xiǎo, [曉], dawn/daybreak/to know/to let sb know/to make explicit
        mì, [覓]/[覔], to seek/to find, old variant of 覓|觅[mì]
        Wèi/wèi, surname Wei/name of vassal state of Zhou dynasty from 661 BC in Shanxi, one of t...
        tǒng, [統], to gather/to unite/to unify/whole
        jiē, [堦]/[階], variant of 階|阶[jiē], rank or step/stairs
        kuī, [窺]/[闚], to peep/to pry into, variant of 窺|窥[kuī]
        gài/jiè, mustard/Taiwan pr. [jiè], see 芥[gài]
        ruì, [銳], acute
        Duì/duì, [兌], surname Dui, to cash/to exchange/to add (liquid)/to blend/one of the Eight Trigr...
        lǎn, [纜], cable/hawser/to moor
        qī, [棲], to perch/to rest (of birds)/to dwell/to live/to stay
        jiǒng, variant of 冏[jiǒng]/used as emoticon ("smiley") meaning embarrassed, sad :-(, de...
        chóu, [詶]/[酧]/[醻], old variant of 酬[chóu], variant of 酬[chóu], to entertain/to repay/to return/to r...
        zhēn, to pour/to deliberate
        fēn, phenol
        líng, mound/tomb/hill/mountain
        Jiǎo/jiáo/jiǎo, [矯], surname Jiao, argumentative/contentious, to correct/to rectify/to redress/strong...
        kuí, chief/head/outstanding/exceptional/stalwart
        kān, to investigate/to survey/to collate
        dān, [躭], to indulge in/to delay, variant of 耽[dān]
        kuàng, [況], moreover/situation
        yuè, [悅], pleased
耀         yào, brilliant/glorious
        zūn, [罇], goblet/bottle/wine-jar, variant of 樽[zūn]
        gé, hiccup/belch
        zhuó, to pour wine/to drink wine/to deliberate/to consider
        suō, to suck/to incite
        líng, [綾], damask/thin silk
        Shěn/chén/shěn, [瀋], surname Shen/place name, variant of 沉[chén], liquid/to pour
        jùn, [駿], spirited horse
        zūn, to observe/to obey/to follow/to comply with
        ní, [蜺], Japanese cicada/old variant of 霓[ní], secondary rainbow
        léng, [稜], square beam/variant of 稜|棱[léng], corner/edge/arris (sharp ridge formed by two s...
        Wù/wù, surname Wu, cut off the feet/rising to a height/towering/bald
        yǔn, just/fair/to permit/to allow
        xiàn, [憲], statute/constitution
        huī, [輝], splendor/to shine upon
        wán, alkane
        lǎn, [覽], to look at/to view/to read
        qiāo, [蹺]/[蹻], to raise one's foot/to stand on tiptoe/stilts, variant of 蹺|跷[qiāo]/to raise one...
        Yuán, Yuan river in Guizhou and Hunan
        Ruǎn, surname Ruan/small state during the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BC) located in the ...
        jiāo, [驕], proud/arrogant
        yuè, [閱], to inspect/ro review/to read/to peruse/to go through/to experience
        Yáo/yáo, surname Yao, handsome/good-looking
        zūn, [鱒], trout/barbel/Taiwan pr. [zùn]
        mù, amicable/harmonious
        gé, diaphragm
        jìn, [覲], (history) to have an audience with the Emperor
        tí, essential oil of butter
        lǎn, [欖], olive
        qiú, tribal chief
        qūn, to shrink back (from sth)
        gé, [鎘], cadmium (chemistry)
        xī, selenium (chemistry)
        huái, Chinese scholar tree (Sophora japonica)/Japanese pagoda tree
        zhān, to gaze/to view
        wán, [頑], mischievous/obstinate/to play/stupid/stubborn/naughty
        tuì, [蛻], skin cast off during molting/exuvia/to pupate/to molt/to slough/to cast off an o...
        huǎng, [怳], variant of 恍[huǎng], disappointed/flurried/indistinct
        guāng, (onom.) bang/door banging shut
        ruǎn, protein
        kuì, [媿], old variant of 愧[kuì], ashamed
        jí, ridge/crest/apex
        huàn, [澣], to wash/to rinse/any of three 10-day division of the month (during Tang dynasty)...
轿         jiào, [轎], a sedan chair/a palanquin/a litter
        Sù/sù, [肅], surname Su, respectful/solemn/to eliminate/to clean up
        qiáo, [僑], emigrant/to reside abroad
        quán, aldehyde
        qù, [覷], to spy/watch for
        kūn, quinone (chemistry)
        mí, ether
        yuān, [淵], deep pool/deep/profound
        guī, [瓌], (semi-precious stone)/extraordinary, old variant of 瑰[guī]
        Yáo, [堯], surname Yao/Yao or Tang Yao (c. 2200 BC), one of Five legendary Emperors 五帝[wǔ d...
        yán, [簷], eaves/ledge or brim, variant of 檐[yán]
        tiāo, frivolous/unsteady/delay
        xù, drunk
        chòng, [銃], ancient firearm/gun
        yǒu, 10th earthly branch: 5-7 p.m., 8th solar month (8th September-7th October), year...
        chán, moon/(striped) toad
        líng, [蔆], Trapa natans/water caltrop, variant of 菱[líng]
        yú, [輿], carriage/sedan chair/world
        jùn, (of mountains) high/harsh or severe
        hān, intoxicated
        xì, [鬩], to argue/to quarrel
        diàn, to fix/to settle/a libation to the dead
        zūn, butt end of spear
        ráo, [橈], radius (anatomy)/bone of the forearm
        gān, anhydride
        Zhàn/zhàn, surname Zhan, deep/clear (water)
        xūn, helplessly intoxicated
        zhèn, [鴆], legendary bird whose feathers can be used as poison/poisonous/to poison sb
        xiào, [嘯], to hiss/to whistle
        tiào, to gaze into the distance
        xiàn, [莧], amaranth (genus Amaranthus)/Joseph's coat (Amaranthus tricolor)/Chinese spinach ...
        xiāo, [驍], brave/good horse/strong
        xiāo, [嘵], a cry of alarm/querulous
        hǎi, minced meat/pickled meat
        cūn, chapped/cracked
        chēn, precious stone/gem
        táng, carbohydrate/old variant of 糖[táng]
        xī, [犧], sacrifice
        jiào, yeast/leavening/fermentation/Taiwan pr. [xiào]
        jì, [覬], to covet/to long for
        sì, (meaning uncertain); rhinoceros (possibly female) or bull
        xǐ/xiǎn, [銑], to mill (machining), shining metal/(old) the 16th of the month (abbreviation use...
        miǎo, to despise/small/variant of 渺[miǎo]
        qiáo, [荍]/[蕎], common mallow (Malva sinesis)/variant of 蕎|荞[qiáo], buckwheat
        jiǎo, [撟], to raise/to lift/to pretend/counterfeit/unyielding/variant of 矯|矫[jiǎo]/to corre...
        xiāo, [瀟], river name/sound of rain and wind
        jiào, to perform sacrifice
        quān, to reform
        tài, phthalein (chemistry)
        guān/guǎn/wǎn, Skimmia japonica, (district), smile
        Tán/dàn, surname Tan, tranquil/placid/quiet
        chǎn, skewer
        qiàn, [俔], (old) like/as
        shēn, large crowd
        jiǎo, [僥], by mere luck
        Ní, surname Ni
        guī/kuǐ, grand/strange/exotic, puppet
        tǎng, [儻], if/unexpectedly
        zǔn, to congregate/to crowd
        dān, carry
        chèn, to assist/to give alms
        zǎn, to accumulate, to hoard, to store up
        ér, Japanese variant of 兒|儿
        Yǎn, [兗], see 兗州|兖州[Yǎn zhōu]
        shǐ, old variant of 始[shǐ]
        shíkè, decagram (old)/single-character equivalent of 十克[shí kè]
        qiānkè, kilogram (old)/single-character equivalent of 千克[qiān kè]
        fēnkè, decigram (old)/single-character equivalent of 分克[fēn kè]
        háokè, milligram (old)/single-character equivalent of 毫克[háo kè]
        shēn, to advance
        bǎikè, hectogram (old)/single-character equivalent of 百克[bǎi kè]
        jīng, to be fearful/apprehensive
        líkè, centigram (old)/single-character equivalent of 厘克[lí kè]
        yín, to move on/to go out
        Xiǎn, surname Xian
        wán, to trim
        xì, to rest
        shěn, (literary) to smile/to sneer
        ér, forced laughter
        liàng, clear/resounding
        zǔn, talk together
        guó, old variant of 國|国[guó]
        lù, a clod of earth/land
        yīn, to restrain/to dam a stream and change its direction/a mound
        zhào, sacrifice
        jùn, variant of 峻[jùn]
        yì, skill/art
        nì, parapet
        líng, mound/tomb
        yīn, [陻], bury/mound/to dam/close, variant of 堙[yīn]/to block
        gé, dry clay lump
        kàn, cliff
        qiāo, stony soil
        zūn, goblet/bottle/wine-jar
        mài, Japanese variant of 賣|卖[mài]
        zūn, goblet/bottle/wine-jar
        líng, to dawdle/the name of the father of the Emperor Yao
        ào, haughty/vigorous
        dān, old variant of 媅[dān]
        xiǎn, name of an ancient state
        ráo, [嬈], graceful
        dān, content/happy
        xìng, old variant of 興|兴[xìng]
        tiǎo, variant of 窕[tiǎo]
        wāng, variant of 尪[wāng]
        gà, in an embarrassing situation
        yáo, Japanese variant of 堯|尧[yáo]
        gān, old variant of 尷|尴[gān]
        wù, bare hill
        xiàn, [峴], abbr. for 峴首山|岘首山[Xiàn shǒu shān]/Mt Xianshou in Hubei/steep hill/used in place ...
        yáo, [嶢], high/steep/to tower
        jiào, [嶠], highest peak
        léng, lofty (as of mountain)
        wéi, rocky
        wēi, lofty/towering/Taiwan pr. [wéi]
        shuì, handkerchief
        huǎng, advertising sign/pretense/facade/pretext
        chān, curtain in carriage/screen
        Chěng, surname Cheng/ancient area of modern day Danyang City, Jiangsu Province
        huì, a room/the wall of a house/a man's name
        chán, market place
        chén, sincerity/honesty
        tiāo, frivolous
        xī, troubled/vexed
        dàn, peace
        kān, kill/suppress
        wù, to shake/to sway
        zhěn, to bale out water, to dip
        wán, to consume/to exhaust/to play
        zùn, push
        zhèn, to hit/to thrust
        niè, to seize with the hand/to grasp/to advance/to breakdown
        zǔn, to reduce or cut down on/to rein in/to restrain
        duó, [敓], old variant of 奪|夺[duó]
        yú, banner with falcons/mussed up hair
        hào, variant of 昊[hào]
        Cháo, surname Chao
        huǎng, old variant of 晃[huǎng]
        xiàn, to appear (of sun)
        hàn, Anhui province
        xiǎo, Japanese variant of 曉|晓
        tiào, scorch/western moon before sunrise
        juān, to reduce/to exploit
        míng, old variant of 明[míng]
        wù, low stool
        jiǎn, [梘], bamboo conduit/wooden peg/spout/same as 筧|笕
        sì, spoon/ladle
        zhù, percussion instrument, a tapering wooden bax struck from the inside with a drums...
        guāng/guàng, see 桄榔[guāng láng], woven wood and bamboo utensil/classifier for threads and str...
        kuǎn, (tree)/stand for sacrifice
        zhuó, club (weapon)/small pillar
        zhuō, (wooden) stick/roof beam
        shèn, fruit of mulberry
        yóu, Quercus glandulifera
        huǎng, screen
        yǒu, ritual bonfire
        guī, zelkova tree
        zàn, gather
        kǎn, unsatisfied (of eating)
        chuò, (literary) to drink/to sip/gruel/soup
        qíng, swoon
        tì, fatigue
        dāo, deuterium 2H/heavy hydrogen, isotope of hydrogen having 1 neutron in its nucleus...
        xī, variant of 氙[xiān]
        Yǎn/yǎn, surname Yan, archaic variant of 兗|兖[Yǎn]
        Sì/sì, river in Shandong, nasal mucus
        táo, to cleanse/name of a river
        guāng, sparkling water
        jùn, [濬], to deepen (e.g. a ditch)/to extract/to manage/ladle (old), variant of 浚[jùn]
        líng, variant of 凌[líng]
        yān/yīn, to inundate/to bury/to cover up/obscured/submerged, variant of 洇[yīn]
        wēi, light rain
        huǎng, bright expanse of water
        Chán, Chanshui river in Henan
        zàn, to spatter, to splash, to scatter
        lǎn/làn, variant of 漤[lǎn], variant of 濫|滥[làn]
        guāng, old variant of 光[guāng]
        qì, variant of 氣|气[qì], breath/air/steam/gas/weather/used in Taoist charms
        huǎng, bright and spacious
        jùn/qū, to set fire to/to ignite, to extinguish by stamping out or immersing in water/co...
        chén, brazier
        huǎng, bright/dazzling
        jùn, old variant of 焌[jùn]
        yǔn, name of a tribe
        suān, (mythical animal)
        ní, [貎], (mythical animal)/lion, wild beast/wild horse/lion/trad. form used erroneously f...
        yóu, to plan/to scheme
        jiè, jade tablet indicating rank
        guāng, (jade)
        yáo, mother-of-pearl
        cè, sharp
        jùn, overseer/steppe
        jiè, scabies
        suān, variant of 酸[suān]/to ache/to be sore
        jí, barren/lean
        mào, variant of 貌[mào]
        Wǎn, abbr. for Anhui Province 安徽省[Ān huī Shěng]
        huǎng, luminous/bright hoary, white
        dān, gaze intently
        suō, to squint at
        huǎn, good-looking/cute
        líng, to stare straight ahead
        nì, to look askance at
        yàn, [硯], ink-stone
        qiāo, [磽], stony soil
        qiáo, [礄], used in place names/see 礄頭|硚头[Qiáo tóu]
        wěi, rocky/stony
        xiè, to bless
        tiāo, ancestral hall
        yīn, sacrifice
        jì, old variant of 稷[jì]
        lù, late-planted early-ripening grain
        jì, millet/God of cereals worshiped by ancient rulers/minister of agriculture
        tiǎo, quiet and secluded/gentle, graceful, and elegant
        jùn, complete/finish
        yuán, bamboo with black patches
        jiǎn, [筧], bamboo conduit/water pipe of bamboo
        xiǎn, bamboo brush for utensils
        Guǎn, surname Guan
        dōu, bamboo, rattan or wicker basket/sedan chair for mountain use (Cantonese)
        yú, round basket used for feeding the cattle
        zuǎn, bamboo utensil
        sù, Japanese variant of 肅|肃
        xī, ground rice/thresh rice
        dǎn, silk fringe of a coronet
        kuàng, fine floss-silk or cotton
        xù, Japanese variant of 續|续
        Qiāng/qiāng, [羗], Qiang ethnic group of northwestern Sichuan/surname Qiang, muntjac/grammar partic...
        suō, carboxyl radical (chemistry)
        hé, quill
        tiāo, tinnitus
        yìn, descendant/heir/offspring/posterity/to inherit
        guāng, bladder
        guǎn, internal cavity of stomach
        juān, fleece/extort/reduce
        jí, old variant of 瘠[jí]
        dài, a long narrow vessel with two masts
        yuán, lilac daphne (Daphne genkwa), used in Chinese herbal medicine
        pǐ, picene (C2H4)
        ráo, [蕘], fuel/grass
        méng, Fritillaria verticillata
        shèn, fruit of mulberry/also pr. [rèn]
        sōu, madder (Rubia cordifolia)/to hunt for/to gather/to collect
        yì, skill/art
        dōu, root and lower stem of certain plants/classifier for pieces and clumps
        kòu, see 肉豆蔻 nutmeg, 豆蔻 cardamon
        léng, old name for spinach
        Xù/xù, surname Xu, beautiful
        yì, see 虉草[yì cǎo]
        huī/huǐ, sick/with no ambition, mythical venomous snake
        yuán, Protura (soil dwelling primitive hexapod)/variant of 螈, salamander/newt/triton
        jiè, horned toad
        xiǎn, [蜆], Cyclina orientalis
        náo, [蟯], parasitic worm/human pinworm (Enterobius vermicularis)
        qiāng, dung beetle
        qiú, larva/grub
        xiāo, [蠨], long-legged spider
        chān, the front of clothes
        yì, sleeve of dress
        guān, variant of 觀|观[guān]
        sī, peek
        jué, Japanese variant of 覺|觉
        tiào, have an audience
        xì, variant of 虩[xì]
        lǎn, Japanese variant of 覽|览
        qù, variant of 覷|觑[qù]
        guān, Japanese variant of 觀|观
        chān, [覘], to observe/to spy on/Taiwan pr. [zhān]
        xí, [覡], wizard
        dí, [覿], face to face
        tiǎn, [覥], shameful/shameless
        yú, [覦], to desire passionately
        gòu, [覯], complete/meet unexpectedly/see
        gōng, big/cup made of horn/horn wine container
        tiǎo, to tempt
        shuō, Japanese variant of 說|说/to speak/to say
        dú, Japanese variant of 讀|读
        náo, wrangling, contention, to dispute
        shēn, [詵], to inform/to inquire
        Chén/chén, [諶], surname Chen, faithful/sincere
        dǎng, [讜], honest/straightforward
        sù, [謖], composed/rise/to begin
        zhān, [譫], incoherent talk/talkative
        huī, clash/grunting of pigs
        chēn, (gem)
        kuàng, [貺], to bestow/to confer
        shàn, [贍], to support/to provide for
        tiáo, to jump/to climb over/to leap/to posture/a gangway
        xiǎn, barefooted
        qūn, squat
        lèng, to stumble/to slip/to fall
        jí, walk with short steps
        chán, course of stars/follow precedent
        yuè, crossbar for yoking horses
        ní, clamps for crossbar of carriage
        yóu, light carriage/trifling
        kuí, crossroads/thoroughfare
        qiú, strong/vigorous/robust/to draw near/to come to an end
        dì, to go away/to migrate
        miǎo, profound/remote
        yuán, place name
        ní, place name
        Juàn, name of a district in Shandong
        zhòu, strong wine
        yí, elixirs/sweet wine
        zuì, Japanese variant of 醉
        máo, very drunk/blotto/three sheets to the wind
        dān/zhèn, addicted to liquor, poisonous/to poison
        yùn, [醞], to brew
        tuó, flushed (from drinking)
        cù/zuò, variant of 醋[cù], toast to host by guest
        gū, to deal in liquors
        fā/pō, [醱], see 醱酵|酦酵[fā jiào], to ferment alcohol/Taiwan pr. [pò]
        xiān, acid radical/-acyl (chemistry)
        chéng, (literary) inebriated/hungover
        tú, yeast
        lèi, pour out libation/sprinkle
        pú, drink heavily/drink in company
        yàn, [釅], strong (of tea)
        shī, [釃], strain
        lù, name of a wine
        táo, very drunk/blotto/happy appearance/happy looks
        pēi, unstrained spirits
        zhǎn, wine cup
        chuò, pour libation on ground
        hú, purest cream
        xǔ, spiritus/strain spirits
        tǎn, brine of pickled meat
        yùn, variant of 醞|酝[yùn]
        cuó, liquor/spirit
        yòng, to drink to excess/dissolute
        zhà, press for extracting wine
        jiàng, Japanese variant of 醬|酱[jiàng]
        lí, dregs of wine
        láo, wine or liquor with sediment
        bú, mold on liquids
        xī, acyl
        tán, bitter taste in wine/rich/full flavored
        nóng, concentrated/strong wine
        yì, fine wine/to award with (food and drink)
        lǐ, sweet wine
        jù, to contribute to a feast
        niàng, Japanese variant of 釀|酿
        rú, strong (of wine)
        líng, name of a wine
        mí, unfiltered wine/wine brewed twice
        jiào, drain a goblet
        guāng, point of a sword
        cuān, to engrave or carve, as a block for printing
        ruì, Japanese variant of 銳|锐
        lù, rhodium (chemistry) (old)
        huǎng, sound of a bell/small bell
        náo, [鐃], big cymbals
        Yáo/diào/yáo, [銚], surname Yao, pan with a long handle, weeding tool
        yuè, Japanese variant of 閱|阅
        Yīn/yīn, surname Yin, inner gates
        Kuí/Wěi/wěi, surname Kui/Zhou Dynasty vassal state, surname Wei, eminent/lofty
        suí, sparrow/revolve/place name
        wù, leg warmer
        táo, old variant of 鼗[táo]
        qiū, crupper/leather strap/(dialect) to draw back/to shrink
        jùn, [餕], remains of a sacrifice or a meal
        shēn, large crowd
        tuì, approach at swift gallop (on horses)
        zhì, heavy horse/horse unable to move because of twisted leg/plodding
        sì, [駟], team of 4 horses
        sù, [驌], see 驌驦|骕骦[sù shuāng]
        xiè, joint of bones
        kūn, scalping/to make the head bald (as corporal punishment)
        dàn, long hair
        kūn, old variant of 髡[kūn]
        Gé/gé/lì, surname Ge, earthen pot/iron cauldron, ancient ceramic three-legged vessel used ...
        fǔ, variant of 釜[fǔ]
        qián, big iron pot/cauldron/variant of 甑[zèng], rice pot
        zōng, kettle on legs
        yù, to sell, esp. in strained circumstances
        gà, old variant of 尬[gà]
        bá, drought demon
        xù, beguile/suddenly
        yǎn, [魘], to have a nightmare
        xiāo, elf/demon
        liǎng, [魎], sprite/fairy
        yù, ghost of a child
        tuí, Japanese brown bear
        qī, mask of a god used in ceremonies to exorcise demons and drive away pestilence/(a...
        wǎng, elf/sprite
        chī, mountain demon
        xū, black/see 黑魖魖[hēi xū xū]
        yuán, old variant of 黿|鼋[yuán]
        lù, Pomatomus saltatrix/bluefish
        xù, Hypophthalmichthys moritrix
        huàn, [鯇], carp
        líng, [鯪], mud carp (Cirrhina molitorella)
        ní, [鯢], Cryptobranchus japonicus/salamander
        pī, wild duck
        yì, hawk
        sù, [鷫], see 鷫鸘|鹔鹴[sù shuāng]
        yì, [鷊], pheasant/turkey/old variant of 鷁|鹢[yì]
        jí, [鶺], pied wagtail
        ní, fawn
        zhěn, red
        qū, black/dark
        tán, black, dark/unclear/private
        yuán, [黿], sea turtle
        táo, a drum-shaped rattle (used by peddlers or as a toy)/rattle-drum
        ní, teeth grown in old age

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